The Cruelty Free Beauty Box Review by Mel – October 2018

It is always a pleasure to review this box; so when Chloe who owns The Cruelty Free Beauty Box asked me to unbox the October and November boxes, it is like Christmas has come early.

This months edit is all about getting your skin ready for winter, I have to say I really like the card as I love pumpkins and anything Halloween themed. If you watch back my unboxing I have Halloween themed nails!

Despite being sat here typing with cold fingers, this is my favourite time of year. When the leaves start to fall though you have to remember to look after your skin. I religiously do my skin care routine morning and night, I can get away with missing the odd evening in summer and just falling asleep. In the Autumn I cannot, having combination skin means I will wake up with dry patches. Having snowing skin is not a good look, trust me.

So this beauty arrived just in time as I said goodbye to the sunshine and hello to storm Callum in a wet and windy South Wales.

Delivered by Royal Mail 48 hour service, and the box is covered in a grey plastic mailing bag for extra protection from the elements to keep your goodies safe.

If you missed me unbox this live, you can watch it back by clicking play below…

So how does it work?

The Cruelty Free Beauty Box contains 5 Beauty items each month. These can be full size, travel size or samples. There is a questionnaire to complete when subscribing that allows the boxes to be personalised to you. You can select your Skin tone & type, Makeup style, hair length & type, and there are even questions asking if you sunbathe or use fake tan.

  • Month by Month – £14.95 including P&P
  • 3 Month Prepay – £43.50 (making it £14.50 per box)
  • 6 Month Prepay – £84 (making it £14 per box)

You are billed on the 1st of each month, and shipping is around 10th of the month.

Use the discount code ‘BOXESSION’ for 10% off your first box too!

So what is in my Box?

  1. BAO Skincare Hydrating Rose Mist, 30ml – RRP £10 buy here
  2. Naissance Rosehip Virgin Certified Organic Oil, 10ml – RRP £4.99 buy here
  3. CHOBS Face Sheet Mask – RRP £4.10 buy here
  4. Manna Kadar Deluxe HD Volumising Mascara (deluxe size) – RRP £10 buy here
  5. Sknfed Chocolate Bar Face Soap – RRP £8.95 buy here

Box Total = £38.04

That is a MASSIVE saving of £24.58 if you use our first box discount code above!

Time to test the treats!

Sknfed Chocolate Bar Face Soap

Oh my days, this not only smells good enough to eat, but after you have used it you can smell chocolate on your own face. I mean I could have licked myself, not weird in the slightest! You would think on first glance that this was a bar of chocolate. It is even wrapped in foil inside the brown paper.

I am currently obsessed with this, after using it 3 times now I haven’t noticed any dryness or irritation at all. I do have fairly sensitive skin at this time of year so I am really chuffed with this. It will last ages too, breaking off one cube at a time that I would say should last a week.

I definitely want to re purchase this when I run out.

Naissance Rosehip Virgin Certified Organic Oil

Self confessed skin oil addict. I have tried a considerable amount. This is 100% pure, unrefined, cold pressed Rosehip Oil. I used it at night before bed, and when I replied to an email from Chloe the next morning I could still feel this moisturising my skin after a whole nights sleep.

I then picked up on something she said about adding drops to her moisturiser, so I did that too! We went out to a Freerunning Centre with the boys, and for Dinner, and therefore I have been open to the elements as it is cold in South Wales. When I got home I would ordinarily be running up the stairs to wash and moisturise.

I am really glad I tried what Chloe said, I have never done this before, always using oil and then moisturiser. Not anymore! I am going to continue using this, and I have a feeling that at the tiny price of £8.99 for a full size bottle, I will re purchase this too. I can also re top up this bottle to keep in my handbag from the full size one.

BAO Skincare Hydrating Rose Mist

For me personally, I use these more for an instant cooling fix. I am always hot, which is why I am not a fan of the summer. This mist has the added feature of Hyaluronic Acid, known for its plumping and hydrating properties. So while I am cooling down in the oven that is also my bedroom, I am also keeping my skin quenched. Again this is a deluxe travel size, but perfect for my bedside table which has an array of essential items already.

CHOBS Collagen Face Sheet Mask

I have had this previously, so have not tested it yet as to be honest I was going to, but then I use them when my face needs an extra hydration boost. After using the Rosehip Oil, no added moisture needed here! So I will save it for a day when I do. I use face masks twice weekly usually, and more in winter. I am a sheet mask fan as they are so quick and easy, and with two boys running around, time is of the essence.

I am happy to see this mask again though, I loved it last time.

Manna Kadar Deluxe HD Volumising Mascara

Everyone knows that I am not the biggest Makeup fan, I am a fan of keeping my skin in tip-top condition so that I don’t have to use a lot of makeup. I am more of an enhancing features than covering up type. Contouring will never happen to my face; that I can tell you! Mascaras are a welcome product however, as I do use these, a lippie, maybe a fierce flick of eyeliner if I have the time.

I really like the brush on this one, I don’t really like comb wands. It was easy to apply and to be honest I did apply 2 coats, but you could wear one for a more natural look. This is a deluxe sample, but the fact that it isn’t full size is actually a good thing for me as I will probably get to use it up before it dries out. I always feel guilty throwing anything away.

My Verdict?

If you have got this far and not subscribed then well done, for £13.46 I would have hit the link to sign up before reaching the bottom. Luckily for you I have popped the website down below, along with all of the social media links.

I say this again and again, with being an Influencer/Blogger I review so many boxes. I don’t think I could use all the items I get and then buy more, but if I could then I would buy this box. The Cruelty Free aspect of this alone would make me buy. Other Beauty Boxes in this price point region are of no interest to me for the simple fact they have no interest in protecting our fluffy friends. At present I am about 80% Cruelty Free, I have switched so many things; and always trying to swap out those remaining products.

This box not only delivers a box full of Beauty treats monthly, but you know that it has the bunny seal of approval; and therefore it is guilt free! Off you pop…

Mel x

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