The Cruelty Free Beauty Box Review by Mel – November 2018

Can I start this review by asking you all to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the new box design. I was aware this was something Chloe has been working on, and I have to say I am a fan. The ‘Guilt Free Beauty’ slogan on the side has to be my favourite part, it is often something I say about this box. The lilac blush colour on the inside makes the task of taking pretty photos a breeze!

So Thank you again to Chloe, for another month reviewing your box. It is no secret that I am a fan of what you do, and I am the envy of a few of the BoXession Team whenever you kindly send these to me.

You can win your next box by sharing a photo of the actual box and using the hashtags on social media. The bit at the bottom Thanking you for being Cruelty Free, you’re amazing. Arguably I would say it is the other way around. Without being introduced to these products every month, some of us would still be picking up items off the shelf in our local Supermarket; with no idea most of the time that they are tested on animals.

I am learning all of the time, always look for the leaping Bunny!

If you missed me unbox this beauty, fear not, all you need to do is click play below…

So how does it work?

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box contains 5 Beauty items each month. These can be full size, travel size or samples. There is a questionnaire to complete when subscribing that allows the boxes to be personalised to you. You can select your Skin tone & type, Makeup style, hair length & type, and there are even questions asking if you sunbathe or use fake tan.

  • Month by Month – £14.95 including P&P
  • 3 Month Prepay – £43.50 (making it £14.50 per box)
  • 6 Month Prepay – £84 (making it £14 per box)

You are billed on the 1st of each month, and shipping is around 10th of the month.

Use the discount code ‘BOXESSION’ for 10% off your first box too!

So what is in my Box?

I have to say, as a lot of people are noticing that I have been practising with my photography lately. It makes it so easy for me when the items in the box are this good, I mean look at them, who wouldn’t be happy to receive these? Sadly for you this box has already SOLD OUT, with the December boxes already close to selling out too! Yes that means you need to be quick. Historically in the Subscription Box world, the December edits are always good, and I am sure that The Cruelty Free Beauty Box will be amazing as always.

  • Tisserand Aromatherapy – The Hand Cream. Full Size RRP £7.95 buy here
  • Flawless – The Blending Brush. Full Size RRP £4.99 buy here
  • LUE’s by Jan Seo-Clear Full Size RRP £11.50 buy here
  • Spoiled Lips Matte Liquid Lipstick Full Size (Shade: True Love) RRP £8.95 buy here
  • Urban Veda Radiance/Soothing Body Scrub – 50ml Travel Size RRP £4.99 buy here

Total Value = £38.38

So, with our discount the box would have been £13.46, making the just shy of 3 times what you would have paid! 4 full size, and one travel size item too! You would be crazy not to subscribe, only my view of course. I talk a lot about supporting small businesses, this is a way you can treat yourself, support a growing small business and every brand in the box, and use it totally guilt free!

Tisserand Aromatherapy Hand Cream

You all know by now I am always banging on about looking after my hands. They are literally the only pamper time I have when I have my manicure every 3rd week. They do not stay maintained without the daily use of hand cream and cuticle oil. So this is a welcome addition in the box for someone who uses it daily to keep them looking their best. This time of year I have a tube in my pocket too, or my handbag. It is the same scent as the body lotion I received in the January Box I reviewed, so I already know I like it as that has all been used up now!

Flawless Blending Brush

Now I already know the lovely lady, Charmaine, who owns Flawless. I have met her in person a couple of times too. I have had the opportunity to look at the entire set of her brushes. They are bamboo, with super soft synthetic bristles. If you have not yet sampled one of these, then you are missing out. The Complete Set is for sale on The Cruelty Free Beauty Box Website too, for a tiny £34.95. That is 10 brushes! If I was a big makeup person I would not even hesitate to buy those. I will definitely use this, as I do wear makeup for occasions and I know exactly how to use a blending brush. In fact for applying eyeshadow you cannot really do it without one. Small circular motions is the key to it, and one of these!

Spoiled Lips Matte Liquid Lipstick

I had a tiny hint of one item in this box, as Chloe asked me what colour lipstick I like. I replied a RED Red. I have an array of reds, I cannot disclose how many as it has been a while since I have counted, ha! What I can say is that I go for a stay put matte or metallic over anything else, as I am always so busy that even re applying lipstick can be overlooked. One tip I can give you with these, is apply a thin layer first and let it dry. I advise to use a lip scrub prior to using too. Re apply a second layer being more careful this time with the outline. I find if you do it this way it will stay put for a lot longer and look neat at the same time. Well I now have my Christmas Day Dinner lipstick sorted! This is a brand I have not heard of, and I am impressed with the quality and price of them. I pay a lot more than this for some I have, I could be in for some savings here.

LUE’s by Jan Seo Clear

This is a brand I have heard of, but have never tried. I have a few problem areas at the moment so I am happy to have this. I have moved from the countryside to the city, and it is at times taking its toll on my skin. I found this really easy to use, you just press it on the problem area and hold for 30 seconds. I can see this all getting used, I have 3 particular problems that I have already tested it on. One of our other Blogger’s Gemma speaks highly of this brand, so if this works for me then I will be investigating their other products.

Urban Veda Radiance/Soothing Body Scrub

Last but not least, as I absolutely love a shower. I am more of a shower person, sometimes twice a day because I love to stand there in the steam and heat and wash the day away. I am a huge fan of shower scrubs, I prefer this type to a bar too. The smell of this went all  the way down my stairs. I had Rob asking what I had been spraying in the bathroom. I have seen the sets on the Website with all of the different minis, this would make a great Christmas gift as you can try them all out then. Not hinting in the slightest!

I mentioned in the live about all of their Christmas gifts, there was a leaflet included with lots on there. Some of the items I saw and liked are the Evolve Organic Cracker, the Benecos Mens sets, and the Posh Brats Christmas Bath Bombs.

A little birdie told me there is 30% off selected items on Black Friday (23rd) too, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

My Verdict?

You must be joking, I am one happy bunny. I got my hands on an already sold out box, all of the products I will use, and the value is almost 3 times what I would have paid for the box had I not been gifted it to review. Plus lets add to the mix that no furry friends were harmed in the making of this box!

What are you even still doing here, hurry up and grab the December one before they all go…

Mel x

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