Horoscope Box by Bijoux Indiscrets Review by Chloe – November 2018

I would like to start by thanking Kaylie from Bijoux Indiscrets for sending myself and Mel these brand new horoscope boxes! I received the Aquarius/Air box as I was born in February and it is the zodiac sign for my birth month. Just to let you all know we currently have a competition running over on our Facebook group for the chance to win one of four boxes! Go check it out!

The box is a zodiac-themed kit created to let your feminine energy flow.  Feminine energy gathers in our pelvic area and is directly linked to sensitivity, creativity and sexuality. By strengthening it we can enjoy its effect and become aware of our bodies both physically and emotionally. Some boosters of feminine energy include: self-confidence, pleasure, passion and the ability to let go. On the other hand here are some blockers of feminine energy, this may help you to identify what could be getting in the way of connecting with your bodies energy: social pressure, hyper connectivity, a fast pace of life, and lastly work and responsibilities. Learning how to enjoy our pleasure can be a powerful experience that improves our quality of life! Carry on reading to find out how to enjoy your feminine energy to the max and awaken your full physical and emotional potential.

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A bit about the Bijoux Indiscrets:

Bijoux Indiscrets are a Spanish brand that features a wide variety of sensual accessories, erotic cosmetics, and intimate toys designed by women for women! With this in mind, the products are made by people who understand a woman’s sexual pleasure and fantasies. Their purpose is to empower women worldwide, lighting up their passion and creating unforgettable moments of pleasure.

Contents of the box:

Zodiac gem stone – These are specifically chosen to match your zodiac sign, as I am Aquarius mine was turquoise. Turquoise is the magnum opus of wellbeing, when you mix your energy with its own your emotions will settle to let your feminine energy flow.  Each necklace has your assigned gemstone attached to an extendable gold chain. They are delicately beautiful. The purpose of this gem stone is to enable you to feel your libido, passion and desires channel through your body as it touches your skin. I have worn my necklace a couple of times now and have had comments on how pretty it is, not only does it look stunning but weirdly I do find it helps to keep my emotions stable. Maybe it is psychological, but wearing this whilst performing intimate activities helped to forget about the outside world and worries allowing me to fully let go and enjoy new sensations.

Orgasm balm – There are four different scents of the clitoral balm based on your element (e.g. fire, air, earth and water).  These include spiced ginger, star anise, vetiver and sandalwood. Aquarius is star anise scented, I have got to admit it smells amazing! This balms aroma takes your natural elements personality traits and frees your mind allowing you to focus on pleasure. It also has a warming effect to stimulate blood flow in the clitoris, making your sensations soar! If you have watched my live unboxing you will know I mentioned having a ‘posh smelling clitoris’ which is funny, but also truthful! You would be surprised how much a scent can affect our emotions, feelings and mood. Having a scent matched to your elements characteristics is perfect and I couldn’t wait to try it! Star anise is a scent mix of fresh and spicy, it is used in a lot of oriental perfumes and is known for its many health benefits. I found the smell relaxing and the warming feeling of the orgasm balm heightened my sensations.

Vibrating bullet – Each box will contain the same vibrating bullet. Combining this with the two previous items means you can fully enjoy all these new sensations that engulf your body.  You can experiment with all 10 settings and find which ones work best for you. This is the core of turning your sensations into pleasure. Massage the bullet on your intimate area to experience its full power. The box does include a user guide for the vibrator so you know how to turn it on and off, replace batteries, and use all 10 different settings. Level 1 – 3 see an increase in speed, level 4 is when the vibration modes come in. This bullet has seven different vibration modes varying in intensity and power, ranging from a gentle tickle to an intense vibration. Do not underestimate the small design of this product; it has a great deal of power. For the perfect pleasure there are a few ways to use this small but powerful device. First is to stimulate the inner labia and clitoris, you can also massage the inner labia or vulva by using the top part of the bullet; however don’t see this as restrictive, it can be used on various zones of the body so feel free to experiment and enjoy the sensations it creates. The other way to enjoy its power is using it for precise pleasure on the clitoris and vaginal opening. I absolutely love the variety of uses for this small gadget; it may be small but is incredibly sensual.

Information book – Normally I wouldn’t go into much detail on information leaflets/books but this one deserves recognition! It is made of solid laminated paper and features some AMAZING photography, it is a work of art and everyone who worked on it should be proud. It is informative and enjoyable to read, a great mix.

Social media card

Business card

User guide for the vibration bullet

Personalise note

Price point:

The horoscope boxes retail at £40.00 each. However, you can order your first box for £35.00 using our discount code: BOXESSONS5! You will also receive a double ended lollypop stick as a free gift. It is worth noting that shipping charges are added on at the end, shipping to the UK is £9.90.

Would I recommend this box to you?

I have been absolutely blown away with this box! The presentation is stunning, the concept is intelligent, and the products are of a high quality and standard. After reading the information booklet and finding out about each product and its benefits has helped me to achieve the most from this horoscope box. Bijoux Indiscrets have done an incredible job at delivering an exceptional, spiritual and sensual box all in one! This is the best, if not ONLY box like this I have seen on the market. So yes, I would 100% recommend this box to you. It is inclusive of everyone so perfect for treating yourself, partner or ordering as a gift for someone, Christmas is just around the corner!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my review of the Bijoux Indiscrets Horoscope box! Why are you still reading?! Get ordering! 😉

Love Chloe x

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