Lootaku Review by Jasmine – November 2018

I just want to start off my review by saying a Super Saiyan thank you to Alvin and the team at Lootaku for Sending Me these Amazing Box’s full of collectables.

The October 2018 theme is…

Dragon Ball Z


Dragon Ball Z anime actually picks up five years after Dragon Ball ended so it shows Goku as a young adult who is a father to two sons, In Dragon Ball / Dragon Ball Z we see Goku along with his companions fighting to defend Earth from Villains (If you have not yet watched this anime you really need to!)

So if you have read my previous reviews you will already know how awesome Lootaku is, For any newbies here is a little bit of information about Lootaku they are an authentic high quality Geek/Gamer/Anime Collectables Subscription Box from Asia that will make fan’s of all ages bounce about like a child and in the box you will receive 4-6 high quality products with a total RRP value of around $80 (£61.64 in pounds – converted on the 7th of November 2018) also some of the previous box themes have been One Piece Vs. Naruto (You can read my review of that Box here, My Hero Academia (My review for this edition can be found here), Street Fighter, dragon ball z, Harry Potter, Pokémon, DC Universe & Game Of Thrones. You can buy previous boxes, special boxes, premium figures & Ichiban Kuji Japanese Anime Box from their online store. The Lootaku box you received may include plushies, collectable authentic Figure Statue, wearable collectable gear, POP figures, key chains, pin, badge, card, stamp, cup & many more possible products.

So before I start talking about prices and I Make You Extremely Jealous by showing you some close up detailed photographs of what I received, watch my live unboxing on our YouTube channel now…

Lootaku arrived in a very large cardboard box that looks like a rectangle treasure chest that yet again had me feeling all excited like a child so much so my toddler was looking at me as if we had reversed roles and she was the adult which just made me laugh, I have very little will power when it comes to being nosey and that day was no different as I just couldn’t wait to see what I had received this month Especially with the past two months content being so outstanding I find it hard to believe they could top them. I must say though I absolutely love the box design as well as the hidden saying on the bottom “ THE ONE WHO FINDS THIS CHEST SHALL BE GRANTED TREASURES OF UNIMAGINABLE VALUE” which is absolutely true every box is overflowing with treasure of unimaginable value so I love all the small details on this box as it shows how much thought and time went into every aspect of this box from products to the wood detail on the chest/box. I opened the box before my live to check all the products arrived safely (they always do but best to check) and I took some photographs that don’t do the products any justice as you really need to see them in person to appreciate some of the colours and detail.

If you live in the UK like myself Lootaku will be sent via E-Express that should arrive in 7- 14 days (this delivery includes tracking for your piece of mind) & costs $17.66 that converted is £13.50 (yes delivery is a bit pricy but the delivery & subscription price is definitely worth it as you get almost double that in authentic High Quality Products).

Now let’s take a look at what I received & the RRP

  • Banpresto Grandista Resolution Of Soldiers Super Saiyan Gohan worth $30 USD or £22.92 GBP
  • Lootaku Exclusive 100 x 150cm throw blanket featuring Super Saiyan Trunks made with 100% polyester worth $20 USD or £15.29 GBP
  • Lootaku Limited Edition Exclusive (500) Featuring Goku Genkidama & Oozara Vegeta T-shirt $20 USD or £15.29 GBP
  • Dragon Ball Shikishi Art Series 6 (Vegeta) $5 USD or £3.82 GBP
  • Kid Goku on Nimbus Limited Edition Pin (500) Individually Numbered worth Individually Numbered worth $12 USD or £4.17 GBP

$87.00 USD or £66.49 GBP is the box content RRP

Subscription Prices

All Subscription Box Price Plans Auto Renew. Price converted from $ USD to £ GBP on 7th of November 2018

  • 1× Month subscription $44.99 USD / £34.39 GBP
  • Epic 3× month subscription $132.00 USD / £100.89 GBP
  • Legendary 6× month subscription $257.00 USD / £196.42 GBP

Plus E-Express tracked delivery at $17.66 USD / £13.50 GBP

The box I received would have cost me $62.65 USD / £47.89 GBP in total for the one month subscription & delivery charge but I would have still saved $24.35 USD / £18.60 GBP as the box RRP was $87.00 USD / £66.49 GBP and If you subscribe anytime from the 3rd of November till the 31st of November you will receive December box that ships out on the 25th of December so if you live in the UK you will receive your box between the 1st & 8th of January please allow some leeway time as it is the Christmas period so delivery may take longer.

Use the discount code for 5% off when you subscribe: DISCOUNT5

Box Content, Product Information & My thoughts

Banpresto Grandista Resolution Of Soldiers Super Saiyan Gohan worth $30 USD or £22.92 GBP

This figure not only is of exceptional quality but it also has interchangeable arms and heads while also sporting a removable cloak and mantle. The Colours are exquisite so vibrant while as always the light and shading helps bring the character to life. This particular figure stands at 8 inches tall with a very defiant stance and battle damaged sculpting. I think this may be my favourite figure so far just with all the changeable parts.

Lootaku Exclusive 100 x 150cm throw blanket featuring Super Saiyan Trunks made with 100% polyester $20 USD or £15.29 GBP

This blanket throw is breathtakingly captivating with the design being so vibrant it’s hard to take your eyes off it and it is massive (I had to put it over a door to photograph as unfortunately the weather hasn’t been good enough for me to take outside). My Daughter Ariana-Joy has claimed this blanket for herself (she tried to run away with it when I was taking the photographs it was so cute). This will be great especially with the cold weather starting.

Lootaku Limited Edition Exclusive (500) Featuring Goku Genkidama & Oozara Vegeta $20 USD or £15.45 GBP

This T-shirt is a Lootaku exclusive and is a Limited Collection of 500 I received 168/500 also it is 100% cotton and so well detailed the contrast of colour is truly captivating. The t-shirt feels very high quality (so soft also breathable while keeping you warm) also they go up to a size 4xl and are true to size this particular t-shirt has a lot more room especially on the sleeves. My other half claimed this as he is a massive Dragon Ball Z Super fan (hahaha).

Kid Goku on Nimbus Limited Edition Pin (500) Individually Numbered worth $9 USD or £6.95 GBP

This Pin is another Lootaku exclusive I know 3 in the one box how lucky are we (completely spoiled) and is a Limited Collection of 500 I received 336/500. I absolutely love this month’s edition they even added some sparkle but I am so glad that it is so detailed. On this pin wee see Kid Goku riding Nimbus (Nimbus is a magical yellow cloud that is a way of transport and this pin has some sparkly glitter on the Nimbus just to make this pin a little extra special).

Dragon Ball Shikishi Art Series 6 (Vegeta) $5.00 USD or £3.82 GBP

This product makes me feel like a kid when I would collect Pokémon and other card or buy those lucky bags in the tin foil type wrapper that just built the hype as you have no way of taking a sneak peek at its content. Shikishi Art is a collection of illustration printed on Shikishi paperboard and is drawn in a black ink style. There are 16 different designs in this series and to be honest I want them all. I absolutely love this and I’m considering getting the full box set that contains all 16 styles also some have gold shiny parts the box has a RRP of $64.26 USD or £49.53 GBP (prices not including tax). Mine also contained a little piece of candy/Gum.

My Verdict

This is my third Lootaku review and I think for the price you pay, you are getting a massive bargain especially when some of the collectables can’t be bought easily here in the UK without spending a small fortune between tax/customs and delivery (rolls eyes). I know if someone had to gift this to me I would be over the moon as well as bouncing about like a child and I know lots of people who would love to receive this box from family, friends and even my fellow bloggers. My daughter Ariana-Joy loves when the box arrives as she likes to put her teddy toys in the box as well as taking something from the box (one of the figures from last month keeps vanishing from my bookcase where we keep all our collectables, no matter how many times I put it back or even up higher it still ends up on my TV unit or a certain someone’s toy box and my other half Ryan loves the t-shirts so lucky these are unisex. If you have an anime obsessed friend/family members who is never far from the TV either gaming or watching anime then get them this for Christmas as trust me they will absolutely love it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my 3rd review of Lootaku who in my opinion are the No.1 Geek/Gamer/Anime Subscription Box.


Jasmine x


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