Peachy Packages Review by Gemma – October 2018

First of all, I would just like to say a huge Thank you to Andrea from Peachy Packages for sending me this September box to review!

Peachy Packages is a monthly subscription box filled with a fabulous collection of inspired gifts, useful homewares, stylish stationary, tasty beverages and delicious luxury chocolate!

If you missed my unboxing, which I did live on the BoXession Facebook page, you can catch it here on our YouTube channel (and give it a like if you are feeling generous!):

The box arrived very swiftly via royal mail, although it is not letterbox size, so you will need to be in when it comes (or get the red card of doom!). There is no ‘box inside a box’ with Peachy Packages, the outer box is the only box! I like this though, as I think we can all do our bit to reduce packaging and help the environment. Our Sam is very passionate about it and has inspired myself and the other admin ladies to follow suit, so I would see this is a positive!


Once I had carefully snipped away the seal and opened the box, I was met with a lovely personalised note (which I love!) and concealed under gold tissue paper, sealed with a branded sticker, were the following items:

Higher Living Organic Ginger Kick tea. This cute box contained 15 unbleached tea bags, which smelled incredible-even through the box! This is a warm infusion that combines ginger and lemon peel for a bright and bold flavour, perfect for winter evenings! I also loved the packaging-when you open it out, there is a picture to colour in, which is great for the big kids among us! I also love that it is a UK brand, soil association certified and USDA certified organic, as well as being caffeine free! Very happy with these!


The second item was Cocoa Loco Marbled Chocolate Spoon. This organic and fair trade chocolate was handmade by artisans using the finest single origin beans from the Dominican Republic. It is designed to be stirred into hot milk, using the spoon attached, in order to make a delicious hot chocolate. I unfortunately cannot try this yet, as those of you who know me from the Facebook page will know that I am currently prepping for a bikini physique show, so am strictly sworn off chocolate, crisps (basically anything tasty!) until the end of November! However, you can bet that I will be taking this with me to the competition so I can have it the minute I come off stage!

The next item was another item from Cocoa Loco. This time, it was a bar of Swirly Marbled Chocolate. A huge 100g bar of fair trade and organic chocolate peeped out at me from a window in the packaging and almost made me cave in (see above re bikini comp!). However, I have so far managed to resist it and will again be taking it with me in my bag to scoff backstage after the show. I won’t be sharing either ha ha!

The next item was an interesting one, something I had never thought of, or knew I needed! It was a Beeswax Food Wrap by BeeBee Wraps. This is made from sustainable and compostable organic cotton and has been handmade right here in the UK! It has been infused with beeswax (obviously!), jojoba oil and tree resin, and is designed to be placed over food bowls, plates and around food to protect it from contamination! The texture is really unusual and hard to describe, however, it provides a grippy finish, which hardens in the fridge and makes a breathable seal to keep your food fresh! Absolute genius! It lasts up to 12 months, and can be used as compost once it is unusable, meaning it will not harm the environment either!

The next couple of items are greetings cards! One is a cute little Thank You card by Alex Clark Art, which depicts 2 little birds sat atop a heart, singing. The words on the card say ‘Thank you, with love x’ and it is blank inside so you can write your own message. It also came with a matching red envelope for you to post it to the lucky recipient.

The second greetings card was by Paperlink and was a stunning design with the words ‘Do you know how fabulous you are?’ surrounded by different sized stars in a circle shape. It came sealed in cellophane and had a matching gold envelope with it. Again, it was blank inside for you to write your own message. Greetings cards are something I always forget to buy, but I know how just a simple card can really put a smile on someone’s face, so I will definitely be putting these to use!

The next items I pulled out were 2 fridge magnets by Jones Home and Gift. One was a white circle shape with the words ‘Follow Your Heart’ on and some arrows. The other was a triangle, with a mountain design on it, which said ‘Let’s find a beautiful place to get lost’ with an arrow through the text. I love these; they’re cute, quirky and I love the phrases on them, as they are both things that I would say. I especially love the mountain one, as I climbed Kilimanjaro earlier this year and it made me smile when I took that out of the box-like a little reminder of what I achieved!

The next item was a hand cream by Morris and Co. Look how funky the packaging is! It contains Shea butter, known for its softening properties and it smells gorgeous! Definitely one to keep in my handbag for on the go application!

The last 2 items are going to be so handy for me! They are both notebooks. I have just started a new full-time job and I live my life by diaries and lists, so these will definitely be useful! The first one was from the same company as the fridge magnets, Jones Home and Gift and with the same design too! I love it when things match in a box it makes it feel very well put together! It is A6 size, so ideal for your handbag, with a blue elasticated fastener/page marker and shiny gold page edges. Inside, the pages are lined, leaving you plenty of room to jot down your lists, thoughts or ideas!

The second notebook is so eye-catching! It is by Portico Designs and is a stunning mix of green, peach and rose gold- very autumnal! It is A5 size, has a peach elasticated fastening/page marker and rose gold page edges. The pages are lined inside and there are loads of them so you won’t run out for a while!

Prices then! They are as follows:

  • Monthly is £35
  • 3 Months is £95
  • 6 Months is £175

All of these prices include shipping within the UK!

We do have a discount code, Box20, which gives you 15% off any past boxes that take your fancy (like this one!).

My Verdict

I loved this box! It was something a little different for me, as I normally go for more skin care/beauty oriented boxes, however, I do like to step out of my comfort zone and try new things, which is exactly what I got with this box! What I loved most was that every item was useful, it wasn’t just another eyeliner to throw in the drawer or something that only suits a small amount of people. It has something for everyone in this box, and even if there are a couple of things you won’t use yourself, everything in it is lovely enough to make a great gift for someone else! I would definitely recommend this box to anyone who doesn’t just want the regular make up/skin care boxes, or anyone who is looking for something a little bit different and a change from their usual subscription!

If you want to subscribe (or use our code Box20 to bag yourself a previous box!), here are the relevant links to their website and social media:

Website Facebook Twitter Instagram

Thank you so much for reading! 

Gemma x

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