Bits & Bobs of Beauty Review by Jasmine – November 2018

So since my first review I have been so happy as BitsAndBobsOfBeauty sent me out a little gift! They had seen two products I was interested in trying, so they sent them to me. The two products where the Heimish Bulgarian Rose eye patch & the Cosrx blackheads finger silk balls that have both become part of my daily skincare routine.

This time when the box arrived via Royal Mail in a jiffy bag hiding it’s beautiful self, as once I got to the box I couldn’t stop staring at it. The box is white with bright pink parts and illustrations of various beauty products. So I want to say a massive Thank you to Ian from BitsAndBobsOfBeauty for sending me this box full of the most amazing and beautiful Korean skincare products. BitsAndBobsOfBeauty have sent me 10 products to test and review this month. are your one stop shop for some of the best Korean skincare products especially Korean Sheet Masks that regularly go on offer (buy 10 and chose 10 for free) also a lot of new products are constantly being added.

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THE products & their RRP Prices

  1. HeimishALL CLEAN Cleansing  Balm – 5ml – £3.99
  2. Son & Park beauty Water – 30ml not available to buy in 30ml- £3.49
  3. PyungkangyulMoisture Serum – 100ml – £19.99
  4. Cosrx Blackhead Remover Mr.RX Kit – 3 step 6.2g – £3.99
  5. Etude House Cherry Lips Patch – 10g – £2.40
  6. Apeiu ICING Sweet Bar Sheet Mask Hanrabong Brightening- 21g – £1.50
  7. Apeiu ICING Sweet Bar Sheet Mask Hanrabong Brightening- 21g – £1.50
  8. Apeiu Real Big Yogurt One Bottle Mask Sheet – Plain – 21g – £1.50
  9. Apeiu Real Big Yogurt One Bottle Mask Sheet – Plain – 21g – £1.50
  10. Heimish Bulgarian Rose Satin Cream – 55ml – £29.99

So all in the 10  skincare Products I was sent would have cost a total of £69.85, If I ordered using our exclusive discount code BOX20 that would get me a massive 20% discount  making the total only £55.88 that is a massive saving of £13.97.

So let’s take a closer look at the products I received from BitsAndBobsOfBeauty…

Heimish ALL CLEAN Cleansing Balm 5ml – £3.99

The Heimish all clean cleansing balm has a 3 step transformation texture of balm, oil & milk. This cleanser would be used as step one of the Korean 10 step routine, the botanical ingredients are included for efficient cleansing and the cleansing balm has a natural aroma. The product melts the makeup off your skin along with dirt, pollution, sunscreen and other oil based products. I love cleaning balms as they last forever as you only need a tiny amount for your whole face. I definitely think this is worth buying especially the 120ml that comes with a spatula to get your product out for only £12.50.

Son & Park beauty Water 30ml not available to buy in 30ml – £3.49

Son & Park Beauty water is a toner, cleansing water and has mild exfoliation abilities. As a cleanser it cleans away all of the days dirt as well as impurities, as a toner it helps hydrate your skin then with thanks to the willow bark and papaya extract it exfoliates the skin by sweeping away dead skin cells resulting in brighter skin that is also smoother. I absolutely love this as a toner. On bitsandbobsofbeauty you can buy the 340ml bottle that also comes with a 60ml bottle for only £22.50 and I think that’s a bargain especially if you use our discount code. This product can be used as step 2, 3 and/or 4 from the Korean

Pyungkangyul Moisture Serum 100ml – £19.99

Oh my where to start with this beauty, I absolutely love Pyungkangyul products and the packaging too, and I love how my skin feels once I have applied it. This would be used as step 6 of the 10step routine. The Pyunkangyul moisture serum maintains your skins oil-moisture balance while preventing the evaporation of hydration keeping your day skin for longer and this product is hypo-allergenic. The barberry root extracts works to reduce the temperature of your skin to soothe sensitive/irritated skin and the olive oil works to keep your skin from becoming dry by offering an intense hydration effect. I love the blue glass bottle so much as it’s so pretty. I think this has most definitely helped my skin lately especially with the changing weather drying my skin out.

Cosrx Blackhead Remover Mr.RX Kit – 3 step 6.2g – £3.99

So happy when I seen this as I love 3 step blackheads remover kits and this on is by one of my favourite Korean skincare brands Cosrx. This product helps to clarify and refine the skin on your nose as it’s deep cleansing, detoxing, decongestant and unplugs pores on your nose. This product works so well the results are visible nearly instantly. I would use this at step 7 of 10 in the Korean 10 step routine. The three steps are:

  1. Softening sheet – opens up pores on your nose ready to dissolve the blackheads.
  2. Clearing sheet – extracts blackheads as well as other impurities from the pores
  3. Relaxing sheet – closes enlarged pores while aiding in relieving irritated skin.

Etude House  Cherry Lips Patch 10g – £2.40

This lip patch is out of this world it is massive so it covers your lips as well as your skin surrounding your lips. This gel type patch not only moisturises, it gives nutrition and has a cooling effect that leaves your lips so kissable and smooth you won’t be able to keep yourself from touching them. Keep the patch on for 10 to 15 minutes. Use this at step 7 of 10 from the Korean skincare routine.

Apeiu ICING Sweet Bar Sheet Mask Hanrabong Brightening 21g – £1.50

This sheet mask is soft tencel and transparent to deliver effective ingredients more effortlessly. This mask will brighten and clarify your skin making it look fresh and new almost as if you have had a facial at a spa. I loved how much essence seemed to be in this masks packet perfect to pat gently into skin after using the mask that has citrus fruit and witch hazel extracts ( I love witch hazel ). Hanrabong is a sweet and seedless variety of mandarin Orange that has a little bump on top just incase you didn’t know what it was.

Apeiu Real Big Yogurt One Bottle Mask Sheet – Plain 21g – £1.50

This sheet mask contains Lactobacillus components and yogurt extract to strengthen your skin barrier, create firm and healthy skin by adding cell regeneration. The L-cell sheet provides complete adherence so you don’t miss  out on any of the amazing effects. The mask is Soft to touch, high in moisture and silky to touch while being so transparent you can barely notice it’s on. The smell is like fresh vanilla yogurt that may make you feel a bit hungry but remember masks are for external use not for eating.

Heimish Bulgarian Rose Satin Cream 55ml – £29.99

This is my absolutely favourite product, seriously stop reading and head on over to bits and bobs of beauty right now and order yourself this using our discount code! Not only is this product so pleasing to look at as well as smell it will leave your skin feeling like new. My skin felt softer as well as brighter and I didn’t wear any foundation as it made me feel confident in my own skin. This is a lightweight primer best to use at the end of your skincare Routine before you start on your makeup, this product also has anti-wrinkle effects. This is most definitely my favourite product at the moment. Now I have all 3 of the Heimish Bulgarian Rose products!

My Verdict

I love, and I love all the products they have sent me and to be honest I don’t think I will waste money on any other type of skincare products again, I already loved Korean skincare brands but now I’m 100% sure that no other could beat them as my skin always feels and looks amazing when I do my 10 step (sometimes I forget esp. being a mum but thankfully a lot of products can be used on the go). I love the new box BitsAndBobsOfBeauty are using and all the new products they are now adding to their online store ( if I could I would be happy to be their own little reviewer esp. if it meant I would get to try all the products except the Benton snail/bee range as my allergies to bee stings is quite bad). With kpop and kdrama’s becoming ever more popular so is Korean skincare which I love to see, I personally found my first kbeauty product when I was seventeen and shopping in Motherwell it was to help reduce eye puffiness as well as reducing the tired look I had thanks to being a photography student as well as a kdrama addict (still a kdrama addict but I just can’t stay up till 3am waiting on new episodes every night now) the eye patches worked a treat. I hope you have fun shopping.

Last month when I completed my first review for Bits and bobs of beauty they increased our 15% discount code to a 20% off discount code (BOX20).

Also if you are new to Korean Skincare and maybe want to start doing the 10 step routine then look no further as I will list the order below.

  1. Oil Cleanser – Removes sunscreen, makeup, pollution, dirt & oil based products.
  2. Water/foam Cleanser – cosmetic Removes sweat, dirt and so on.
  3. Exfoliate – To clean pores this can be everyday or as little once a week depending on your skin type.
  4. Toner – To hydrate and balance levels as skin is fragile after cleansing.
  5. Essence – cosmetic This step helps in cell turnover and hydrates the skin.
  6. Serum/Ampoules/boosters – sometimes like the mask you may want to use more than one as there are different types as they will treat problem areas.
  7. Sheet Mask – Infuses your skin with concentrated essence (you can also multi-mask by doing lip and eye masks under the sheet mask or do one after the other)
  8. Eye cream – hydrate & prevents puffiness, dark circles and the evil crow feet.
  9. Moisturiser – Will seal in all that moisture goodness from the products used to smooth and plump your skin.
  10. Sunscreen – Protects your precious skin from harmful UV rays. (AM ROUTINE & REAPPLY THROUGHOUT THE DAY) .

Thank you for reading my review and happy shopping because surely you will be heading over to bits and bobs of beauty to stock up that’s if you even made it this far.

Jasmine Xx

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