LDN Colour Review By Sam – December 2018

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Christian from LDN Colour for sending me this box to review for BoXession.

LDN Colour is a new subscription box on the market focused on helping you create fabulous gel nails easily in your home.

You can check out my live unboxing here…

LDN Colour offers a 3-month subscription so you can get the best experience from your new kit (you can find our exclusive discount link at the bottom of the page)

In the first month you will receive the kit featured in this review, then in months 2 and 3 you will receive at least 1 one step LDN gel polish along with a selection of nail and pampering essentials that may be chrome powders, nail art decorations, mani tapes, glitters, stencils, cuticle oils, brushes, face masks. They also try to include tutorials to help you get creative and achieve the most from your kit. When you place your subscription order you get to chose the shade you would like from a choice of Monument Gold, Polo Pink, Ruislip Raspberry or Buckingham Byzantium.

It came well packaged in a grey jiffy bag via royal mail, inside that I found a sleek black box with the LDN logo on it and a separate bubbled wrapped package.

In The Month One Kit, I Received

LDN Colour LED Nail Dryer And USB Cable

The fact it comes with a USB adapter cord and the light itself has to fold out legs makes it perfect to travel with. The lamp is good quality easy to use and had a handy feature that means it turns off when your nails are finished curing meaning you don’t have to time it just push the button and wait for it to turn off.

A Nail File

Good quality, sharp and strong all the things you need in a file to give your nails the perfect prep.

A Rainbow Cuticle Pusher

This tool screams high quality, it’s made out of metal making it super strong and meaning there is no flimsiness. I love the cool rainbow/oil slick design it looks perfect in any vanity area.  It was super easy to use this and made prepping my nails a breeze giving me a gorgeous high-end salon finish.

LDN Colour One Step Gel Nail Polish 10ml in Ruislip Raspberry – RRP £10.00

This is a one-step gel, that means you need no primer or top coat with it just apply cure and go. The colour was very true meaning I only had to apply 2 coats. The shade is a gorgeous deep purple and once cured it has a high gloss finish. The polish itself was easy to use applied smoothly and with ease.

LDN Colour One Step Gel Nail Polish 10ml in Polo Pink -RRP £10.00

This is a one-step gel, that means you need no primer or top coat with it just apply cure and go. The polish itself was easy to use applied smoothly and with ease.  I wasn’t wowed by this shade as a stand-alone shade, after 3 coats it still had not achieved the shade I expected and I could still see the whites of my tips clearly through it. Though this did mean it was perfect to add gems to my nails without a mess or it affecting the shade. This also did look nice when paired with Ruislip Raspberry in a funky design.

30 acetone gel polish removal wraps

These little handy wraps are so easy to use you just tear then pop them over the top of the finger and leave and it removes all your polish fast and simple. When they are done just pop them off and bin them, no more soaking nails in cups of strong nasty smelling liquid yay.

My Nails Before

After 1 Coat Of Ruislip Raspberry

My Nails Once Finished


I am no pro when it comes to gel nails but I loved, loved this kit so much, it’s so easy to use no matter what your level of skill is like it also allowed my creativity to flow. I was able to experiment with a few different designs from using nail pearls to gems, crystals and doing multicoloured designs. I loved that the lamp automatically switches off when the 30 second curing time was up meaning I could chill and watch a movie while doing my nails. The one step gel polish was fast and easy to use, it worked well with synthetic and natural crystals as well as pearl balls though these were a bit more fiddly, but once cured they were solid as a rock. I was left with a nice high polished salon quality finish, there has been no chipping or denting yet and my nails still look as good as the day I did them! As I mentioned I’m not a pro but I picked up the perfect technique fast and with ease, the tools included are high quality, in fact, everything about this box screams quality. This subscription is only £42.50 using our link, considering you get the full kit is shown here which can be purchased on its own for £34.99 and then at least 2 more gel Polish worth £10 each and other mystery goodies to get your inspiration flowing I would say its a complete bargain. I would love to see what follows this amazing kit in months 2 and 3 of the subscription. Not only would this make the perfect treat for yourself they would save you tons of money considering a set of gel nails are around £25 and you can do your own at night while chilling in front of your favourite show or movie, meaning you don’t have to  worry about or waste your day fitting in lengthily appointments. This would also make the most amazing gift for the younger ones as well as the more mature.

How Do I Get It?

  •  3 Month subscription normally £49.99 but you can get an exclusive 15% off making it just £42.50 by using this link here:   LDN
  • you can also buy the kit as a one-off for £34.99

They offer free UK shipping and

The website is well laid out and easy to use you can check it out here as well as bag yourself our exclusive discount:

3 Month Pre-Paid Subscription – Gel Nail Kit

You can also find some of their awesome creations and latest updates on:

Facebook   Instagram   Twitter

Thank you for reading and stay fabulous



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