Friction Free Shaving (FFS) Review by Gemma – September 2018

I would first off like to say a huge thank you to Sally over at Friction Free Shaving for sending me this lovely box to review for Boxession.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with them, Friction Free Shaving are the UK’s top rated Razor subscription box, and after receiving this lovely box from them, I can totally see why! They give you the option to have your name engraved on the razor, with a choice of silver or pink colour handle. You are also sent 4 sets of blades, which they then send you replacements of every month, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to buy more! You can also add other things to your subscription, such as shave gel, pre shave scrub and post shave moisturiser for a small extra cost. I will go through all the pricing options properly later in this review, so for now, let’s get to the exciting part- the unboxing!

If you missed my live unboxing of this on the Boxession Facebook page, you can catch it now on our YouTube channel here:

The Box I was sent was the Gift Box, which is a one off option that you can purchase for yourself or someone else, with no monthly commitment. As you can see from the video, it is beautifully packaged and comes with a little leaflet explaining more about the box and the contents:

The first thing that immediately caught my eye was the razor. Shiny pink, with my name engraved onto it, I have to admit I felt a bit special- this is just for me! And how pretty is it too? So shiny I could see my reflection in it, with a rubber handle for easy grip, this will look so luxurious in my bathroom, and it will also match the décor too!

The second item I pulled out were the blades that accompany the razor. There were 4 sets, 6 blades on each, all matching the colour of the razor. They are so easy to attach and detach from the razor head-simply press the razor head into the back of the blades and pull them out! To detach, you replace the blade back in the holder and press the D shaped button found just above the razor head, this releases the attachment and allows you to change blades quickly and safely. These blades give a lovely smooth shave, and there was no stubble the day after as there sometimes is with other razors. There is also a lubricating Vitamin E strip and built in bikini styling blade too! There are instructions on how to attach and detach the blades in the leaflet that comes with the box, so don’t worry!

One thing that I really like about this box is the little things they send with it that you didn’t realise you needed, but actually make life so much easier! Enter the shower attachment and blade cover! These cute little extras allow you to store your razor in the shower with a little suction cup for easy access, and the blade cover keeps them sharp and primed for action, and also prevents you from cutting yourself on the blades when you are not using it (or grabbing it in a rush when you have a last minute event, like me!).

The box also came with 3 of their own brand shaving products: The pre shave scrub, the shaving gel and the post shave moisturiser. All of these come in very generous 100ml tubes and contain natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, walnut shells and coconut oil.

The pre shave scrub is designed to prime the legs, underarms or fairy cave, as our lovely Chloe calls it!, for shaving and also to prevent ingrown hairs, which can cause nasty little red bumps on the skin and can also be quite painful. This contains ingredients such as Manuka Honey, Almond Milk and Walnut Scrub to help slough away dead skin cells and prime the skin for shaving.

The Shave Cream is for use whilst shaving to help the razor to glide across your skin without tugging, preventing those nicks and cuts that make it look as though you have been in a fight with Jaws! This also contains Manuka Honey, with Shea Butter and Coconut oil to condition and smooth the skin.

The post shave Balm smooths and nourishes the skin to help prevent razor rash and that itchy feeling we can sometimes get after shaving. It also contains Manuka Honey, with Almond Milk and Cocoa Butter for a truly luxurious pampering experience.

For the purpose of this review, I used the razor with and without the above products, and genuinely found that when I combined them all together, the results were much smoother and lasted a lot longer than when used with shop bought products!

So, the prices then:

The box I was sent was the gift box, which is prices at £33. I feel this is an absolute bargain when you consider everything that is included and the generous sizes of the 3 tubes.

You can also just get the razor and blades. This is usually £9, however they currently have an offer on to get this for just £5 on the website, with a free engraving too!

Ordinarily, the engraving would cost £6 and if you wanted to add the scrub, shave gel or balm onto the subscription, they would also cost an extra £6 each too.

So a run down of the RRP:

  • Razor- £9 (£5 with the offer currently on the website)
  • Engraving- £6 (FREE with the offer currently on the website)
  • Pre Shave Scrub-£6
  • Shave Gel-£6
  • Post Shave Moisturiser-£6.

I could not find the shower attachment or the blade covers separately, so I think they are exclusive to the gift box.

So, when pricing up the RRP of the products, it comes to £39, meaning that the gift set saves you £6! However, if you didn’t want all the extra’s, then you could get your razor, blades and free engraving for just £5 with the current offer! Delivery is free too!

Once you have signed up to the subscription, you are then sent replacement blades every month for £9 per month. You can opt to add or remove items from your subscription at any time (so if you went for the full shebang first off, you could just have the blades the next time!) and you can also cancel at any time too.

The website is really easy to navigate, the box arrived very quickly via royal mail in a box that I imagine would fit most letterboxes. There is no box inside a box with Friction Free Shaving, the outer packaging is all the packaging it uses, and everything is nicely sectioned off and labelled so you know what everything is.

We do not yet have a discount code, but I will email and ask- so keep your eyes peeled to this review, as I will add it in should we get one!

My Verdict

Would I subscribe to this box? I think it is something that so handy and takes the hassle out of remembering to buy a razor, replacement blades or shaving gel etc, but I don’t think it is something I would get every single month, as I do sometimes wax, so don’t always use a razor. However, for those people who only shave and are like me and forget everything that isn’t written down, this would be perfect to make sure you always have a razor and shave gel etc for those emergency situations when you need quick hair removal! I love the concept of this box, anything that makes everyday tasks easier gets my vote!

If you want to get your hands on one, here are all the details you need:

Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest

Thank you again to Sally and the team at Friction Free Shaving, and to you lovely lot for reading!

Gemma x