Mila & Pheebs Review By Sam & Katie – November 2018

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Alexis for sending us this box to review.

Mila & Pheebes is a Letterbox friendly art box aimed at children 6 and above, sure to get their creative side flowing. It suits boys and girls alike and I know even a few of my crafty adult friends would love to get their hands on this box.

Katie was so excited to find out she would be reviewing this box again, we both really enjoyed it last time and it helped to create some valuable family time. She was even more thrilled when she saw the theme this month! you can check it out in our live here…

I love the new funky updated box design, inside that we found the newsletter chocked full of fun facts, cringey Christmas jokes and even dates for your diary (super handy for us mums that tend to forget and have to have a last minute rush). There is also a feature called golden ticket! Every month they put a golden ticket in a random box before shipping if you find it in your box you get your next box for free!

So To Get Us In The Christmas Spirit There Was

Santa Eraser

I had to literally bribe my little girl with sweets so I could pinch this to take photos of ha-ha. She loves this it’s her favourite thing in the box and has gone to school with her every day since the first of December ( because apparently it’s not allowed before then)

Pink Glitter Pencil

A pink glittery pencil how much better can it get for the princess of all things pink and glittery. This went straight in her pencil case for school and is now her go-to pencil for everything, I mean seriously this girl will find a way to use it even when it’s not required just to show off its sparkly pink awesomeness ( her words not my ha-ha)

Santa Memo NoteBook

How cute is this its another Christmas pencil case must have! Its handy size means it will fit in most pencil cases and is super handy for a girl like mine that tends to forget her head if it’s not screwed on. Now she can just jot things down on a jolly Santa to remember later, plus it makes the perfect paper for a Christmas list!

Candy Cane Ruler

How cute and another classroom essential! This cute and fun ruler has gone straight in her pencil case on December the 1st and all her classmates have not stopped asking her where she got the super cool stationary from.

Snowflake Stickers

Super cool (pun intended ha-ha) stickers that are perfect to decorate pictures, cards, foreheads and of course the classical doors.

Foil Stickers

These winter wonderland scenes would be great to decorate presents with, in fact, that is exactly what Katie has decided to do with them!

Snowman Countdown Kit

How amazingly cool is this unfortunately due to commitments ( boring homework and a weekend trip away) me and Katie haven’t had the chance to make this yet. But it is scheduled in for this weekend along with other Mila & Pheebes crafts as well as making a few cheeky snowflakes to decorate the house and some much-needed mother and daughter time!

Snowflake Scratch Art

Katie loved this it sits proudly with her name on our Christmas tree.

Colouring in Sheets

super cool Christmas designs we are going to colour these in and cut them out to use as personalised gift tags Katie can’t wait to see the look on everyone’s faces when they see her Christmas creations.

Festive Door Hanger

Santa will never miss dropping off Katie’s stocking with this colourful bedroom door sign.

Penguin Mosaic Kit

Katie can’t wait for our mother and daughter craft day to make this, she has told me this will help decorate her bedroom door.  She’s going to have the most festive room in the history of children ha-ah.

Festive Word Search

Katie adores a good word search and these are so handy to just pop in a bag she took hers on her weekend away to keep her entertained.

Festive Criss Cross

Katie adores a good puzzle and these are perfect for travel just pop in a bag with a pencil and appreciate the peace on a long journey.

Katie was so thrilled to receive this box again she said last year how much she would love to try the Christmas one and her wish has come true! She loves everything in the box and the fact it means spending time with mummy doing something creative at Christmas, but of course, her favourite item is the eraser because it’s just so cute and Christmasy, I meant it’s Santa! In my pencil case! ( in Katie’s words )

I am thrilled she is so excited to get away from the Xbox and spend some time with me over the Christmas period because let’s face it as this review shows life is busy, But! and that is a big but we should always make time to schedule the important stuff. This box not only provides her with fun, quirky school gear that has got her chatting and making new friends in her new school but it helps both of us make lasting memories together and that is priceless! Also sorry, not sorry we will be spamming you all over Facebook and Instagram with the fabulous festive creation we make with Mila & Phebes over the weekend, so keep your eyes peeled.

How Do I Get It?

There are so many options you can get:
• A monthly rolling sub for £10 per month plus £2.99 p&p
Don’t forget to use the 50% off code MPBOX50 making the first box just £7.99! (Be quick though this will only run to the end of November)
This is great for gifting as you can cancel with no fee and they will even add a personalised note for you in the first box!

  • 3 monthly £30 plus £2.99 p&p you only get charged postage once for this option meaning you get 2 boxes posted free saving you £5.98
  • 6 monthly £60 plus £2.99 p&p yet again you only pay to post one box saving you £14.95
  • Sibling boxes great if you have more than one child £18 per month plus £2.99 p&p saving you £4.99
  • All of these options allow you to add a personalised message in your first box so would make a fab gift!
  • Boxes are letterbox friendly (yay no red cards) You must sub by the 10th of the month and boxes ship on the 22nd via Royal Mail. payments are taken on the 10th every month via Paypal.
  • You can also buy one-off themed boxes including the under the sea one, a travel box, Christmas themed as well as super cute stationary. There is far too many for me to list so why not take a look on the website.

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