Lollipop Box Club Review by Hayley & Robyn – September 2018

Firstly, let me start by saying a massive thank you to all the guys at Lollipop Box Club for sending Robyn and I this amazing box to review!

If you missed my live unboxing, you can re-watch it HERE…

Lollipop Box Club is a monthly subscription kit club for those who like all things crafty, paper crafts, fun stationery, pretty planners or you just simply love receiving happy mail.

You will receive a box full of themed treats that will vary each month. They include a variety of exclusive stamps, stencils, stickers, patterned papers, cute stationery, fun accessories & lists for your planners, embellishments & crafty goodies. Every month you will receive a mini DIY kit, lots of little packages with surprises, a mystery gift and of course a lollipop, and the box is letter box friendly so you don’t have to be in when your happy mail arrives!

Robyn and I love to craft together, as did I with my mother when I was younger, she was super eager to get stuck in to all the activities included!

The Contents

  • DIY Kit- Fabric Letter
  • Cupcake phone Charm
  • Leaf Stencil
  • Cupcake Stamper
  • Page Tabs
  • Wooden Cupcake Buttons
  • Wooden Embellishments
  • Luggage Tag and Felt Cupcake Page Keeper
  • Decoupage Pieces
  • 2 sheets of stickers
  • 3 Art House Postcards
  • Planner Sheets for meal planning, shopping lists, cleaning schedule, appointments and calendar pages
  • 10 Sheets of high quality crafting card
  • And of course, 2 sweet pumpkin flavour lollipops!

DIY Kit- Fabric Letter

This a delightful craft kit! Comprising of some lovely patterned material, wadding and a string for it to be hung up! Lovely quality fabric, I am sure Robyn and I will have fun making this when we get a chance!

Cupcake phone Charm, Leaf Stencil, Cupcake Stamper, Page Tabs

All excellent quality items! The cupcake phone charm is now attached to my phone case and its super cute! The stencil and stampers are made from a high quality plastic, and leaves clear impressions and prints! The page tabs have proven very useful for my older child who is studying for exams at the moment!

Wooden Cupcake Buttons and embellishments

These are super cute and a lot of fun! Robyn used the wooden embellishments to make her Gran a lovely card! The buttons I am saving to use on a project in the future!

Luggage Tag and Felt Cupcake Page Keeper

Just super cute! Robyn is using the little felt cupcake guy for her school reading book! I have also attached the tag to her PE bag for school, no more getting mixed up!

Decoupage Pieces, 2 sheets of stickers, 3 Art House Postcards

All excellent quality and well cut decoupage pieces, perfect for embellishing and decorating any craft project and kept in theme too! Stickers are of the same quality and lots of fun was had with those! The beautiful, glossy card, postcards are amazing, I have saved these for future use to write thank you notes to friends and family.

Planner Sheets for meal planning, shopping lists, cleaning schedule, appointments and calendar pages

It’s as if you know me sending me these items?! I cannot function without a to-do list, I constantly forget things I have to do so to be given all these extremely useful sheets, excellent! These are printable from the website too if you needed more, inside the box there is a code and link to download and print more of these if required! This kit then doesn’t just stop when it lands on your doormat.  Continue to enjoy all month long by following THEIR blog and YouTube channel for creative ideas inspired by your monthly kit.

10 Sheets of high quality crafting card

Over the moon to have received such high quality, colourful crafting card! And 10 pieces too! Plenty for Robyn and I to make all sorts with! Robyn made a greetings card with a piece of it for her Gran and added some of the embellishments and decoupage pieces!

Pumpkin Lollipops

Robyn’s verdict of these? In her words… ‘AWESOME!’… Who doesn’t love a lollipop?

The cost

Each Lollipop Box Club box costs £17 on a monthly rolling contract.

6 month terms are available at £16 billed monthly, and postage and packing is included in this price.

And with the code ‘thankyou2’ for a £2 off your first box discount, it makes it even better value.


In conclusion

Robyn and I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this box and using all the delightful things inside to create her very own masterpieces! I don’t think she’ll ever be in the Tate, but she loves to create and mess so this box is perfect for a family like ours!

To learn more about the Lollipop box club you can visit their social media accounts here:

Website Facebook Instagram YouTube

Thank you for reading, and all our love!

Hayley and Robyn