Awebox Review by Chloe – November 2018

Awebox is a fully customisable subscription box that guarantees to provide you with products you will like every month. When you sign up there are 3 different box options that vary in price, you then select categories from a list provided of which products you would like to receive. Here is the list:

Make-up, nail care, womens beauty, mens grooming, vegan snacks, protein snacks, gluten free snacks, sweet treats and candy, beer, vodka, gin, whisky, candles and home fragrance, stationary, dog treats and toys, cat treats and toys, coffee, tea, or chocolate.

As you can see the list offers a wide range of product selections so you are bound to find something you like. The joy of this is that you won’t have a subscription box full of products you cannot or will not use. Awebox include lots of new lines on the market keeping you up to date with the latest products.

The box arrived in a grey plastic bag for protection and inside was the cardboard Awebox which had their logo and website on.

If you missed my live unboxing you can watch it back here on our YouTube channel:

Monthly box options and prices:

Choose your monthly subscription based on how many interests you would like to include in your box. There is no commitment, you cancel at any time.

  • 4 choice box – £20.00
  • 5 choice box – £24.00
  • 6 choice box – £28.00

Once you have selected your option you then select the choices you would like in your box. You will then receive up to 12 top quality, well made products in your box, based on your selections!

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What I received in my box:

So I got to make 6 selections from the list above. I chose: make-up, womens beauty and fragrance, candles and home fragrance, dog treats and toys, tea, and beer. I received at least one item from each of these categories which is brilliant! So what items did I get sent..

  • Adorable’ hair ties/bracelets pack of 5 in pink – RRP £5.60
  • LIPSINC by NAILSINC liquid lipstick in shade Watch Me – RRP £8.00
  • L’Oreal paris glow drops / highlighting fluid – RRP £9.99 (out of sock)
  • The classic candle company candles in Mistletoe Spice, Christmas Stars, and Poinsettia – RRP £7.50
  • English tea shop no brew like home tea bag booklet – RRP £1.29
  • English tea shop green tea and pomegranate tea bags – RRP £6.66
  • The wild beer co can in Nebula – RRP £1.85
  • The wild beer co can in Pogo – RRP £1.85
  • Lily’s kitchen Christmas three bird feast with all the trimmings dog food X2 – RRP £2.70

Total value of the box is £45.44! As this was the 6 selection box it would cost you £28.00 meaning you are saving a whopping £17.44! You can save EVEN MORE when using our discount too. What a bargain.

My thoughts on the products:

The first two products I will tell you about are the Lipsinc liquid lipstick in Watch Me and the L’Oreal glow drops. The glow drops are a new release and are currently sold out online meaning you get to try the product before most! Both products are rich in pigment; the lipstick is a rich bright pink and has great staying power too. It lasts all day but you may need to top it up after eating any greasy foods. The glow drops give you a gorgeous glow when used under foundation or you can use it on top on the tops of your cheek bones to give you an extra highlight. As you can see from the pictures it is a pearly pink/white, very fitting for the upcoming Christmas season!

Next up was the adorable hair ties/bracelets, these come in very handy as you can tie them around your wrist and they don’t leave marks. They are soft and stop your hair from knotting around them when tied up. Since using these I would not use normal hair ties again, I much prefer these.

On to the classic candle company candles, there were three of these all in different scents: Mistletoe Spice, Christmas Stars, and Poinsettia. The first two scents are Christmas themed; mistletoe spice is a mix of fresh green with spicy cinnamon. Christmas stars reminds me more of gingerbread, or a cosy living room at Christmas with the fire burning, it is a sweet cosy scent. The final candle was Poinsettia which is a lovely floral scent.

As I chose tea as one of my selections I received two products by the English Tea Shop. The first was the no brew like home tea bag booklet, this includes 8 sachets of different teas for you to try, it is a great way to test new flavours. Included were 3 x strong breakfast, 3 x green tea honey mint and 2 x chocolate, rooibos and vanilla. I think this is a great mix to start experimenting with. The second product by the English Tea Shop was the 20 pack of green tea and pomegranate tea bags. I am yet to try these but will more than likely enjoy them as I like green tea.

Next up are the two beers from The Wild Beer Co. There was Nebula; this is a hazy IPA with fruit aromas. Pogo is a light ale with passion fruit, orange and guava. Pogo was my favourite, it was bright orange in colour and had a fruity taste to it which was refreshing.

Last but not least were the dog food tins by Lily’s Kitchen for my doggo Sam. The packaging on these was very cute and festive; the flavour was three bird feast with all the trimmings. Sam has had one of these so far and scoffed it down! I am saving the second one for Christmas day so he can have his own special dinner.

Overall thoughts on the box:

Do I think this is worth your money? Definitely. You get to choose your product types each month meaning it is fully customisable but still a surprise through your door each month. Not only are you receiving products you will enjoy each month but you are making a great saving, so all in all I would 100% recommend this box to you all.

Thanks for reading,

Chloe x

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