Mini Earthlings Review by Sam & Katie – October 2018

Firstly I would like to thank Krishna from mini EARTHLINGS for sending us this amazing box to review.

Mini EARTHLINGS is a beauty box with a twist, its focus is on handmade natural skincare that is safe for the whole family to use, but, here is this twist! Each month you are sent a DIY kit the whole family can get involved with and learn new skills while creating gorgeous skincare treats in a fun hands-on way.

I love the concept and story behind this kit, mini EARTHLINGS began with a simple child’s question  “Mummy, can I use your perfume?” this got Krishna’s brain ticking….. why am I using something that is no good for me when I won’t allow my child to? So she went about teaching herself how to make gorgeous natural products that were good for the whole family. Then in 2017, she wanted to put the power back into consumers hands in a fun creative and educational way and mini EARTHLINGS was born.

So what did a beauty obsessed family think of it? you can see our live reaction in our unboxing video here…….

The kit came carefully packaged in the most gorgeous aqua packet, it looked so clean cut and different even the Royal mail lady commented on how much she liked it before handing it over ( and I bet she gets to see all kinds of packaging) and my daughter enjoyed popping the bubbles on it during our live lol.

So What Was In The October Edition

Inside that were 2 packages wrapped in a brown paper sealed with a logo sticker and a welcome letter.

We were both stupidly excited when we read the welcome letter and found out that the brown packages contained kits to make our very own bath bombs and bath tea! honestly, this kit could not be any more perfect for us!

Make Your Own BathBombs Kit

The kit was clearly labelled and well packaged it contained.


Detailing the ingredients needed and simple step by step instructions to help you create the perfect bomb.

Silicone BathBomb Mold & Pipet

High-quality silicone mould and pipet to help you add colour and scent to your bath delights.

Colouring & Essential Oil

To add the amazing colour and scent to these strawberry and cream bombs.

Baking Powder

Natural mineral to smooth and clean skin.

Citrus Fruit Powder

This has antioxidant property’s and exfoliates skin.

Coconut Milk Powder

This has all the benefits of coconut plus vitamins A, B6 & B12

Coconut Oil

This wonder oil is antibacterial, antifungal and is an excellent moisturiser.

The Making

This was so much easier than I originally anticipated, me and my daughter had so much fun mixing and combining ingredients until the consistency was just right. We moulded and added in some of our favourite food safe pearls and biodegradable glitter for a little extra wow factor before packing our product in. ( Top tip if adding extra like we did a little goes a long way)

We made 8 gorgeous bath bombs each one unique in its own way we have not tested them yet as Katie has insisted on trying the first one and they were still drying out on bath night.

Make Your Own Tub Tea Kit


Detailing the ingredients and a simple guide to making your tub tea.

Coconut Milk Powder

This has the benefits of coconut plus vitamins A, B6 & B12

Epsom Salt

To relieve tension and pain ( these are also great to get rid of bloating and draw out impurity’s from your skin).


To soothe and moisturise.

Dried Lavender

For relaxation and antibacterial properties.

Muslim Tea Bags

To put the tub tea in.

The Making

We had enough ingredients to make 2 bags, Katie is now obsessed with tub tea, she thinks its the best invention since well tea lol. It’s so soothing and moisturising, even better its super simple to make. Just combine all the ingredients mix and bag then you have a luxurious bath treat fit for a little princess.


We all love it, I am proud that I have taught my daughter a new life skill this weekend and we all feel a sense of achievement. I’m a huge natural, handmade low waste fan and have shelled out a pretty penny or 50 in a certain well-known shop, so to have these skills for life for just £15 excites me. The recipes can easily be used over and over again for generations and tweaked to incorporate your favourite scents. The tasks are fun and gave us some much-needed smiles and family time as well as a nice relaxing bath. The kit is simple and easy to follow, its exciting and fun and has blown away the traditional box. I think the price point is bang on the mark! Not one of us can think of a bad word to say about it even my 15-year emo wannabe son thought it was a cool idea! This is most definitely one subscription to watch and has captured my heart. Iv also seen a sneak peek of next month box and that has my name written all over it! I honestly haven’t been this excited over a subscription since my other 2 current favourite boxes launched, needless to say, this is a new firm favourite to add to the list. It’s so versatile as well, this can be used by the young and the old, male or female, its better for you, your family and the environment. Me and my daughter are planning to make a few more batches just to give out in Christmas hampers this year, because homemade with love is worth more than any shop brought pressie and its the perfect low/zero waste pressie. It really is an all-around winner both mine and Katie’s bottom line is we would 110% subscribe to it and we highly recommend you do too.

Subscription Options

  • Rolling monthly £15 per month
  • 3 monthly £42 upfront making each box £14
  • 6 monthly £81 upfront making each box £13.50
  • 12 monthly the cheapest option at just £12.50 per box but an upfront cost of £150
  • You can also pre-order the Christmas special box at £20
  • Or buy gift cards starting from as low £15
  • They even offer to make you the perfect party package all you have to do is contact them.

There is currently a discount code use code: miniE10 for 10% off.

The 6 months, 12 months and Christmas pre-order box all come with a free apron.

All subscriptions have free U.K shipping and are easy to cancel the renewal.

The website is well designed, clean cut and user-friendly they even have a live chat option and info on the next 2 upcoming boxes you can check it out here;

You can also find awesome photos of past creations as well as giveaways on their Facebook   &   Instagram

I hope you have all enjoyed reading our review and once again thank you.

Sam & Katie XOXO