Bobalife Review by Sam – August 2018

Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you to the Bobalife team for sending me this wonderful box to review.

Incase you are like me and never knew Bobalife existed, so sad my life was, then here is the need to know.

BobaLife is unlike any other subscription box I have come across, infact living in a remote area I had not heard of Boba tea before, so I was super excited to try this! And that is one of the goals of the creators of BobaLife, to spread the word and love of bubble tea across the nation. At BobaLife they are so passionate about coming up with the best recipes, quality ingredients and making it easy to create the perfect bubble cafe quality delight in your own home. Every month they send you handpicked ingredients (enough to make at least 10 bubble teas) new exciting recipes to try and more often than not a piece of equipment to add to your home bubble tea kitchen.

But What Is Bubble Tea?

No it’s not a brew you bath in, it doesn’t bubble and sometimes it’s not even tea.

Bubble tea started off as a street food in Tainan and Taichung in the 1980s and has since spread far and wide across the globe with bubble tea cafe’s popping up in Soho and Brighton recently among many others, sadly none near me though. It got its name not from the pearls as you would think but from the milk tea that foams when it’s shaken to mix it. It is traditionally made with tea of some kind, flavours or milk, as well as sugar (optional). Toppings, such as chewy tapioca balls (also known as pearls, or boba) . A wider variety has formed over the years now including popping boba, grass jelly, agar jelly and puddings! Ice-blended versions are frozen and put into a blender, resulting in a slushy consistency. There are many varieties of the drink with a wide range of flavours to try making this subscription box exciting in so many ways.

Bobalife sends you pretty much everything you need to become your own Bubblista, you can see me unboxing the full kit live here……

It arrived in a large box wrapped in a metallic blue jiffy bag. Inside the study bobalife branded box was neatly packaged with the Bobalife branded tissue paper and lots of bright green shredding.

The inside of the box lid were instructions on how to prepare my boba and tips for the tea making.

Underneath the green shredding was..

The Menu Card

It tells you all about bubble tea and details the new exciting recipes to try that month as well as giving you a few hints and tips as well and a chance to give 2 of your friends a free Bubble tea!

5 Jumbo Straws

An absolute necessary for bubble tea.

A Super Cool Bulb Shaped Drinking Glass

How cool is this! It’s also super handy for mixing the hot tea’s.

4 Various Flavored Teas

Each different type was individually sealed to keep the flavor in.

Ceylon Black Tea x 4 Bags

Lipton Tea x 4 Bags

Jasmine Green Tea x 4 Bags

Best Colong Tea x 4 Bags

Tapioca Pearls

This is the traditional Boba and plenty of it!

3in1 Taiwanese Milk Tea Powder


Taro Milk Powder

peach syrup

4 Different Flavoured 100g Pots Of Popping Boba available in:





The First Recipe I tried was ….

Peach Fruit Bubble Tea

First I tried this with Lipton tea but it works a lot better with the Jasmine green tea. You can choose to have this hot or cold but it is best with the popping Boba. On both occasions I opted for cold. It’s super quick and easy to make and makes a gorgeous very sweet treat.

First choose tea, brew and chill

NEXT put ice in a shaker,  you could use the super cool boba tea cup for this but I used a cocktail shaker. Add the peach syrup and tea and shake well.

Then pore over your chosen popping Boba and voila a nice cool refreshing bubble tea.

The first time I opted for cherry and the combination with the peach was delicious, the next time I decided to mix things up a bit and had blueberry & passionfruit Boba with Jasmine green tea and oh my it was like a sweet flavour party in my mouth! The Jasmine green tea complemented the sweetness of the peach syrup perfectly and each sip was a different experience. This is most definitely the bubble tea for you if you have a sweet tooth.

2nd on the menu was ……..

Taro Milk Bubble Tea

I braved the Tapioca Pearls with this one and was astounded how much I liked them, in fact this was my favorite recipe of them all! It can also be made hot or cold but does take a little more prep as you have to cook the Boba first. It takes 10-12 mins on the hob, then stand for a further 10 mins before draining, cooling in water and adding sweetener to it if you wish to. But believe me this is a drink worth waiting for, it’s sweet and creamy and the chewy boba matches with it perfectly. I had mine hot and it was like a warm hug soothing my body and soul.

Then last but not least……

Taiwanese Milk Bubble Tea

This I also opted for Tapioca pearls after enjoying it so much the time before and made it hot. By the time you get to your second or third cup you are a whiz at making the boba and it’s really not a chore at all as you know the delight to come. This was also delicious, creamy and flavourful in a maybe slightly milder way but still gave you that warm hug in a mug feeling. There is one thing I did differently this time and that was to use the bulb cup to mix the milk paste and tea before adding my boba. This was a lot easier to shake up than in the cocktail shaker as the hole on the lid allowed pressure to escape (obviously I had the hole covered with a cloth to stop the hot liquid spilling out, and please always remember to be careful when handing hot drinks) but I would highly recommend doing it this way.

Final Conclusion.

Being a bubble tea virgin before Bobalife I can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of this subscription box. It has certainly opened my eyes and taste buds to the world of bubble tea. I love that you can make it in your home with quality ingredients sourced from Taiwan the original birth place of bubble tea. Not only does it allow people like me that do not have a bubble tea place anywhere near to explore the wonderful drink, it’s also a lot of fun and somehow satisfying. It also means you have complete control and can let your creative side run wild experimenting with your own concoctions and creating your perfect bubble tea. It also creates the perfect ice breaker or conversation piece, I mean just picture the looks on your friends faces when you serve them up a wondrous bubble tea. You can see the passion & love in every detail of the box and the price is more than reasonable for what you get, I would highly recommend trying it but be warned you may just become a bubble tea addict.


With prices starting from just £15.83 a month with free shipping this is a bargain considering most places charge around the £3.75 mark per tea. I got enough to make around 10-12 so that’s quite a saving with the added fun and flexibility of being able to do it myself as well as building up my own bubble tea kitchen.

They have various different options for subscriptions as well as one-off boxes, gift boxes and individual items meaning if you find your bubble tea you can’t live without you can just purchase the ingredients for it. Subscription wise they offer…

  • Monthly rolling subscription £24.50
  • 3 month’s subscription £57 making each box just £19
  •  6 month’s subscription £99 making each box £16.50
  • 12 month subscription £190 around £15.83

You can subscribe and browse the shop here: Website

As well as find out the latest information from Bobalife on

Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest

Thank you for reading and have a Bobalicious day


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