BathBox Review By Sam – October 2018

Firstly I would like to say a huge Thank you to Ryan from BathBox for sending me this box to review, and for the exclusive discount code: ‘BathboX’ giving you 10% off!

In case you haven’t heard me rave about it (where have you been?) Bathbox is your monthly subscription of all things needed for the perfect bath. Each month you’ll receive a selection of hand-picked Bath Bombs, Soaps, Salts and other pamper treats curated perfectly into a themed box.

Bathbox is one of my all-time favourite subscription boxes, and this month was one of my favourite themes! I love the fact all of the products are sourced in the UK, and the company are constantly working to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This year they have been reducing the plastic packaging and swapping it out where they can for fun, brightly designed tissue paper or paper wrappers that remind me of old school sweet shop bags. Every month the box just keeps getting better, they regularly hold polls on social media to get feedback; and even better they actually listen! It just shows how much they care about customers and lovers of baths all over the UK.

This months box was frightfully good! don’t believe me check out my live unboxing here…

I was so excited about this months box, being nicknamed the queen of Halloween I live up to my name and love everything gore and horror, from friendly bats to zombie invasions we always celebrate it big. In fact, I was so excited about it, knowing I had bathbox waiting for me was the only thing that kept me going after stepping off the plane from Spain into the bitter cold English weather. As always it came in the flowery box screaming warning pretty things inside, Inside that I found the wicked menu card greeting me with Hello Beautiful and to in-keep with this months theme it came packaged in black tissue paper instead of the usual hot pink.

In This Months Epic Halloween Edition, I Found……….

Luxury Shea Butter Lavender Bath Bomb – RRP £4.00

Lavender in a Halloween box? I hear you say, yes! lavender was widely used in witchcraft to help ward off bad spirits and evil intention, as well as being used in many a spell to bring luck and money, not to mention it makes the most magical purple water. This was the first bath bomb I used, the lavender helped to soothe my soul after a long day. It left me feeling unwound, de-stressed and divinely moisturised, The perfect end to a horror movie marathon! A truly blissful bath to unwind the mussels and chase away the most intense of life stresses, in fact, it’s so calming I may have drifted off in the bath for an hour or two and woke up resembling a prune ha-ha.

Giant Dragons Egg Bath Bomb – RRP £4.50

True to its name this bath bomb was absolutely massive even by bath box standards! The design of it reminded me of lava meeting brimstone and it smelled magical, spice met sweet and musk in a gorgeous soul warming infusion. creating a truly legendary bath.

Aniseed Fizzing Bath Salts – RRP £1.50

My daughter has nicknamed this dried witch because the fizz reminds her of a witch-meeting water in a popular movie, I’m melting rings out through the house whenever I add a bit to the bath. The scent is bewitchingly relaxing and it really helps you to unwind and get away from the cold dark nights making it the perfect holiday blues pick me up.

Black Champagne Fizzing Bath Heart – RRP £3.00

Wow, this was so glittery the camera easily picked up the sparkle, it looks like a clear star-filled night sky perfect for the October nights. The was 2 possible ones to receive sparkling orange or black champagne, I received the latter and was thrilled by it.  The cute heart shape explodes and bubbled whilst the delicious luxurious scent dances around you as you bath in the night sky. It made a truly magical bath, sure to capture and delight the young and the old.

Mini Spooky Hand Soap Bat Shape – RRP 50p

How cute is this little purple bat, it’s sitting proudly on my bathroom sink as everyone has decided its just to cute to use. I’m always really impressed with the solid soaps you get in bathbox they create a rich lather and the scents are bliss.

Black Scented Tea Lights X 3 – RRP 75p

The perfect addition to any Halloween bath, there is nothing that beats escaping the cold night than watching the flickering candlelight flames dance around you in a warm bath. They were nicely scented not too overpowering but strong enough to fill the room with an enchanting scent, helping to whisk you away to another realm.

I received 8 items including 3 huge bombs with a Total approx RRP off £15.25 and the box is priced at under £10 makes it a complete bargain for a high quality themed bath set! A set from a well-known brand would put you back about £30 so 3 times the price of this!

A pure box of treats this month and the theme, I love it so much. To receive 3 large bath bombs in a box for this price is impressive, to say the least, the queen of Halloween highly approves.

Honestly, for the price you pay, it’s brilliant value for money when you look at some well know bath shops sets. I love the fact they go all out to source cruelty-free products that are made in the UK, the boxes are well thought out and the curators love of fun, relaxing baths shines through with each and every box getting better and better. I mean guilt-free, zero calorie, low waste, delicious desserts that get you clean, all wrapped up pretty and telling you you’re beautiful… WINNER!

This is a must-have subscription and would make the perfect gift with the big C coming up. Every month I genuinely get excited when it gets delivered and have never been let down by it! It’s sure to be adored by the young and the old and makes bath time a treat rather than a chore even for the fussiest bathers.

How do I get it?

  • Monthly subscription boxes are £9.99 per month plus £2.99 P&P
    You need to subscribe by the 15th of the month and boxes are shipped out via Royal Mail between the 15th-25th. You can cancel anytime you like.
  • A one-off box. This would make an amazing gift you need to order before the 15th to ensure you get that months box and the box ships out in line with the monthly subscription.

You can order from the revamped website that is fun & fresh for summer as well as being well laid out and simple to use.

I also urge you to read their bio as well at:

The BathBox shop is currently getting a revamp so keep your eyes peeled on their social media sites here:

Facebook Twitter Instagram

Once again thank you for reading and I hope you all love Bath box as much as I do…


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