Greedy Lama Review by Hayley – September 2018

Firstly, I would like to say a massive thank you to the guys at The Greedy Lama Box for sending me this great box to review.

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch it back HERE!

The Greedy Lama Box is a monthly, vegan snack subscription box, containing well-known and artisanal brands. They also offer an online supermarket for all things vegan and cruelty free; food, drinks, household goods, beauty and so on, with a loyalty points scheme where you save points and redeem for treats.

Recently becoming vegetarian myself, and actively trying to make the switch to veganism I realised whilst shopping there was not much in the way of snacks suitable for my diet. Many, if not all ‘vegetarian’ options still contain egg, milk and cheese; foods which I am trying to cut out. This makes this box an excellent option for someone like me, who does not have the time to read label after label, checking ingredients! I can simply order this box knowing I can eat everything inside!

And with an ever-increasing percentage of the population choosing to follow this kind of lifestyle, it can only grow in popularity.

The Cost

The Greedy Lama Box can be purchased as a one-off box, a monthly rolling subscription, or a 3 or 6 month pre-paid subscription.

The code LAMABOX15 gets you a fabulous 15% off your first box too!

Subscription   Price (plus £3.15 p and p)
1 month £10
3 months £27
6 months £48

The Products

  • Nairn’s Mixed Berry Oat Biscuits rrp £1.35
  • Free and Easy Vegetable Balti rrp £1.83
  • Blue Dragon Coconut Milk rrp £2.00
  • Biona Organic Maple Syrup Waffles rrp £2.39
  • Round-Up! Hand Crafted Gourmet Wagon Wheel rrp £3.00
  • Creative Nature Superfoods Raw Cacao Superfood Flapjack Chocolate rrp 79p
  • Sesame Snaps mini packs x2 rrp 30p x2

Prices found on,

Box value = £11.96

Saving of £1.96

Nairn’s Mixed Berry Oat Biscuits

A lovely crunchy oaty biscuit, good enough to dunk in a cup of tea! Bits of dried mixed berries dotted about gave the biscuit its sweetness without there being too much sugar in the biscuit itself!

Free and Easy Vegetable Balti

Really rather tasty for a curry in a can! Hearty and warming and packed with vegetables, this spicy curry went down a treat with a bit of pilau rice!

Blue Dragon Coconut Milk

I used this to make a Thai Green mushroom curry. Lovely and creamy and just the perfect amount in the small tin, a little bit goes a long way! Definitely something I’ll be buying again.

Biona Organic Maple Syrup Waffles

My children and I devoured the full packet of these watching a film! Lovely, chewy stroop waffles with plenty of maple syrup. Something I would definitely buy again.

Round-Up! Hand Crafted Gourmet Wagon Wheel

Oh my giddy Aunt! This was absolutely divine! Thick vegan chocolate, fluffy mallow, a beautiful biscuit base and delicious tart jam… who could ask for more?! The children were put to bed, I made myself a cup of coffee and popped this on a plate! I could have eaten another 10! I would like more please!

Creative Nature Superfoods Raw Cacao Superfood Flapjack Chocolate

Small, yet packs a mighty chocolatey punch! Chewy and malty too, a delicious flapjack, and it filled a hunger gap whilst I was out and about!

Sesame Snaps mini packs

A firm favourite of mine anyway, these are gorgeous syrup coated sesame seeds in small pieces. Devoured both packets while watching a documentary. Something I already buy whenever I see them available, and will continue to do so!

In conclusion…

A great range of products in this box from both well-known and loved brands to foods and brands I’ve never heard of. This box is definitely worth me thinking about subscribing to, taking the hassle out of reading labels with 2 small children running about!

Thank you for taking the time to read!

All my love,

Hayley xx

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