Tutor In A Box Review By Sam – November 2018

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Sophie the founder and brains behind Tutor In A Box for sending me this box to review.

Tutor In A Box is aimed at students in school Years 9, 10 and 11 building up to their GCSE’S. It’s focused on one of the most important life skills your child will ever learn maths! Tutor In A Box is aligned to the national curriculum, meaning they’ll cover topics they need for their exam. It’s suitable for both the foundation tier and higher tier, this box is aimed at students hoping for a grade 4 / 5 / 6 and can be used as a teaching tool or as a much-needed revision tool.

This might just be the saviour for parents of high school students, in a box. Education has evolved since I was in school, knowledge has advanced and math is quite literally the foundation of everything. Math is the bases of some of the most amazing advances of mankind from putting a man on the moon to making tracking a plane possible thanks to using imaginary numbers making it faster than using any conventional sum could. To basic everyday essential life skills like budgeting and decorating your home and things, you would have never contributed math to like why your favourite piece of music sounds, well, like music to your ears, so saying math is important is an understatement!

As a parent it’s so hard to know how to support your child to give them the best start in life possible, I mean let’s face it getting information from a teen about their school life and education is sometimes harder than trying to make head or tails of the latest algebra equations. This is where Tutor In A Box comes in! It’s created to be fun, simple and to promote family learning giving your child support in one of the most stressful times in their life. It makes it OK not to be great at math yet and pushes your child to be greater engraving the skills in the brain and making everyone’s life a little easier.

If you missed me unboxing the contents live you can catch it here…

It came packaged in a sturdy white clean cut box with a bright yellow tutor in the box logo on the sides proclaiming a brighter future inside. Upon breaking the forest green seal with the Tutor In A Box web address on, I was met with a bright yellow tissue paper that was delicately folded and sealed with a friendly smiley face.

So On To The Contents That Will Make My Son Ace His GCSE’S

First We Had 7 different colour coded sheets

Each sheet it well laid out, easy to understand positive and confidence building.

Start Here – Yellow

An extremely positive and friendly welcome for the student. It details the contents of the box and helps build up their confidence no matter what level they are at.

Parents – Sit Up And Take Note – Yellow

An information sheet to help us, parents, to encourage and support our child through this stressful time. A welcome essential in my books because teens are not always open about their education and some certainly don’t like asking for help, so this guide is full of handy hints and tips to guide you to be able to guide them!

October Revision Calendar – Yellow

A complete month of simple bite-sized daily tasks you can encourage your child to do to help them retain vital information. It’s well laid out in an easy to use schedule that can be put on the back of a door or above a desk so it never gets forgotten. I have found this very helpful, to stay on top of my son’s learning and can see how vital something like this is to motivate your child to take control over revising especially over the holidays when sometimes it can be forgotten.

A Help Sheet – Standard Form – Mint Green

This contains vital information to help the student, it’s a guide to help them master the topic standard form. It’s well laid out and explains things in a simple, easy to grasp way.

A Help Sheet – Laws Of Index – Mint Green

This contains vital information to help the student, it’s a guide to help them master the topic Index and Laws, it describes how the two topics are linked and equally important. It’s well laid out and explains things in a simple, easy to grasp way.

Question Time – Standard Form / Indices – Dark Green

As it says in the header this is a quiz sheet, it encourages your child to take it in small bites and explains how this is as effective as a longer sit down session. It covers both the subjects from the mint green pages, reminds them just to stay calm and just have a go.

I Did Awesome! Standard Form / Indices – Blue

The answer sheet, it’s called I did awesome to remind your mini adult that no matter the results they gave it their best, tackled all the questions and that’s awesome!

2 X Positivity Inspiring Cards

Great to pop[ in a school folder or above their workspace to help inspire them when the going gets tough.

2 x Post Cards

Each postcard explains how maths is used in different settings from business studies to aerospace, sure to remind them how important this subject is in many ways.

24 Colouring Pencils

Being properly equipt is important, these colouring pencils come in more shades than the rainbow, are small, so easy to fit in a bag or pencil case and come in a handy container.

4 Maths Themed Badges

These are super cool and geeky in a Sheldon Cooper sense of humour way and gave me and my son a giggle especially when his dad just didn’t get them haha.

Numenko – In – A – Bag Game

This high-quality wooden game comes in a velvet travel bag making it super easy to take anywhere. It’s well thought out and fun, well Brendon certainly seemed to enjoy wiping us at it ha-ha.  The quality of it means it will last years enabling you to build on your learning/revision resources box after box and will easily be able to be passed down to my younger girl who’s currently in year 7.

Optional Add-On Webinar

Work better by listening to someone? This monthly webinar is an add-on to the Tutor In A Box subscription ran by the founder, smiler and chief maths tutor – Sophie! Aimed at students in year 9, 10 or 11, she’ll go through the current topic featured in the box. As a maths tutor, she knows what students can trip up on and where they may need a boost so she’ll be adding useful hints, tips and insights. Available to download or listen to live, this webinar is a must-have addition to the box. Details for the webinar – including log in details will be sent to the registered e-mail address.


Yes this really can be a parents and students savior, I’m sure every parent at some point or another has had to use google to be able to help with homework, this box means you can learn together, increasing the family bond in a fun way, even my 11-year-old daughter joined in with the game. Its so well thought out and offers everything you need to nail maths without the expense of a private tutor ( if you have never looked into them they are a pretty penny, trust me). I am quite lucky my son is a high achiever and math has always interested him (I could tell you a few embarrassing stories from younger years here but I will be a nice mum haha) but he is still a typical teen. He recently underwent his mocks and although he is classed as a gifted and talented student the pressure and uncertainty showed, this box has helped him to memorise the important bits in a way that isn’t overwhelming. My son got on board with the box and found it useful it seemed to inspire him to revise more, push harder and totally built his confidence up when he nailed it.  It also made me feel good that I was able to take more interest in his work and take away a little of his stress because I can tell you now the terrible two’s are certainly not the most testing time of parenthood or the scariest. Being able to help guide them through this and celebrate their efforts with them and them knowing you have an interest and will support them makes a difference in both your life’s.

Subscription Options And Pricing

  • Try It One Off Box £29.99
  • Monthly Rolling Subscription £24.99
  • 6 Month Subscription Plan £140 upfront
  • 12 Month Subscription Plan £275 upfront
  • Add-On Webinar £9.99 per month


Monthly rolling subscription – you need to subscribe by the end of the month for example you buy a monthly subscription box on the 31st October you are in time for the 1st November so you will get Novembers box.

Pre-paid – 6/12 Month subscriptions and Try it one off boxes ship out straight away.

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Thank you for reading and happy learning