BOKKSU Review by Jasmine – December 2018

I want to say a massive thank you to Danny and the whole Bokksu Family for sending this box out to me! I was over the moon to have the opportunity to review the amazing Bokksu whom I have been stalking on Instagram for a while because the picture’s of the products in every addition of Bokksu look so appealing and delicious I just can’t help but drool. All the snacks in Bokksu are visually enticing and are bursting with flavour.

Danny Taing is the founder of Bokksu and he originally developed his passion for food and travel while working and living in Japan. When Danny returned to the United States Of America, he was frustrated with the limited availability of authentic snacks. Danny was yearning to taste the sweet authentic Japanese treats and so he set about creating Bokksu : a Premium Subscription Box delivering a cultural and Gourmet journey through Japan delivered straight to your door. Some of the snacks in Bokksu have never been out of that region of Japan never mind out of Japan all together so by subscribing you can try products that you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else.

If you missed my live unboxing you can watch it here

So let’s take a look at prices

Free Shipping World Wide

Tasting Box

10-14 Authentic Japanese snacks, candies and tea pairing

USA Dollars & GBP

  • Monthly subscription box $25 – £19.61
  • 3 months subscription box $72 – £56.47
  • 6 months subscription box $138 – £108.23
  • 12 months subscription box $264 – £207.04

Classic Box

20 – 25 Authentic Japanese snacks and tea pairing

USA Dollars & GBP

  • Monthly subscription box $39 – £30.59
  • 3 months subscription box $111 – £87.05
  • 6 months subscription box $35 – £164.69
  • 12 months subscription box $396 – £310.55

You can pause or cancel anytime

What did I receive?

  • Milk Mochi ×2 packs $4 – £3.18
  • Handmade Mikan Candy $3 – £2.38
  • White Strawberry $9 – £7.15
  • Baked White Chocolate $4 – £3.18
  • Snow Mimosa $4 – £3.18
  • Fran Double Chocolate $3 – £2.38
  • Melt Kiss Matcha $1.50 – £1.19
  • Buttered Potato Rice Crackers $1 – £0.79
  • Tomoriko Corn Sticks $4 – £3.18
  • Hoshino Hojicha Latte $2 – £1.59
  • Sakebushimaru Salmon Senbei $3 – £2.38

This month’s edition is worth $38.50 – £30.58 that is almost the box cost and it really surprised me especially as shipping is free and a lot of snacks aren’t available out of Japan. Most of the snacks can only be bought in bundles so it would cost a lot more to buy the products individually, but I calculated the price for what was in the box.

Bokksu Rewards

You will earn points when you create your account, make a purchase and on your birthday. Save your points up to get $5 – $15 off subscription.

Refer 3 friends and get a free box

So now we have all the box information out of the way let’s take a closer look at the Snow Festival Edition of Bokksu!

This months edition of Bokksu is inspired by Winter In Japan especially the Yuki Matsuri (Snow Festivals)!

Milk Mochi ×2 packs ($8- £6.36 for 4 packs)

The Milk Mochi Puffs look like big fluffy snowflakes that are light as air and as white as snow, this variety features a Hokkaido Milk coating and is from the same maker as fan favourite Kinako Mochi. This sweet and creamy Milk Mochi Puff melts in your mouth and is the perfect sweet treat my other half Ryan and I devoured these. The Milk Mochi Puff is made using domestic Japanese Mochi rice and a secret process to transform it into the crisp airy texture of this cloud like confectionery. I think this is perfect for everyone as it’s not too sweet but sweet enough to appease the sweetest tooth. The Milk Mochi puff is a product of Niigata Prefecture.

Handmade Mikan Candy ($3 – £2.38 For 1 bag)

This delicious Citrus Candy is made to capture the essence of Mikan, a winter fruit related to the tangerine. This beautiful artisan candy is bright orange in colour and allows the pure natural flavour of this tangy fruit shine through. The Mikan is one of Japan’s most popular winter fruits and is often featured in Japanese New Year celebrations since this is when they are perfectly ripe. I did not share these at all as I just absolutely loved the flavour from this candy sweet and tangy at the same time. The Mikan Citrus Candy is a product of Kyoto.

White Strawberry ($3 – £2.38 each)

This beautiful strawberry is infused by white chocolate and is the first to be made by the innovative Producer Qua. The freshest strawberries are harvested from a local farm then each strawberry is freeze dried to remove all the water and then they are infused with white chocolate using Qua’s patented process resulting in these beautiful luxurious strawberries. Finally the strawberries are cooled down so they have the perfect balance of soft (melt in your mouth) and crunchy. These are simply divine no joke they are a million times better than strawberries dipped in chocolate as there is no mess and the flavours compliment each other perfectly. This is a product of the Nagano Prefecture. This is a definite must try so creamy yet so crunchy, I love everything about it. Also I think these would be perfect for that special someone this Christmas (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Baked White Chocolate (12 pieces $24 – £19.07)

The baked white chocolates come packaged in little muffin like casings that just makes them look even more delicious. These baked white chocolates are ingeniously crafted to be crumbly, crunchy and smooth with every bite. I loved the unique look , texture and taste it’s perfect for any chocolate lover. I loved how it looked like a mini cake that crumbled as I took a bite then in my mouth the chocolate became creamy and as I chewed, I had little crunches. I think these would be the perfect gift this Christmas. The baked white chocolate is a product of Saitama Prefecture.

Snow Mimosa ($2 – £1.59 each)

So first off before I describe this product keep a open mind as I know it may not sound like these ingredients should go together but oh my they definitely go together and I wish I had more. The Snow Mimosa is a product of Hokkaido and is from the same creatures who made the White Raspberry comes another delicious cookie. This mouth-watering snack gets its name from the Hokkaido Cheddar cheese that is sprinkled on top that looks like Mimosa flowers laying on a plane of white chocolate “snow”. The base of this biscuit is an airy crisp rye cookie coated with white chocolate and the Hokkaido Cheddar cheese sprinkled on top. The cheese adds a savoury mix to this sweet treat by adding bright salty notes. I must say I was sceptical at first after reading the description to find out there was cheddar cheese and white chocolate on a crisp by cookie, I don’t think there was any chance I was going to like it but after my First Bite I was hooked this sweet salty treat it was just simply divine, so I devoured mine and my partner’s. There was no way I could share this tasty treat with anyone not even my hubby to be.

Fran Double Chocolate ($3 – £2.38 for one box containing 3 packs of 3-4 sticks)

Ok so I tried two and didn’t like them but that isn’t the products fault as I’m not a massive dark chocolate fan, but Ryan literally devoured them so it’s safe to say if you like dark chocolate you will love these. These are a product of Tokyo and have two layers of rich dark chocolate that covers a chocolate biscuit making this a triple chocolate treat. These are perfect with a cuppa coffee or tea depending on your preference. I don’t think I would buy these for me but for Ryan I would as he loved them.

Melt Kiss Matcha ($7 – £5.56 14 pieces)

I am so sad that I have none of these left as the taste so perfect. Yes, limited edition chocolate can only be found in Japan during the winter season. This little cube is dusted with cocoa powder on the outside chocolate and the centre is where the gold I mean Matcha is. The chocolate melts fast so be careful, I loved the taste and creamy texture. The chocolate and Matcha flavours compliment each other perfectly.

Buttered Potato Rice Crackers (90 pieces $30 – £23.83)

Product of Gifu Prefecture, the buttered potato rice cracker uses 100% Japanese domestic Mochi rice. This arare is sprinkled with buttered potato seasoning that makes it the perfect snack for a cold winters day as it has a rich comfort food flavour that we all crave in winter. Arare literally means “hail” because of their shape, the shape is what distinguishes them from other senbei. This treat is crunchy, and you could easily eat twenty plus without realising as they are so light and delicious.

Tomoriko Corn Sticks (1 bag $4 – £3.18)

The tomoriko corn sticks are product of Hokkaido and are made using famous Hokkaido sweet corn that is all the sweetness this snack needs ; no added sugar in here. Until recently this snack until recently could only be found in Hokkaido but because it’s become so popular you can now start finding it throughout Japan. This mouth-watering snack tastes as if you are biting into a corn on the cob smothered in butter. Both the hubby to be and I loved them.

Hoshino Hojicha Latte ($1 – £0.79 each)

The Hoshino Hojicha Latte is a product of Fukuoka Prefecture, this instant latte can be enjoyed both hot or cold. This latte has a caramel and nutty flavour. I think it is the perfect comfort drink this winter that will help keep you warm.

Sakebushimaru Salmon Senbei ($30 – £23.83 20 pieces)

Unfortunately, I am not a big fan of fish but I gave it a chance. Bokksu say this is reminiscent of freshly cooked salmon over rice, this snack is full of flavour and fun. With a slight kick of pepper, this crunchy senbei will swim into your tummies and your heart. This is a product of Hokkaido.

Final Verdict

I absolutely love this box and I would love to receive this every month as I am obsessed with Japan as much as I am obsessed with Korea. I really enjoyed trying all the sweets and snacks. I love how beautiful these all look as well as taste. I don’t think Bokksu could improve their box anymore as it’s absolutely perfect the way it is and I had so much fun photographing the products.

Thank you so much for reading my review and another massive thank you to Danny.

Jasmine xxx ^_^

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