Shea Elegance by Chulo-naturals Review by Jasmine – October 2018

Well hello everyone and welcome to my second review for Chulo naturals. This time it is for the sister company Sheaelegance. Chulo-naturals started in 2009 with a simple soap bar that was made within grandma’s copper jam tin to be sold at craft fairs and farmers markets. The company is based in Kent and has now grown into an award-winning company that supplies white label/branded products to Spa’s, boutiques, mobile therapists and retail outlets since 2011. Products are handmade here in the UK; all products are Cruelty Free and contain Shea Butter. Chulo-naturals founder Claire created Sheaelegance to sell their products in retail, so keep your eyes peeled. When I heard Claire wanted to work with us again I was really excited and she truly didn’t disappoint.

If you missed my live unboxing you can watch it here via our YouTube Channel…

Cost & Content

I do believe Shea Elegance have a lot more for sale online but unfortunately the website was being upgraded whilst I was completing my review, so I was unable to collect any other information.

The Mystery box RRP £15 contained:

  • Raspberry & Mint Soap Bar.
  • Fresh & Floral Soap Bar.
  • Rose and Geranium Bath salts.
  • Champagne & Daisies doughnut shaped Bath Bomb.
  • Mint Lip balm.

Small Christmas Gift Box RRP £10 contained:

  • Apple Bamboo 100% Cotton White Face Cloth
  • Mojito Bath Bomb Gold & Silver
  • Carrot & Rosemary Soap Bar

Testing The Mystery Box…

Raspberry & Mint Exfoliating Vegan Soap Slice

Not only is the packaging absolutely beautiful and makes me so excited for Christmas, but the soap bar itself is visually appealing and smells so lovely. The soap bar lathers up lovely and thanks to the raspberry seeds it exfoliates to help remove dead skin cells revealing healthy skin underneath. I used this before shaving and oh my I was silky smooth also the seeds feel amazing against the skin.

Raspberry seed:

  • Exfoliate dead skin cells away

Raspberry Essential Oil:

  • Anti-Inflammatory due to high content of alpha linoleic acid that is helpful for eczema and psoriasis.
  • Very high in vitamin E which is a antioxidant.
  • Very high levels of phytosterols that can help reduce trans-epidermal water loss.
  • Anti-Aging due to content like elegit acid which is a antioxidant.

Mint Essential Oil:

  • Can soothe sore muscles

Fresh & Floral Soap Slice

This soap bar is so beautiful to look at with the yellow, pink and purple colours within the soap slice. The floral scent is lovely and the only thing I didn’t like was that it had a slimy feel when you lather it up.

Shea Butter:

  • Is rich in vitamin A & E that are essential for healthy looking skin also potent in antioxidants that protect and heal the skin.

Rose and Geranium Bath Salts

I absolutely love this; it looks and smells divine. The white bath salts against the flower petals has a beautiful contrast also when the petals float around the bath it’s so relaxing.

Champagne & Daisies doughnut shaped Bath Bomb

I love the shape of this bath bomb and the yellow colour released while it’s fizzing away. I couldn’t really smell the scent once it was in the water. I found these a little coarse feeling once they were dissolved.

Mint Lip Balm

I love this product it’s so soft and makes my lips feel amazing you can smell/taste the mint but it is very subtle. The lip balm takes what looks like a solid form then melts with your body temperature.

Testing the Small Christmas Gift Box

Apple Bamboo 100% Cotton White Face Cloth

Super soft face cloth that is 100% cotton and dazzling white. I loved it and will keep it well hidden so little hands cant claim it as their own.

Mojito Bath Bomb Gold & Silver

I was so excited to test this bath bomb as it looked and smelled amazing. The gold and silver sprinkles/balls on the top definitely give a Christmas feel to it. Made with bio glitter.

Carrot & Rosemary Soap Bar

I really liked the scent from this soap slice and it felt so nice against my skin.

Final Verdict

I absolutely loved unboxing both of these boxes. The only thing for me is I personally prefer a more creamy bath bomb fizzer but these two where so lovely I found it easy to ignore. My top three products from these boxes would have to be the bath salts, lip balm and the Raspberry mint exfoliating soap Slice. These are definitely worth at least double what the company is selling them for because if you went into certain big brand bath stores you would probably happily pay double and these products definitely beat some of the higher end branded products available. What I’m basically saying is you need to go order yourself some. If you could have smelled my baths and/or body you would have been so jealous especially since the products made my skin feel and look amazing! I am now I’m wishing I had cut the bath bombs in half so they would last longer.

Jasmine x

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