Cosy Candles Review by Chloe – October 2018

I will start by admitting that I am a candle/wax melt addict so I am excited to be reviewing for Cosy Candles again. This box is perfect for people who would love to try new wax melt fragrances. My first impressions were good and their website is very easy to use, their social media pages will keep you up to date with any new deals and discounts! Be sure to check them out for all updates. These are soy wax melts and handmade so every effort goes into putting the boxes together for you all to enjoy and indulge.

If you missed my live unboxing you can check it out here on our YouTube channel:

The box arrived via royal mail and was letterbox sized so I didn’t need to worry about being in to receive it, always a plus! The box was white and tied with string.

Inside each box are 6 different wax melts, I like this as it provides variety every month and you are likely to find new fragrances to fall in love with.


  • Contents card
  • Using your cosy pods instruction card
  • Black opium wax melt
  • Fig and Snowberry wax melt
  • Lime basil and mandarin wax melt
  • Red hot cinnamon wax melt
  • Twilight garden wax melt
  • Limited edition devils punch wax melt (this collection now has 20% off)

These melts are all 80 grams in size which is huge, the same size as the palm of my hand! I would say you can get at least 10 uses out of each wax melt. You can use them on their own or mix together 2 scents you really love to try something new.


Each 80g melt retails at £3.99 making the box total to £23.96! To buy this box it would cost you £14.99 including delivery! Saving you £8.87 than if you were to buy them individually. This is the price for the standard cosy pod subscription box which is the one I received. This gives you approximately 480 hours of fragrance! It includes 6 handcrafted, surprise scents. However there are other options too if this doesn’t tickle your fancy.

They offer a mini melts subscription box which costs £9.99 including delivery. This box includes 28 x highly scented, hand poured, soy wax melts,   4 x different scents each month weighing 5g. This totals to approximately 140 hours of fragrance per box!

As well as these 2 boxes in which the scents are picked randomly you can subscribe to their customised boxes! They have the same 2 options of the cosy pod box with 6 different 80g melts or the mini melt box with 7 5g melts in 4 different scents. The customised boxes are priced at £16.99 for the cosy pod box. Or £11.99 for the mini melt box. Both boxes still save you money than if you were to buy the melts elsewhere or individually. If you go for these options it gives you a list of scents to choose from.

Use code 30OFF to get your first box for £10.50 including delivery!!! This saves you £4.49!

How it works:

Your subscription will automatically renew each month on the date you sign up. You can expect to receive your box within 5-7 days of payment. Delivery is free and you can cancel your subscription at any time (no sooner than 7 days before your renewal date) so there’s no commitment needed. This is great as I know some months can be financially tough so this gives you the option to stop and start your subscription whenever you like. My experience with their customer service team has been brilliant so I am confident that if you have any queries they will be more than happy to help.

Time to see what my thoughts are on the scents:

Black Opium is the first melt I tried and it is my absolute fave scent from all of the past boxes! It smells exactly like the women’s fragrance Black Opium by YSL. It is a strong seductive scent that has hints of coffee, chocolate and vanilla. This may sound like an unusual mix but honestly it is to die for and a must have in your collection!

Fig and Snowberry, this is a crisp cool scent perfect for the upcoming winter months. To me it smells like cold winter mornings, fresh air and cool icicles. This would work great in a bathroom to keep it smelling fresh and seasonal.

Next up is lime basil and mandarin. This is a strong citrus scent smelling just like freshly cut limes with hints of bright mandarin to balance out the zestiness. The warmth of the basil gives it an unexpected peppery twist, making it a unique fragrance. This wax melt is a perfect dupe of the infamous Jo Malone fragrance, but at just a fraction of the price this is a great alternative! We all love a great dupe!

Red hot cinnamon is pretty self-explanatory; it smells exactly how you would expect. A warm spicy scent perfect for spice lovers! I find it to be a cosy fragrance that brings back memories of making ginger bread houses and red hot cinnamon candy.

Twilight garden is a sweet floral pine scent; it smells slightly of bubble-gum but also fresh cut grass. It is the perfect balance of fresh and sweet. The fragrance is strong and fills the room with only a small amount; this melt is going to last ages!

Last but not least is the limited edition Devils punch melt! It is bright red in colour and has been carefully curated for Halloween. To me this smells like strawberry starbursts, it literally smells of candy! Definitely one for those of your that are keen on sweet scents.

Final thoughts:

Overall I think this box is convenient and amazing value for money with some great smelling wax melts. Considering the sizes of the wax melts and the 480 hours of fragrance you get I cannot fault them. The wax melts themselves are strong, but not overpowering, easy to use and cut into smaller pieces; they can be mixed together or used alone and come in reusable packaging. The fact that they are handmade highly scented, and soy wax melt means it is a great business to buy from. Cosy candles are continuously bringing out new fragrances which are exciting and I always look forward to the next month full of goodies. So what are you waiting for?! Go check out their website whilst there’s a discount code and order for yourself as a treat, or gift someone you love with a great subscription box, Christmas is only around the corner!

Chloe x

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