PawPost (Cat) Review by Mel & Lilith – November 2018

Everyone in my house gets subscription boxes, so it seems fitting that the Queen of the house as we call her, our Cat Lilith; should also get one. She is actually more spoilt than anyone in our home. I often find Rob, my partner, or even my Son Joel sneaking her treats.

We bought her a beautiful bed, but Lilith is a real snob and will only sleep on a human sized bed. Oh and she will not move for you if you want to get in, you have to curl up like a cat to fit around her!

Lupe who owns PawPost has very kindly sent Chloe and I boxes this month. Chloe’s box is for her Dog Sam, which you can read in her review. I have to say that Lupe was really pleasant in our emails. I was not surprised at all when I saw the attention to detail on the inside of this box. She really cares what she is creating, the beautifully printed and folded paper. and the personalised note.

I knew instantly what the box was, as it was clearly marked with their logo when Royal Mail delivered it to me. I found it so sweet that both mine and Lilith’s names were on the box too!

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch it back here on our YouTube Channel, click play below…

So what is inside the box?

  • Mimis Daughter Monte Mouse 2m long tailed felt cat toy – RRP £10
  • Beco Family Bertie the Budgie catnip toy – RRP £4
  • Rattle & Reward Natural Cat treats 120g – RRP £2.99
  • Mason Cash Pet Bowl – RRP £7.50
  • Natures Menu True Instinct High Meat Steam cooked pouches x 4- £0.95 per pouch – Total £3.80

Total box value = £28.29

How much does it cost?

  • 1 Month plan Cat – £24.95
  • 3 Months plan Cat – £22.95 (£77.70)
  • 6 Months plan Cat – £20.95 (£143.40)
  • 12 Months plan Cat – £19.95 (£274.80)

Shipping costs £2.95 if you pay monthly, or is included in the total costs above if you pay upfront.

You can get 10% off any plan with the code ‘petlover10’

Of course, this is one box where I can’t test the treats, I need my trusty feline assistant for this task. So time for Lilith to put these to the test!

Natures Menu True Instinct High Meat Steam cooked pouches

These come in 70g pouches. Lilith is very particular about her food, if she doesn’t like it she will not even entertain it. It makes me laugh to be honest, Lil is a rescue cat so she was in fact homeless for at least 6 months that we know of before she was taken in by the shelter and then found her forever home with us. I often joke to my partner how did she get so fussy?

Well she absolutely loved these, I blinked and missed her eat! You would think we had not fed her, she sat looking at me for more!

Mason Cash Pet Bowl

Funnily enough, I almost bought Lilith a new bowl the other day, but I could not find one I liked in the shop. As if by magic this one was in her box! If you watched the live unboxing, she was eating biscuits from this by my feet. I really like that by purchasing these for the boxes it is also supporting the RSPCA. You can buy lots more on their online shop. It is a good solid bowl, I can see this lasting quite a while. This will now be her new dry food/treats bowl so Thank you PawPost!

Rattle & Reward Natural Cat treats

I was doing my research into this brand online as I have never heard of them before. You can buy these cute little oval shaped tins that you rattle the treats in so that your pet will come and get their reward, hence the name! Now of course I really want a tin to go with them. These are shaped like little fish, and made in the UK. The most important thing is did Lilith enjoy them? She loved them and I would buy these for her again as they are natural and therefore good for her too.

Beco Family Bertie the Budgie catnip toy

I love the fact that this is made from recycled plastic bottles. I gave this to Lilith and she ran away with it to hide, like I was going to steal it from her. We had to entice her out from under the bed just to take some photos. You can almost see from her expression she is warning you not to take her toy, ha!

Mimis Daughter Monte Mouse 2m long tailed felt cat toy

This really does remind me of dreadlocks, it was my first thought when opening the box. You can tell it is a really well made toy that will last. At first she was a little scared of this, as the actual mouse is quite heavy and Lilith is only little. But once we unrolled it all she was tangling herself up in it having great fun as you can see.

The Verdict?

The attention to detail and quality of products in this box is for me what sets it aside from other boxes I have seen. They carefully curate each box to suit your pet exactly. They even email you a contents description in case you need more info on what each of the items are for. This is also a way for them to be kinder to the environment as they are not printing a contents card.

I would absolutely love another of these boxes, and would welcome a collaboration with PawPost, who I am very impressed with on a whole!

Thank you again, and I hope you all enjoyed the read…

Mel & Lilith x

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