The Perfume Society Review by Chloe – September 2018

Hello everyone! Who loves discovering new fragrances and finding more cult favourites? If so keep reading to find out more about The Perfume Society Box!

If you missed my live unboxing you can watch it back here on our YouTube channel:

The Perfume Society believes everyone deserves to smell good and feel great. Their website lets you access the perfume universe to find a new ‘scent love’. You can do this via their Discovery Boxes or join the unique perfume-lovers ‘club’. They offer many different boxes with varying selections of perfumes so you are bound to find something to suit your taste.

Fr.eD aka your personal fragrance advisor:

The best aspect of the perfume society is that they offer an easy to use ‘virtual fragrance advisor’ to help you find perfumes you will love.

Simply input a fragrance you already wear/love – or which you know your friend loves into the form, via the drop-down menu which appears as you type in the name. This is great for those of you that have had a favourite fragrance that has been discontinued or you fancy a change!

You then chose which time of day you would like to wear the fragrance: all day, day, or night. Next chose which time of year you would like to wear the fragrance: summer/spring, winter/autumn, or all year round. In just a couple of seconds second or two Fr.eD will make six suggestions for new fragrances to try, across a range of price-points.

This amazing virtual fragrance consultant has thousands of fragrances stored in its memory bank – but if the scent you wear isn’t on the drop-down list, please e-mail us the perfume society and they will happily respond with a personal recommendation for six fragrances that you’re likely to love. You can find their email address at the bottom of this review.

Boxes and Prices:


  • Day and night box – £19 with discount £17.10
  • The new man – £19 with discount £17.10
  • Latest launches 2018 – £19 with discount £17.10
  • Treat yourself – £19 with discount £17.10
  • Travel edition – £12.50 with discount £11.25
  • The velvet collection – £12.50 with discount £11.25
  • Molton Browns – £7.50 with discount £6.75
  • Miller Harris – £35 with discount £31.50
  • Heaven Scents – £10 with discount £9
  • Fashion fabric and fragrance – £12.50 with discount £11.25
  • They also offer luxury perfume house sets that range from £15 – £30.

Day and Night box contents:

Firstly it includes 4 2ml samples and 2 1.5ml samples. These would typically last between 10-24 sprays which provide enough fragrance for you to decide on your thoughts on the scent. There is a range of sweet floral scents to woody musk scents. The samples offer a range of fragrances to help you decide which you prefer.

You also receive a 5ml sample of Versace Dylan blue pour femme. This bottle is so cute. It looks elegant and innovative. The fragrance is a mix of fruity floral scents with a base note of musk. This is probably my favourite scent in the box and I am so happy I have tried it!

The biggest fragrance sample included is the Clarins eau Dynamisante which is 15ml! This boasts a unique mix of lemon, patchouli, white thyme and rosemary. As you can probably tell from the fragrance notes it is a musky smell and very strong, a little goes a long way!

As well as all of these samples, the perfume society include some pamper products too. In this box there were the Skin Sense anti-ageing leave on mask (25ml) and the Balance me wonder eye cream (7ml). I found the anti-ageing mask to be hydrating and firming, my skin felt plumper and healthier. The balance me eye cream has helped to minimise my dark under eye circles and I am sure with continuous use I will notice further improvements to my skin.

My final thoughts:

From interacting with our 10,000 plus members on a daily basis I know first-hand how many of you look for perfume miniatures and samples! This box is brilliant for this and takes the anxiety away from having to ask for samples in store or at perfume counters. I find it difficult to ask for samples purely because of my low self-confidence, I know many of you will relate to this. The Perfume Society boxes are affordable and exciting to unbox, you will always receive a variety of fragrances to try to test, giving you are better idea of what kind of scents you like. All in all I think this box is worth your money and you won’t regret it!

Chloe x

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