Bath Box Review by Sam – August 2018

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Ryan from BathBox for sending me this box to review, and for the exclusive discount code: BathboX giving you 10% off!

In case you haven’t heard me rave about it (where have you been lol) Bathbox is your monthly subscription of all things needed for the perfect bath. Each month you’ll receive a selection of hand picked Bath Bombs, Soaps and Salts curated perfectly into a themed box and all wrapped up in pretty pink tissue paper.

Bathbox is one of my all time favorite subscription boxes! I love the fact all the products are sourced in the UK and the company are constantly working to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This month they have reduced the plastic packaging and swapped it out for fun, brightly designed paper wrappers that remind me of old school sweet shops. Every month the box just keeps getting better, they regularly hold poles on social media to get feedback and even better they actually listen! It just shows how much they care about customers and lovers of baths all over the UK.

This months box was a truly magical delight! don’t believe me check out my live unboxing here……..

As always it came beautifully packaged in a gorgeous flowery Eco friendly box. Inside I was greeted with the information card proclaiming hello beautiful and detailing all the products and ingredients. Then carefully wrapped in baby pink tissue paper and hot pink shredding I found…….

This months Theme Was Unicorn!!!!!!

In this truly magical scented box I received……

Unicorn Bath Horn Approx RRP 5.50

OMG this smells so sweet and good, I would love to say i was the one to test this out but my daughter nabbed it before I could even get a word in. She loved watching the magical horn fizzing away leaving a gorgeous purple shade to the water and a scent that is to die for. ( I may have been slightly jealous.. ok a lot…) Its the longest Katie has spent in a bath in a long time, maybe ever! and in her words made the bath truly fit for a unicorn princess.

Twin Rainbow Bath Bombs Aprrox RRP 1.50 each

These are small but mighty the scent they give out will fill any bathroom, and its mesmerising to wtch them swirl round the bath in a galaxy of colours.

Sparkles Bath Souffle RRP 2.50

I managed to keep hold of this one much to my daughters dismay haha. Unfortunately my camera wont pick up how amazing this is, It smells sweet and light and when held under running water releases a pink foaming delight. And as it is packed full of hot pink glitter once the bubbles have died down you are left in a pink sparking swirl, its like unicorns conspired with fairy’s to create the most magical bath time delight. This is currently available to buy in the new BathBox shop but hurry cos they are so good the unicorns want them back.

Jasmine Soild Shampoo Aprrox RRP 4.50

I have not started on this shampoo bar yet, though it does smell devine and looks stunning, purely because I am still working my way through a lavender one featured in a previous bathbox. They really do last ages, I mean both me and my daughter have Rapunzel length hair and these last well over 3 months. Going on the last shampoo bars to be featured they foam well and leave your hair silky soft and shiny as well as being a lot more eco friendly, in all honesty thanks to bathbox I am a convert, its something I was meaning to try for a while but never worked up the courage now I would never switch back.  I have also been harassed to add that this has the royal unicorns seal of approval as appointed by my own pink mad princess katiecorn.

Lemon & Orange Bath Salts RRP 1.50

These have fast become one of my favorite items in Bathbox they are so fresh and relaxing, and sooth your mind and soul as well as your body. Team with unscented bubbles, candles and a sheet mask for the ultimate relaxation pamper session. ( these are not featured in the main photo as little princess unicorn hoofs had been in the box to be honest I’m lucky i got to test anything this month hahaha)

Unicorn Candle/Tea Light Aprrox RRP 1.00

Sorry not sorry but this is to cute to burn, This gorgeous tea light sits on my bath and keeps a watchful eye over my little unicorn while shes bathing and makes the most super cute bathroom accessory of course.

I received 7 items with a Total aprox RRP off £18 and the box being priced at under £10 makes it a complete bargain for a high quality themed bath set! A set from a well know brand would put you back about £30 so 3 times the price of this!

Honestly for the price you pay it’s brilliant value for money when you look at some well know bath shops sets. I love the fact they go all out to source cruelty free products that are made in the UK, the boxes are well thought out and the curators love of fun, relaxing baths shines though with each and every box getting better and better.

This is a must have subscription, every month I genuinely get excited when it gets delivered and have never been let down by it! It also makes the perfect gift for the young and the old and makes bath time a treat rather than a chore.

How do I get it? 

  • Monthly subscription Boxes are £9.99 per month plus £2.99 P&P
    You need to subscribe by the 15th of the month and boxes are shipped out via Royal Mail between the 15th – 25th. You can cancel anytime you like.
  • A one off box. This would make an amazing gift you need to order before the 15th to ensure you get that months box and the box ships out in line with the monthly subscription.
  • You can now also order extra indulging treats from the new online store here

You can order from the revamped website that is fun & fresh for summer as well as being well laid out and simple to use.
I also urge you to read their bio as well at:

Or order extra treats from the new Bathbox store here:

And find them on: 
 Facebook   Twitter   Instagram
Once again thank you for reading and I hope you all love Bathbox as much as I do XOXO

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