Yume Twins Review by Jasmine – September 2018


Well hello everyone and welcome to BoXession’s review of YumeTwins ヽ(*⌒▽⌒*)ノ – a kawaii emoji to get us all giddy and ready for the explosion of the very Kawaii ( cute ) products found within YumeTwins subscription box.

YumeTwins is a subscription box that is owned by TokyoTreat Group who own TokyoTreat, YumeTwins, NoMakeNoLife & JapanHaul so the website is basically a one stop shop for all your Japanese needs from Candy, Kawaii products  to Beauty Products. YumeTwins contains 6-8 Kawaii products that are so adorable you can not help falling madly in love, some box’s may have one version /character then another box may have a different one as the products can vary.

Possible content may be Plushies, Practical goods, Squishes, Kawaii stationery, Beauty & many more. Possible characters you may find in your box are: Hello Kitty, Pokèmon, Disney, Sailor Moon, My Melody, Gudetama, Totoro, Cinnamoroll & many more.

If you missed my unboxing of the very Kawaii YumeTwins then you can watch it back here on our YouTube Channel…

YumeTwins Subscription Box Content April 2018

  • Pote Usa Loppy Nail Polish Highlighter – £2.26
  • Hoppe-Chan Squishy – £9.04
  • My Melody Roll Plushie – £16.80 (sale £8.61)
  • Rilakkuma Bakery 4 piece sponge (Kitchen cleaning sponges) – £3.77
  • Gudetama To Do List – £3.77
  • HokaHoka Onsen Tamago Maker (Japanese Egg Boiler) – £7.05

The April edition of YumeTwins has a total RRP of £42.69 that means if you take a 1× Month Subscription at £27.40 with free shipping you will be saving a minimum of £15.29 (imagine all the extra Kawaii goodies you can buy).

Subscription Prices

  • 1 Month Subscription £27.40 – $35
  • 3 Month Subscription £76.51 – $100.50
  • 6 Month Subscription £146.08 – $192.00
  • 12 Month Subscription £287.59 – $378.00


My thoughts & information about each product

Pote Usa Loppy Nail Polish Highlighter – £2.26

Well if you watched my live unboxing you may have seen me apply this to my nails as I was a silly bunny I thought it was some new found nail pen but in actual fact this adorable highlighter is exactly that a highlighter pen for use on paper not your nails. The highlighter packaging is made to resemble a nail polish bottle and features Amuse’s lovable bunny character Pote Usa Loppy who is super kawaii making this product an amazing addition to your stationery collection.

Hoppe-Chan Squishy – £9.04

This was the first squishy character and Hoppe-Chan product to feature in the YumeTwins subscription box, Who is Hoppe-Chan? Hoppe-Chan is a kawaii character who is super popular with girls in Japan & is a cream/droplet shape but to be honest I can’t find a cut clear answer online just that 2 years ago this character had girls obsessed. I personally love how absolutely cute this is and my 2 year-old daughter Ariana-Joy is obsessed with squishy toys (obviously I watch her when she is playing with such toys). So Hoppe-Chan is now attached to Ariana-Joy’s back pack and I can’t see me getting it back any time soon.

My Melody Roll Plushie £16.80 (sale £8.61)

This adorable My Melody plushie isn’t only super kawaii but it’s so soft and huggable. I have been trying to hide it from my daughter but she found it and has claimed it as her own along with the rest of my soft toys. This was the first in a three set series to appear in YumeTwins and as a bunny she was the perfect fit for Easter.

Rilakkuma Bakery 4 piece sponge – £3.77

This kawaii 4 piece set of sponges is the perfect way to bring a little bit of cuteness into everyday life. The sponge is made of a three layer structure of nonwoven fabric as well as two types of urethane foam so it is easy to wash and has great functionality so you can get that tough stain to vanish. I think they are adorable and love the Rilakkuma character (I used to have a super Kawaii Rilakkuma purse).

Gudetama To Do List – £3.77

OMG where do I start, I am absolutely head over heels in love with the Gudetama character as he is so kawaii and like a mini egg version of me (lazy) just kidding but honestly how cute is this lil cutie. I love that this to do list will be perfect for shopping and remembering what I need to do as well as what I have done as you can tick of what you have done.

HokaHoka Onsen Tamago Maker (Japanese Egg Boiler) – £7.05

This hotsprings style boiled egg maker is so kawaii and perfect for me as I refuse to leave anything cooking in pot/wok/frying pan so with this cute product I put two eggs in add boiled water from kettle to the fill line put lid on and leave for 30/40 minutes (can be less if you want soft yolk) then enjoy. I am going to use this to make eggs in a cup and eggs for my Ramen/Ramyun!!!

My Final Verdict

This box is perfect for any Kawaii obsessed person and obviously children would love this too (you may even be able to trick them into helping with the cleaning thanks to the adorable household products). The box is kawaii and the products just make me feel full of happiness. The box also includes a cute magazine that features product information and contests as well as much more kawaii content. I personally would love this to be delivered to me every month. If you would like to Subscribe to YumeTwins in time to receive the Halloween 2018 edition you have until the 29th of September to order (you will not want to miss this one as it is Kawaii-tastic).

Before I go away I want to say a super Kawaii Thank you (Arigatou gozaimasu) to YumeTwins for sending this adorable box to myself to review for the BoXession Blog and a massive thank you to you for taking the time to read my review.

Jasmine x (^×^)


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