Sprinkle a little Magic (Wedding Box) Review by Hayley – September 2018

First of all, let me say a massive thank you to the guys at Sprinkleabitofmagic.com for sending me this beautiful box to review. You can re-watch my live unboxing HERE:

I’ve been engaged to my partner Nick for almost 7 months now and we are in the middle of planning our big day next July!

It’s proving to be an absolute minefield planning this wedding, I have so much information that I find it a tad overwhelming, so this box is perfect for someone like me who has a busy life and doesn’t always get the luxury of time to plan and organise things, even thinking about all the little extras that’ll make the day that bit more special takes hours of planning.

The Magic Box

The Magic box is a unique monthly wedding subscription box which offers brides-to-be inspiration along with contacts and samples of beautifully handmade bespoke items from across the UK, with the idea of providing discounts on the products to subscribers of the box also.

It is their intention in the future to introduce some new boxes, such as beauty items, lip glosses and a wax melt box, which is currently available on their website for £4.99

How much is it?

The box was delivered by Royal Mail and is slim enough to fit through the majority of letterboxes.

All prices include Postage and Packing

Subscription Term Price
1 Month £14.99
3 Months £42.99
6 Months £79.99

The Items:

Personalised confetti and Table Confetti samples.

Super cute and fun, these tiny wooden hearts would look lovely scattered across a table. Lovely clear engraving and good quality.

The personalised confetti is lovely too. These have definitely gone into my book of ideas.


Personalised wrapped rock sweets.

A fantastic idea and super cute for guests to take home and enjoy! Lovely flavour too, the one I tried was a subtle coconut flavour. Plus 5% off orders on their website with the code WEB05


Biodegradable Wedding Confetti

Confetti with a twist! This confetti is made from dried flower petals produced on the farm in Shropshire, its lovely and soft and would be unlikely to cause any injury from scratchy parts etc. This is environmentally friendly to as dioxins in normal bleached paper can leech into water systems, sapping the oxygen from the water for aquatic life. Beautiful colours too, a mixture of pinks, purple and white flowers. Also, grab 10% off any order over £50 on their website!


Save The Date card and Envelope

One of the small jobs I really need to get on with doing! This is a beautifully printed save the date card, printed on high quality card stock, with a matte finish. After having a look around I have seen very few examples as good a quality as this. Comes with a good quality co-ordinating envelope.

Polka Dot Paper (info@polkadotpaper.com)

Antique silver finish cartouche/brooch/charm

How sweet is this item?! A real keep sake piece for a flower girl, or a bridesmaid, or a maid of honour. The poem is beautiful;

Today you’re our flower girl

But one day you will hold the bouquet

Here is something old to carry on your Wedding Day

You could attach this piece to a bracelet or to a chain or even attach it to the bouquet of the flower girl or bridesmaid.


Button Hole

This little buttonhole is made from white silk flowers, purple silk buds and beautiful green silk ivy, and is on a wire for ease and security. Inside the leaflet it shows many different examples of flower arrangements that these guys can achieve for your big day, and approximate costings for the average wedding. A lovely item and some very useful information.


Bespoke personalised stationary.

The guys have sent me an example of a ‘We Are Married’ card, which could be sent to friends and family abroad or those who couldn’t make the big day, as a thank you or to send some photographs with. Again, this is printed on high quality card stock, with a matte finish.


Eye cream sample- Swiss made

A unique fusion of nature and science that that works with reflex zones, meridians, acupuncture points and chakras using massage, lymphatic drainage, and light therapy with state of the art equipment. I have tried this eye cream already and it’s a good one, instantly felt tighter around the eye area!


Heart-shaped rose scented hanger

This is a beautiful item, tiny scented dried rose buds in the shape of a heart on a red gingham ribbon to hang up. This would be lovely inside a wedding dress bag and impart the aroma onto the dress. Could easily be used after the wedding to inside the wardrobe to keep your clothes smelling beautiful. This could also be a lovely gift to a bridesmaid or flower girl too. This is another of the ideas form this box that I will take forward in my planning.

In conclusion, this is a beautiful and well put together box, showing us all the beautiful things we can have on our big day. As a busy bride-to-be I have found that bringing all the ideas together in a box is ideal for someone like me. I have gleaned many of the ideas for my big day, and hope yours is as special as I would like mine to be.

All my love (and much future happiness!)

Hayley xx

To know more about this box you can visit their website or facebook page here: