Letterbox Lashes Review by Chloe – November 2018

This is the second time I have been lucky enough to review for Letterbox lashes, I would like to thank Liv, the box founder for giving me the chance to let you beautiful people know what this box is all about!

So.. Letterbox lashes is a monthly subscription box in which you receive 4 pairs of false lashes. These can be re used if well looked after meaning they will last you AT LEAST one month and possibly even longer with the right care (removing after wear carefully and removing any glue that had been left on the strip of lashes). All the lashes are cruelty free which is a great plus as I know many of us are trying to steer away from brands that test on animals. Its 2018 companies need to start making a change! Liv spent the time and effort finding great quality lashes that are cruelty free and I believe people will really appreciate this.

If you missed my live unboxing on the BoXession Facebook group you can watch it back here over on our YouTube channel:

Box options:

There are three different box options that all retail at £10, that includes delivery so need to worry about any extra charges at checkout. The first type is the day box, this will contain lashes suitable for day to day wear, and these are likely to be subtle but still flirty, great for those who wear lashes regularly. The next option is the night box which will include dramatic lashes; this box is perfect for those of you who like to party or any budding make-up artists. The final option is a mix of both called the day and night box. This includes two pairs of day lashes and two pairs of evening lashes, this is the box that I am reviewing and offers the most variety.

How it arrived:

The box was delivered by royal mail and you guessed it, it fits through the letterbox! Woohoo, no red card from the postie!

Considering this box is so affordable I didn’t expect much packaging wise. However I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived in a baby pink box with the Letterbox Lashes logo on the front. It is very pretty and girly! Inside were the 4 pairs of lashes each in their own pink container. As well as the eyelash glue with ingredients list in its own separate pink gift bag. All of these were surrounded by baby pink tissue paper, as you can probably tell this box is very pink! Love, love, love it! It made me feel like getting dolled up to the nines and try out all the lashes.


  • Day lashes – Keisha and Isla
  • Night lashes – Kirsten and Jazz
  • Eyelash glue with ingredients list (great for people with allergies/sensitivities)
  • Personalised note from the box founder
  • Applying your letterbox lashes instructions

The lashes are clearly labelled so you know which ones are which. However there is no need to stick to the rules of which ones are for day/night; it is all about being rebellious when it comes to beauty! Embrace your mood and show that through your make up and lashes. You do you boo! As you can see from these pictures they are all different styles and very versatile.


Letterbox lashes is ONLY £10 a month with FREE DELIVERY! Who doesn’t love free delivery! It has to be the worst feeling when you pop items in your bag online then realise shipping is extra; I usually close the tab and end up not buying. With the price including postage you have no extra surprise charges at the checkout. I cannot believe the price of this box as I would normally spend around £20 on 4 pairs of lashes, plus delivery! This box is £10 and is delivered to your door every month with no hassle. You are definitely getting your money’s worth with this box. Don’t forget to add ‘BoXession’ to the comments section at checkout to receive an extra pair of lashes!

So I know a lot of you have expressed how difficult you find it to apply false lashes (I did too when I first started). It takes time and patience to apply them but don’t worry it will get easier each time you try. Personally I learnt by watching MANY YouTube videos, I must’ve spent hours watching and then practising myself. I will give you some tips and tricks that may help you, feel free to try them and let me know how you get on!

  • Make sure you have a pair of tweezers handing as it makes the application easier.
  • Firstly hold the false lashes up to your natural lashes to make sure they are the right length. You may need to cut them down if they overhang on the inner/outer corner of your eye. Always cut them down from the longer end as it will look more natural when applying.
  • Now they are the right size, apply the eyelash glue along the strip of the lash. Then wait for the glue to start going tacky, usually about 30 seconds. Whilst you are waiting you could curl your lashes to help them take shape to the false ones.
  • Once the glue is tacky grab the false lashes in the middle with your tweezers. The best way to apply them on yourself is to look down and place on top of your natural lashes, getting close to your lash line so it blends seamlessly.
  • Now you have placed them on your natural lashes, use the tweezers the crimp down the outer edge. This ensures the falsies are held in place against your own lashes.
  • Do the same with the inner corner of your eye too. You can use your tweezers to do this or your fingers if that makes you more comfortable.
  • Once they are in place be sure to let them dry before touching them again in case they move.
  • Repeat on the other eye and admire your beautiful new lashes!

I know these steps are easier said than done. I suggest setting enough time aside if you are applying false lashes for the first time so you do not have to rush and can go at your own pace. Make a brew and go for a wee beforehand so you are ready to sit down and apply comfortably.

My thoughts on the box:

I found all of these lashes easy to apply and the glue is strong enough to hold them in place all day/night. I would recommend being generous with the glue on both corners of the lash as this helps them to stick better. It is great that the glue included in the box is good quality as it makes the process easier. After trying each style of lash for a long period of time they all stayed on and in place. The only thing I would say is that the day time style lashes are slightly more comfortable than the night time ones as they are lighter. When wearing the night style lashes I could definitely feel them on, I didn’t mind this personally but just a warning for those of you that do, the day time style lashes may be better for you! I had a few ladies ask what lashes I was wearing and how great they looked which was a wonderful confidence boost. I will attach some pics for you to see what the false lashes looked like on!

For only £10 this box is an absolute bargain and I think it will do very well. I would 100% recommend to anyone looking to play around with false lashes and especially and eyelash addicts! Remember to use write code ‘BoXession’ in the checkout comments to receive an extra pair of lashes free of charge!

Chloe x


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