Pink Sugar Plum ‘The Pamper Box’ Review by Hayley – August 2018

Firstly, I would like to say a massive thank you to Haley and all the guys at Pink Sugar Plum for sending me this beautiful box to open, you can re-watch my live unboxing HERE…

Pink Sugar Plum was founded in September 2017, and offer a bath and body subscription box called “The Pamper Box”. Pink Sugar Plum was started as a love for handmade and natural bath and body products.

They felt there was nothing on the market that offered a box of full-sized bath and body products that were delivered to your door each month and made in the UK. They pride themselves in providing the best service they can at a reasonable price.

Each month you receive at least 5 full-sized (never sample sized!) bath and body products as well as occasional free gifts and little treats.

They’ve recently added some products to buy singularly on their website such as bath bombs, body washes, sugar scrub and so much more.

Check out their website here;


I received 7 beautiful items in this box, here is a run down!

  • Bubblegum Bathbomb
  • Watermelon Soap
  • Watermelon Sponge
  • Pina Colada Whipped Sugar Tropical Scented Sugar Scrub and Mask
  • Berry Romantic Bathbomb Donut
  • Lemon Meringue Pie Bathbomb
  • Pukka Night Time tea


I’m not joking when I say this bathbomb smells like the real deal! It’s an absolutely massive size too, which I love when it comes to choosing a bathbomb to use. One of the ones I haven’t had chance to try yet, but it’s next on the list! Smells delightful!


I was absolutely delighted receiving these 2 items, the soap smells of intense, creamy watermelon, while the soft sponge is perfect to use with it, and is a lot of fun to have out in the bathroom too! The soap lathers up creamily and leaves a long lasting fragrance. My skin felt lovely and soft after using this.


This is heaven in a jar! Smooth and creamy, sugary and deliciously fragranced! I used this top to toe in the bath, my skin felt amazing and the smell is incredible! It feels looks and smells like a luxury product, and the glittery particles are beautiful! An absolute must to re-order once I finish the full jar!


This is the first of the bathbombs I used from the box, it fizzed around my bath like a rocket! The squishy button on the top melted slowly in the water and added extra scent to my water. My skin felt and smelt amazing afterwards!


This is my absolute favourite of all the bathbombs, this reminds me of the Lemon Meringue Pie my nanna used to make for us when we were children, it smells EXACTLY LIKE IT. The water was a lovely milky yellow colour and left my skin soft and smelling fresh!


I used this teabag straight after my bath with the donut bathbomb, it soon had me drifting off to sleep. The taste is lovely and left no bitter aftertaste like other herbal teas can leave. I felt refreshed and revitalised in the morning, like I’d had a great night’s sleep.


Pink Sugar Plum have a few options for this box, you can either purchase as a monthly rolling contract or pre-pay for 3,6 or 12 months in advance. All prices are inclusive of Royal Mail delivery.

We have been very kindly been given an amazing discount of 10% off your first box, with the code ‘BOX10’.

Subscription Without discount With discount
Monthly £16.45 £14.80
3 months £46.88 £42.19
6 months £88.83 £79.94
12 months £168.00 £151.20

In conclusion….

I feel this is an excellently put together box, full of beautifully smelling things, and things that are good for our skin. Value for money wise, in my opinion, is excellent, the first 3 bath bombs alone would cover the price of the box if they were purchased from a well-known high street retailer for example, not to mention the other 4 items included in the box. I can see myself subscribing to this box in the future!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read!

All my love,

Hayley xx

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