Oodles Of Doodles Review By Sam & Katie November 2018

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Sue Roche for sending us this absolutely stunning box to review for BoXession.

Sue Roche is an artist and illustrator passionate about bringing the world to life in bright watercolour paintings in a fun, quirky and unique style. She is a well known award winning artist in many fields. She has a passion for handmade unique gifts and devotes her life to being inspired by the landscapes & nature around her.

Everything is handmade by her, she sketch’s her ideas onto quality watercolour paper, using her favourite fine liner to outline the design. Once happy with it, then she uses the best quality watercolour paints, adding last minute details, such as grass, flowers and shrubbery to bring the breath taking little scenes to life.

Oodles of Doodles subscription boxes are a fabulous unique treat every month they make the most amazing special gift. Each box contains a gorgeous selection of items from Sue Roche’s range as well as a few surprises and artist guest spots.

My daughter was so excited by this box and she adored the theme you can check out our live unboxing here…

We received the standard box. It came in a baby pink box delivered via royal mail, the detail to the packaging was outstanding and gave clues to this months theme using stickers and cute a book style tape sealed the box. Inside that was baby pink tissue paper and pink shredding filled with sparkling confetti in the shape of card suits, a cute little Alice with exceptional detail and several colourful tea cups to add to the decoration. Every detail was well thought out and added that little magical something extra.

This months theme was Alice in Wonderland and it was breathtaking, in the box we received

Flamingo Straw

This was one of my daughters favorite items, at first we thought it was a pencil as it was so strong but no it was a straw! It’s cleverly hand crafted from strong paper in a fun and funky flamingo design, its so eye catching and unique it would be a shame to use it. I love the fact its better for the environment because its made from paper and card as opposed to plastic. It’s currently adorning my daughters vanity desk as a decoration and fits in perfectly with her all pink room.

LilyMais CocoNaturals Natural Lip Balm

Yet again another environmentally friendly zero waste item, winning! And it’s all natural meaning it’s safe for little one as well as adults and good for you. It’s a nice subtle mint lip balm which nourishes & moisturises formulated with Coconut oil, Beeswax pastilles, olive oil & Peppermint essential oil. This is a brand I have looked into since receiving this box and I must say I am really impressed by it! They also sell natural deodorants as well as hand balm and the lipbalm featured here, the business is highly focused on chemical free natural products in a zero waste way. My daughters lips always get terribly chapped and sore at this time of year so it was the perfect addition for us.

Water Colour Gift Tags X 4

These are simply stunning, so much detail has gone into the gorgeous designs. We received the Cheshire Cat, a funky heart design, The Mad Hatter and of course the wonderfully curious Alice herself. These would look amazing on any gift that’s if you can bare to part from them. My daughter cannot and currently has them hanging from her vanity mirror, she said it’s like Alice through the looking glass.

Cheshire Cat Keyring And Key

No trip though wonderland can be carried out without the key or spotting the Cheshire cat every now and again. I’m impressed with the quality of they key its made out of sturdy twisted metal and the cute, friendly Cheshire grins at you in such a curiously charming way. My daughter is so taken with this its pride of place on her school bag for all to see.

Alice At The Tea Party Original Watercolour By Sue Roche

This came wrapped in a clear cellophane envelope to protect it. It features Alice looking out thoughtfully in a stack of colourful, beautifully drawn teacups set on a golden yellow saucer with a tag that says It’s Always Tea Time. The curves and designs are perfectly imperfect really capturing the spirit of Alice in Wonderland. It’s signed by Sue Roche at the bottom and on the back and is a unique 2018 watercolour designed just for this box no doubt.

Alice In Wonderland A4 Watercolour Scene

There is so much detail in this mesmerising scene no photo will ever do it justice, it has to be seen! Every time you look at it you find something new from the queen of hearts tarts to the white rabbit, the Caterpillar with his curious pink smoke rings and the Mad Hatter offering a sleeping Alice a cup of tea. The magical designs on the leaves capture the mystery and wonder of wonderland and the vivid colours capture the heart of the story bringing it to life in front of your eyes. We have decided to frame this for Katies wall as she loves it so much, well we’re all a little mad about this scene here!

Flamingo Card By Sue Roche and Purple Envelope

We are all huge flamingo or (Mingo in boxession talk) lovers thanks to Mel. Flamingos feature in Alice in Wonderland when the queen invites Alice for a game of croquet and nearly loses her head. This one has amazing gradient shading to it and carefully depicts details in an eye catching way. This will make the perfect card to send any flamingo/ mingo or Alice fan.

Tea Cups & Alice Cut Outs

The contrast from the black and white Alice to the colorful tea cups would make them perfect for card and scrapbook making. We plan to use the to decorate a frame for one of our favorite memory’s the Alice in Wonderland maze from Disneyland that Katie must have taken us through a million times.

Mini Roll Of Love Harts

We had the straw to relate to the drink me, so having a eat me thing is a must and these little love hearts with the cute messages on tie in perfectly. You are never to old to enjoy a love heart and as soon as Katie spotted them the excited cry of sweets rang out in the live.


We are both huge Alice fans so there probably couldn’t be a more perfect box for us, Katie absolutely adores everything in it and can not fault a single item. The way its been thought out and put together is impeccable, everything fits in perfectly, in a curiously clever way. The art work is truly mesmerising and so much care and attention to detail has gone into this box it’s hard not to be impressed. These boxes would make the most amazing unique gifts sure to take the recipients breath away. The pricing is so reasonable and affordable considering the amount and quality of items you are getting.

Pricing And Shipping

  • Standard box – £9.95 plus postage per month
  • Deluxe Box – £29.95 plus postage per month

Postage costs 

UK postage cost for the standard box is £2.95 and £3.95 for the deluxe

They also offer international shipping meaning you can send a gorgeous box of delightful treats to anyone in the world!

International postage costs are  £7.95 for the standard box and £10.95 for the deluxe box.

They only offer monthly rolling subscriptions at the moment but you can also buy an array of unique hand crafted gifts in the shop.

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Thank you for reading

Sam &  Katie XOXO