Vali Shaving Review by Jasmine – November 2018

Váli is a shaving subscription service that was founded by Matthew and Michael they said, “We created váli because we want men to finally have a chance to experience the classic wet shave and its ability to deliver an irritation free shave”

Váli claim to give you a tug, pull, nick, cut and irritation free shave resulting in a close smooth shave. The packaging is so sleek and handsome and thankfully was shipped in another box so the main box was protected. I want to say a massive Thank you to the whole Váli team/family including Majd who we have been conversing with that agreed to send us this box for us to review & of course the founders Mathew and Michael.

If you missed my live unboxing you can watch it here on our YouTube channel…

I absolutely love the Váli website it has a how to shave section as well as a how to prevent shaving/razor bumps with video and illustration guide’s. I love the classic sleek design of the safety razor and brush (I do wish the stand came with the set too but for the price you honestly can not complain).

So Let’s talk about the price…

Váli Starter Kit is £19.90 with free delivery and it includes

  • Safety Razor
  • Shaving Brush
  • 10 × Double Edge Blades
  • Shaving Cream 30ml
  • Aftershave Balm 30ml

I had a little look online and most safety razors in the same design cost about £46+ the cheapest safety razor I could find was £9.99 but was a lot smaller, was plain metal handle, blades not included never mind anything else and also shipping tax on top (basically it would cost a lot more to buy similar products individually also they won’t look as nice not give as good a shave). In the starter kit you also have the 30 day trial set, if on the 3rd month you choose to keep your subscription then you will be charged £30 upfront to receive 3 months worth of products that works out at just £10 a month and remember free delivery in the UK.

Use the code ‘boxe20’ for 20% off the starter kit!

Let’s take a more detailed look at the products we received

Váli Safety Razor & Blades

The safety razor from Váli not only looks sleek with its imitation ebony handle but it will also give you a friction free shave with no tugging, pulling, Nicks, cuts or irritation making it the best shave you will ever have. The ergonomic handle in black (imitation ebony) is comfortable to hold and gives you a good grip to hold onto. When adding the blade to your razor be extremely careful and follow these simple steps or head to

  • Unscrew the razor head from the handle (and open the razor head so it sits in two parts).
  • Remove the blade from the paper and put the blade on the bottom part of the razor head.
  • Put the top part of the Razor head on top of the bottom part with the blade and carefully screw it back on to the handle.

The ten double-edged blades are made from Swedish steel with an extra thin layer of platinum that not only adds comfort but also durability, the perfect balance of sharpness and comfort. This is patented technology, made with 100% stainless steel, environmental friendly and fully recyclable. I originally had no clue how to remove the blades from the packaging but within a few seconds my hubby to be Ryan had worked it out (his experience as a guitarist comes in very useful at times (wink, ha-ha) sorry I couldn’t resist the temptation but in all seriousness I can’t believe how fast he worked it out, simply press your thumb down then push up and a blade in wrapped in paper will come out.

Váli Shaving Brush

The shaving brush from Váli is made with quality materials as well as being inspired by Italian design, this brush helps exfoliate the skin while lifting the hairs by applying shaving cream under them to help you have a cleaner/closer shave that results in a smoother shave. The shaving brush is made of synthetic fibres that are gentle and ever so soft against your skin.

Váli Shaving Cream 30ml

The Váli Shaving Cream is vegan friendly, all natural, preservative free, free from artificial fragrances, moisturising and smells divine but unfortunately Ryan did not like the scent in the slightest but that’s the thing just because one person likes the scent does not mean everyone will. The shaving cream also helps prevent ingrown hairs, naturally anti-inflammatory that are manufactured in Sweden.

Aftershave Balm 30ml

The aftershave balm is made of 100% natural ingredients, Enriched with Green tea, Aloe, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Avocado Oil and a blend of refreshing essential oils. I personally think the scent is a musk/floral scent that makes me think of a certain cleanser I use.


This shaving kit is absolutely amazing especially at the price but as we found out it’s not that great for someone with a big, thick beard maybe better if like Ryan you have a big thick beard then trim it before attempting to shave. I actually think this kit is amazing and I’m considering ordering a few sets for the men in my family who keep their facial hair very short. The brush helped the cream lather up nicely helping the razor glide over Ryan’s skin and smells lovely. I think the brush and the razor is probably my favourite items as the brush is so soft and the razor just looks so appealing I wish I could use it on my legs as it looks like it would give a great shave on someone with a little bit of stubble or shadow. Ryan’s favourite product is the shaving cream, as he loved the scent and how soft his skin was after the shave as he used the razor to tidy up his beard.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review,

Ryan & Jasmine

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