Mask Time Review by Sam – October / November 2018

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Estee from Mask Time for sending me these stunning boxes to review.

Masktime is currently sweeping the beauty box market like a storm, it brings you the latest top Korean sheet masks to your doorstep each month in a curated box, at an extremely reasonable price. Getting the latest must-have K beauty skincare has been made easy and affordable thanks to Estee. Before masktime, these masks were so hard to come by and uber expensive to import, but with Korean skincare being light years ahead of our European market it made them the must-have item for beauty and skincare fanatics around the world.

Iv been reviewing Masktime for nearly a year now and I must say it’s been amazing to watch how Estee (the founder) a busy mum has grown and improved it month after month. Each month you get new delights, brands to explore and it has never left me feeling disappointed! Plus my skin is now amazing meaning a lot of the time I go foundation free something I thought was impossible a year ago.

I have discovered some super cute skincare wonders since I have been getting mask time, you can see me unboxing and testing out one of Octobers masks here………

Both of this months boxes came in the signature Masktime box packaged with the most gorgeous glittery black tissue paper and sealed with the Masktime logo sticker.

The Glow Starter

This is like an introductory box to Korean sheet masks and comes with 4-5 amazing masks and K beauty products, Its the perfect way to become a face mask addict. This box is only £9.95 or just £8.46 when you use our exclusive discount code SAM15 making masking affordable for everyone. Inside the small but mighty glow starter box, I found.

Product Information Card and This Months Theme Card

The truly wicked menu card detailed all the gorgeous masks I was set to receive this month with all the info on how to use them super handy as few of us are multilingual and the back of the packets can be a bit confusing, to say the least. The Theme card Revealed this months box was set to be a frightfully good Halloween theme helping to prepare our skin for all the scary effect the change of weather has on it.

Candy O’Lady – Candy Mask Mystic Potion – RRP £3.00

Get your daily moisturizing punch anytime you want, nourish your skin, improve its texture, achieve an even skin tone, promote softness, and minimize dullness. Enjoy the luminous and glorifying skin you genuinely deserve. I expected this one to smell sickly sweet but it had a nice light scent to it almost somewhat bewitching. The packet had plenty of serum and it gave a rich intense moisture boost and left me glowing.

Mediheal – Pumpkin-Ade Mask – RRP £3.00

Iv not tried this mask yet but Mediheal is a brand I have tried before and the masks yield amazing results and the particular one I have seen it all over YouTube so can’t wait. It is said to use the nutrition of fresh autumn squash and the elasticity of elastin delivered to your skin in a natural and pure way to leave your skin smooth and resilient.

Holika Holika – Peko Pure Essence Jelly Sheet Mask Strawberry – RRP £4.00

This mask looks super cute when opened as it has Peko Chan’s face on it but I was chuffed to find I successfully managed to creep my children out with it once I applied it to my face ha-ha. The mask comes packed with a huge 32 grams of the jelly essence ( a gel-like an essence) that’s packed full of Vit C to moisturise and even pigmentation as well as helping to heal acne scars.

ILLIYOON – Real Cotton Pumpkin Mask – RRP £3.00

Another I have not got round to trying yet but it sounds the perfect treat for the cold winter months. This mask is said to use the power of pumpkin, magnolia, white sandalwood and ginseng to create a lifting and firming effect as well as calming and moisturising. Not only that its also 100% cotton making it better for the environment.

This box had 4 super cool masks in, if you order the box using discount code SAM15 it makes each item just £2.11 each an amazing bargain, I don’t think I know of anywhere else you can get this sort of quality at pocket money prices!

The total RRP of the box was £13 saving you £4.54 when you use the discount code SAM15.

The Glow Setter

This is the premium version and every month it comes packed full with 8-10 super cool masks and K beauty products. The box costs £24.99 or £21.24 if you use our exclusive discount code SAM15. This box is great for people like me who like to get in some serious masktime. In this Boo-tiful box, I received…

Product Information Card, This Months Theme Card and A Cheeky Little Sample

The truly wicked menu card detailed all the gorgeous masks I was set to receive this month with all the info on how to use them super handy as few of us are multilingual and the back of the packets can be a bit confusing, to say the least. The Theme card Revealed this months box was set to be a frightfully good Halloween theme helping to prepare our skin for all the scary effect the change of weather has on it. The sample I have tried before and loved it, so I’m glad to have another, plus they are so easy to pop in an overnight bag for light travelling.

PROUD MARY – Azulene Ampoule Mask – RRP £3.00

Proud Mary is a large Korean skincare brand, you just know a mask is going to be good when the brand dedicates itself just to skincare! This one did not disappoint the long complex list of natural ingredients went to work on my blemishes, tightening my pores and calming my skin whilst adding a protective layer to help stop any further damage.

ACWELL – Traditional Grain Syrup Ginger Mask – RRP £3.50

Iv not tried this one yet but ACWELL is a brand I am very familiar with, I have tried several other of the masks thanks to Masktime introducing me to the brand and never been disappointed. Experience the power of fermented ingredients with this special sheet mask from Acwell. Fermented grain syrup, ginger, and mistletoe extracts deliver rich nutrition to skin, hydrating skin from within and help to bring back elasticity. You’ll love the syrup-like essence that helps your skin drink up all the goodness without leaving a greasy residue behind. Nourishing and hydrating, this mask is packed with natural ingredients to bring you healthy, glowing skin.

BEAUTY KEI – Aqua Moisture Bomb Mask – RRP £3.50

This 100% lives up to its name it’s ridiculously moisturising, you have to leave this one on for half hour, but boy does it pack a moisture bomb. It left my skin feeling so smooth and hydrated, it was as though id just drunk 8 litres of water. It also left my skin bright and healthy looking for over 24 hours meaning I could go foundation free the next day.

JAYJUN – All In One Multi Cleansing Mask -RRP £6.00

I am gutted that I have not got round to trying this yet, but I want to try it live so all the BoXession Babes can see the results. Apparently, though the change of weather doesn’t only affect the skin and has left me feeling well, under the weather. Apparently, though this is perfect for those on the go and travelling with cutting cleansing time down to just 5 minutes! It uses a unique swap and bubble mask to make deep cleansing a breeze.

DR CLICK – Pumpkin Anti Wrinkle Mask Sheet – RRP £4.00

Say goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines with this intensive mask that harnesses the anti-ageing powers of pumpkin. This wonder mask increases cell turnover to brighten and smooth while softening and helping to heal skin from the air pollution thanks to the help of green tea and Cantella.

ILLIYOON – Botanical Mushroom Essence Mask – RRP £3.50

A triple layer mask packed with a mushroom extract that’s not to be overlooked. This mask contains high does of antioxidants and has some immense anti-inflammatory properties. It promotes cell renewal along with treating eczema, acne, rosacea and being nasty free making it perfect for the most troubled or sensitive skin.

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL – Coconut Milk Cream Mask – RRP £6.00

If you love coconut this is the mask for you, It has a rich, intense, creamy essence that is plentiful so you can use the excess to help revive other bothersome areas of your body’s skin. This mask left my skin luxuriously soft, hydrated and glowing and the divine coconut scent stayed with me all day. Its made with a double layered 100% cotton meaning its better for the environment.

MAKE P:REM – Comfort Me Air Mask – RRP £4.50

This oxygenating Comfort Air Mask is quite nearly as light as air, leaving you to forget that you even have a sheet mask on! This mask is full of nourishing ingredients such as calming Chamomile extract, rejuvenating Oxygen, and healing Nordic Berry extract, all working to leave the skin feeling as soothed and comforted as possible. It’s also free from nasty’s like Parabens, Synthetic dyes, Benzyl Alcohol.

ETUDE HOUSE – 3 Minute Care Mask Turmeric – RRP £3.00

This is the mask I tried in my live and it’s amazing it works hard and fast toning and brightening your skin in just 3 minutes making it the perfect morning routine mask. The turmeric ( that I can most definitely say belongs in a face mask and can stay away from my cuppa) has redeemed its self after helping to heal my acne scars, it’s also really good for dry skin and left me and my headless buddy pictured above looking refreshed and glowing.

THE FACE SHOP – Real Nature Shea Butter Mask- RRP £3.00

This sheet mask with emulsion type essence contains a high content of 7% oil, that leaves an oil barrier on the skin, making it the most moisturizing type in the Real Nature Face Mask line. The sheet mask with sheer butter extract deeply nourishes skin for firming effect. This upgraded naturally-derived sheet mask fabric with high adhesiveness thanks to its thinner and more translucent sheet material has excellent retention of nutrition-packed serum that does not drip off.

This box had 10 items in, if you order the box using discount code SAM15 it makes each item just £2.12 each an absolute bargain for such a wide selection of masks.

The total RRP of the box was £40 saving you £18.76 when you use the discount code SAM15.

Some love a night in with a glass of wine pamper session, some have family mask nights and some enjoy girly pamper parties, however, you like to mask, MaskTime has you covered! It’s Tailored to the season means your skin is getting what it needs with no product searching involved, the only hard part is choosing what mask to use next. Both of the boxes this month were outstanding! The themes were brilliant and value for money amazing, however, I am drawn to the Glow setter more this month for the larger selection of higher end masks.

Both boxes can be brought in the masktime shop as one off’s  P.S. OUR EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE SAM15 WORKS ON THE ONE OFF BOXES!!!!

How do I get it?

  • Glow starter Monthly rolling £9.95 you can also use code: SAM15 making it just £8.46, with free uk shipping.
  • Glow setter Monthly rolling £24.99 or £21.24 if you use code: SAM15 with free UK shipping!
  • You can now also order the new skin S.O.S box as well for £15 each one is tailored to your skin type so you know you are giving your body exactly what it needs.
  • You can also get a range of one-off boxes and limited edition boxes ranging in price, so if you missed one you loved the look of you can purchase it if there is any left, hurry though they sell out fast!

Last day to order for that month is the last day of the month ironically and boxes ship out on the 2nd, So if you order in August you will get the August box shipped out on the 2nd of September. Subscriptions are easy to cancel and have no hidden Fees, making it a great gift or the perfect pampering treat for you.

The subscription and box options are constantly growing. Honestly, this box is one to watch! It even offers its own loyalty points program!! Yes, girls points make prizes!!

You can also buy some really awesome masks from brands such as Tony Moly, Etude House as well as the super cool deep cleansing bubble mask that was featured a previous months edition from the online shop and have them sent out with your subscription to avoid any extra postage fees!

The website is well laid out, cute and easy to navigate! It’s also well worth checking out the blog section on there as well it gives you hints and tips in a masking 101.

You can check it out and grab yours before they all sell out here:

You can also find them on:
Facebook   Instagram

Yet again a huge thank you to Estee for letting me review this amazing collaboration and an even bigger thank you to you for reading!



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