Caffin8 Review by Jasmine – December 2018

I want to say a massive Thank you to the founder’s of Caffin8 Rory and Jake for sending me a tube of 5 delicious tasting coffee in convenient on the go cups that are double walled so we don’t burn your hands.

This subscription is all about being convenient for those who are always on the go but don’t want to spend silly money for a decent cup of coffee. This subscription is perfect for students, workers, busy on the go parents and basically any coffee loving adult who appreciates high quality coffee. I think this subscription is perfect, especially for me and the other half as we both love our coffee and can be a little bit picky but we both loved this and had two cups each on the day I unboxed as we were out at my in-laws and the coffee tasted so good.

If you missed my unboxing live on our Facebook group then you can watch it here on our YouTube Channel BoXession UK…

Let’s take a look at the options available and the prices:

  • Americano Mini Subscription (5 cups) £10.00 also get your first box free just pay p&p using this code: TRYME

  • Americano Fanatics Subscription (15 cups) £19.00 also get your first box free just pay p&p using this code: TRIAL

P&P for first month when using the code is £3.99 but normally UK delivery is free, returns are free and Cancel anytime.

You can also get gift subscriptions at the same price perfect for the ones you love on those special occasions like Christmas that is just around the corner.

Information about this subscription

So to sign up for Caffin8 go on to their website choose whether you want the Americano mini subscription, Americano Fanatics Subscription or a gift subscription then create your account, activate account, receive your account confirmation email as well as thank you for your order and finally an email letting you know your order has shipped. As I mentioned above the coffee cups come In a cardboard tube that will be delivered by Hermes with the logo sticker and a sticker saying who packed your box, mine was packed by Rory and the last sticker on the box is the postal address sticker. On each end of the tube is plastic lids one side says Caffin8 Cups and the other says Caffin8 Lids.

Inside the tube I found 5 double walled cups with lids and a little thank you card. Inside the cups is an espresso shot made from ground rich beans that has been made into a micro ground using a freeze drying process before being foil sealed into the double walled cups. The cups are white and a navy blue colour featuring the company’s logo, text saying “coffee to your door and a little “I’m hot” at the top of the cup. On the bottom of your cup is the best before date , batch number and when that batch was created.

To make your coffee it’s so simple just boil your kettle, peel the foil off so you can add water then if you want to add your own extras (milk and/or sugar) now enjoy that smooth Rich and almost creamy coffee.

The final verdict

I absolutely loved everything about this subscription and the coffee. The coffee is so aromatic and full of flavour while still being smooth. I personally would say they are as good as some high end to go coffees. Caffin8 will save you money as well as time and is conveniently delivered straight to your door. As a mum I’m constantly on the go and half of my cups of coffee end up freezing cold. But with Caffin8 I can take my coffee with me, or sit it in a safe place for the 5 minutes I will be away knowing it will keep its heat a bit longer than my regular cup. I think Caffin8’s goal to create the recyclable cups is amazing and I also think they have lots of options to grow in the future from larger cups, double espresso options and so on. My other half really loved the coffee and we spoke about how convenient it would be for him during his working week, as it would take less time to make and less queues as well as tasting a million times better than the coffee machine coffee he is used to. If you have kids the tube will be perfect for arts and crafts time why not create a rocket ship, arm cannon/gun, or it could be used to hold beauty items or art supplies. Since we both loved the coffee so much I will definitely be ordering a few as it’s great for me and for my other half especially when he is working as he can take some in his work bag as well as taking one with him on his way to work.

Would I subscribe or gift this subscription?

I mostly definitely would subscribe as I said before both my partner Ryan and I absolutely loved this subscription especially the coffee. I could think of a few who would love this and so yes I may gift a subscription to a family member or two in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review,

Jasmine x

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