Lootaku Review by Jasmine – September 2018

I want to start off my review by saying a massive thank you to Alvin for sending a Lootaku box out to myself to unbox & review.

Lootaku is a Authentic high quality Geek/Gamer/Anime Collectables Subscription Box from Asia that will make any fan drool, in the box you will receive 4-6 high quality products with a total RRP value of around $80 (£61.91 in pounds – converted on the 7th of September 2018) and some of the previous box themes have been street fighter (my inner child is bouncing off the walls), dragon ball z, Harry Potter, Pokémon, DC Universe & Game Of Thrones. You can buy previous boxes, special boxes, premium figures & Ichiban Kuji Japanese Anime Box from their online store.

The Lootaku box you received may include plushies, collectable authentic Figure Statue, wearable collectable gear, POP figures, key chains, pin, badge, card, stamp, cup & many more possible products.

So before we talk about prices and show you what I received watch my live unboxing on our YouTube channel …

Lootaku arrived in this massive box that looks like a rectangle treasure chest that made me all giddy and excited to see what I had received. The box also has this saying on the bottom “ THE ONE WHO FINDS THIS CHEST SHALL BE GRANTED TREASURES OF UNIMAGINABLE VALUE” and this is no lie, as you will find out by reading the rest of my review. I did take a small peak but it was to see what the theme (Anime/Game/TV Show) was in case I didn’t know anything about the theme. This month’s theme was completely new to me so my other half and I watched a few episodes & now we are completely hooked.

Lootaku is sent via E-Express that should arrive in 7- 14 days (this delivery includes tracking for your piece of mind) & costs $17.66 that converted is £13.65 (yes delivery is a bit pricy but the delivery & subscription price is definitely worth it as you get almost double that in authentic High Quality Products).

August 2018 Box is themed around Go Beyond. PLUS ULTRA! (My Hero Academia)

Now let’s take a look at what I received & the RRP

  • Bankers to DXF SP My Hero Academia Midoriys / Bakugou worth $30 USD or £22.99 GBP
  • Bakugou Grenadier Bracers Plush which is $20 USD or £15.32 GBP
  • All Might – Go Beyond T-Shirt which is $20 USD or £15.32 GBP
  • Canvas Tote Bag $12 USD or £9.91 GBP
  • Shoot Todoroki Pin worth $9 USD or £6.89 GBP

$91.00 USD or £69.72 GBP is the box content RRP

Subscription Prices

All Subscription Box Price Plans Auto Renew

  • 1× Month subscription $44.99 / £34.82
  • Epic 3× month subscription $132.00 / £102.16
  • Legendary 6× month subscription $257.00 / £198.90
  • Plus E-Express tracked delivery at $17.66/£13.65

The box I received would have cost me $62.65/£48.47 in total for the one month subscription & delivery charge but I still saved $28.35/£21.25 as the box RRP was $91/£69.72.  If you subscribe anytime from now till the 30th of September you will receive October’s box that ships out on the 20th of October so if you live in the UK you will receive your box between the 27th of October & 3rd of November.

Use the discount code for 5% off when you subscribe:


Box Content Information & My thoughts

Bankers to DXF SP My Hero Academia Midoriys / Bakugou worth $30.00/£22.99

The Banpresto Figure/Statue arrived in his own little box in three pieces that was in a plastic bag with three compartments to keep the bits separated but also kept together, the figurine on it’s stand is around 7 inches tall and the paint job is a serious work of art with the perfect shading and obviously a very high quality paint has been used. I personally love this as I received Bakugou though I now need Midoriya and all the others so I must collect them all.

Bakugou Grenadier Bracers Plush which is $20/ £15.32

This Plushie is massive, super soft and kawaii!!! My partner accidently seen it as I was having a sneak peak at the card to see this months theme and he said it looks like a sad elephant grenade so now I keep seeing a sad elephant. This Plushie is a great replica though so may be fun for Coplay especially at a Comic convention. The Plushie slides on your arm so you can be just like Bakugou from My Hero Academia.

All Might – Go Beyond T-Shirt which is $20/£15.32

This T-shirt is a Lootaku exclusive and is a Limited Collection of 500 I received 169/500 also it is 100% cotton. The t-shirt feels very high quality and I love the bold print on the front. They go up to a size 4xl and are true to size, I absolutely love this top and I can see me wearing it a lot.

Canvas Tote Bag $12/£9.91

This tote bag is so cute as it has a few characters on one side and the logo/anime name it the back as well as a clasp button. Personally I love this as I can take it shopping with me to hold my shopping or use as a changing bag or just a bag that I can take out with me to hold my keys etcetera.

Shoot Todoroki Pin worth $9/£6.89

This Pin is a Lootaku exclusive and is a Limited Collection of 500 I received 456/500I got a little over excited thinking this was one of the main characters from the start of the anime thinking it was giving away future spoilers but it’s a character I haven’t meet yet as I have just started this Anime but either way I love all the detail in the badge. I will definitely attach it to my bag or maybe my other half will attach it to his lanyard for work.

My Verdict

I most definitely think this box is worth every penny and I would happily subscribe to this box as it ticks all the boxes for any Geek/Gamer &/or Anime Fan and the products are top quality that even though originally I didn’t know the anime I was still over the moon with the products I received as well as being excited to watch the anime. I think the only way they could maybe Improve is maybe get in contact with the like of Crunchy Roll and such to maybe get an exclusive discount code or 1 month free trial for all your members but honestly that is the only thing I can think of as the box is pretty much perfect also the size of the box is great & will be very much loved by my daughter Ariana-Joy who may be using it as a bed for her dragons and other toys. Overall I am extremely happy with this box and would definitely recommend it as a must buy If you love or want to start Anime/Gaming/Geek collectables.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review




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