Masktime Glow Starter VS Glow Setter Review July / August 2018 By Sam

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Estee from Mask Time for sending me these stunning boxes to review.

This review is a little different to my previous MaskTime reviews and I’m so excited about it! This time Estee has not just sent me the glow setter but also the glow starter box so I can compare them for you, showing you the best value for money and masks.

Even more so exciting is this months is a special 6 month anniversary box, that means amazing masks and awesome bonus items!

Before we get into the boxes let me tell you a little about masktime that’s if your not fed up with me raving about it!

Face masks addicts around the world can rejoice because Masktime brings some of the best Korean skincare to your door every month at hard to beat prices, in a carefully curated box tailored to the season, so your skin gets what it needs all year long. Estee a busy mum, has hit the nail on the head creating this box! Korean skincare is far superior, they are miles ahead with break through formulations and super cute innovative products to sort out any of your skin concerns. But that makes it expensive to import so by the time the masks hit our local shops they carry a hefty price tag and they can be mine boggling unless you are fluent in Korean. This is a brilliant way to try out new things and find what suits your skin without a huge outlay and hassle of shopping around or learning a new language.

As you all know I’m a lover of a good face mask, …ok…. I have a huge mask addiction and should probably attend a Mask rehab! So this box is right up my street.

If you missed the live battle of the boxes unboxing you can catch it here ……

So first I unboxed the glow setter box

This is the premium version and every month it comes packed full with 8-10 super cool masks and K beauty products. The box costs £24.99 or £21.24 if you use our exclusive discount code SAM15. This box is great for people like me who like to get in some serious masktime and this months 6 month anniversary edition did not disappoint inside I found:

A Thank You Card

Its always nice to be appreciated and little touches like this really do make you feel it.

Product Information Sheet

Lets face it very few of us are fluent in Korean, so this handy sheet gives us the need to know about how to use our new products and a few tips as well.

NO:HJ – Deep Cleansing Bubble Mask ~ RRP £3.50

Wow does this bubble! I’m not even exaggerating a little I tried to add a funny filter to go along with the mask and it didn’t even pick up my face, like nope that’s not a face its a human shaped bubble bath. The results were amazing it gave my face a much needed deep cleanse and left my skin quite literally squeaky clean! And all in 10 minutes it does say you may feel a slight tingling or it may sting a bit but do not fear, that’s completely normal and it means it’s doing its job clearing out all your pores! I did not feel any stinging or tingling whatsoever and would rate this mask higher than a more expensive one from a well know high end brand.  It’s formulated with daisy flower extract that acts as an astringent and anti-inflammatory which soothes the skin whilst minimising pores. Camellia flower extract and Tulipa Gesneriana extract helps to fight the signs of aging and provides moisture leaving skin feeling rejuvenated!


  1. Massage the sheet mask packet to ensure the essence is evenly distributed over the sheet.
  2. After cleansing face place sheet mask on face for 5-10 minutes. Your sheet mask should start bubbling immediately.
  3. Massage the bubble essence into skin and gently wash off with lukewarm water. Continue with daily skincare routine.

ENTIA – Essence Gel Modelling Pack Lifting/Hydrating ~ RRP £4.99

I am looking forward to trying this live on BoXession so if you’re not part of the Facebook group head over to catch that. I’m super intrigued by this one I’ve not come across a mask like this before, it’s said to be an innovative Essence Gel Modelling mask and has ZERO powder and is made from essence only! No more messy mixing, everything is all ready for you! If you suffer from irritated skin this mask helps to calm and cool redness, apply then let it dry and peel off in one easy go no mess or residue left behind. Formulated with Kakadu Plum high in Vit C, collagen from caviar firms and hydrates dull sagging skin leaving you plump and perfect!


  1. Cut open the pouch one at a time
  2. Fold in half and squeeze contents into the plastic tray
  3. Mix both gels together
  4. Apply evenly onto entire face
  5. Let it dry and remove in one easy peel!

FRIENVITA – Aqua Sponge Ampoule Pack Sensitive ~ RRP £3.50

This ampoule face mask is packed with a combination of Hyaluronic Acid and facial cream to nourish sensitive skin whilst combating the signs of aging! Containing Centalle Asiatica, Ceramide, Hyaluronic Acid, 500ppm of Soothing Peptide, 1000ppm of Chamomile Extract it hydrates damaged and dry skin whilst nourishing it deep within. The Aqua Sponge™ Technology is made to lock moisture into the skin so no drying out! It’s so soft and creamy and left my skin smoother than smooth, I used this the day after the NO:HJ – Deep Cleansing Bubble Mask and it is the perfect follow up mask to leave your skin fresh and supple.

FG BEAUTY – Stewardess Mask Pack Business Class ~ RRP £4.00

I am saving this one for my next trip away – bring on October! The recycled air on the plane will have nothing on my skin because this mask is made for those who are frequent flyers that face harsh environments on board or anyone who just wants that ‘pick me up’. The mask contains two special all natural ingredients; opuntia humifusa known for its ability to regenerate skin cells relieving eczema and creating a protective barrier on the skin. The second is jojoba oil which is an anti-inflammatory whilst also preventing wrinkles and protecting the skin from sunburns! This all round mask is your soothing gel, essence, serum, moisturiser and nourishing cream all in one, perfect for those who likes no hassle in their skincare! Is it wrong I’m more excited about putting this mask to the test than I am about the plane trip haha!

DOUBLE & ZERO – Double Effect Foot Peeling Mask ~ RRP £6.50

I have these on as I am writing this, I can not wait to see the end results. I have used peeling foot masks before and will recommend wearing socks throughout the process because well imagine PVA glue on your hands as a kid remember peeling it off? Yep that’s what your feet will look like during the peeling process but the baby soft summer sandal ready feet you are left with are well worth it!

This one is made with 10,000 ppm lemon extract and fruit acid complex, and is said to gently soften skin and removes dead skin cells from your feet.


  1. Open the packet and place the socks on feet
  2. Carefully open the packet that contains the foot peeling liquid and pour entire contents into one sock. Repeat for the other sock.
  3. Leave on for 60-90 minutes DO NOT leave on for longer than 90 minutes as this product contain high concentration of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)
  4. Rinse feet thoroughly, dead skin will start to fall off within 4-6 days and will be complete in 2 weeks. Voila, baby soft skin!

LINDSAY – Seok Go Contouring Mask Gold ~ RRP £10.50

This two-step paper mache type mask consists of two layers, an inner essence layer to replenish skin of nutrients and an outer layer to tighten and lift. With niacinamide to brighten and collagen to firm this clever mask leaves skin feeling plump and nourished, selfie ready!


  1. After cleansing and toning the face, apply the Elastic Essence Sheet from the Step 01 pouch. Fit over face and use the loops over the ears.
  2. Now apply the Gold Contouring Sheet from the Step 02 pouch and use the loops over the ears.
  3. Massage and rub in the top mask into the bottom mask for all the nutrients to seep through.
  4. Leave on for 25-30 minutes until the top mask has hardened, remove and continue with your normal skin care.

NO:HJ – 24K Gold Mask Pack Super Collagen ~ RRP £3.50

OMG how utterly gorgeous is this mask made with 1.15mg of real gold and 1300mg of collagen it leaves your skin more gorgeous than the mask looks if that’s even possible. I love the delicately glamorous design that is fit for a royal and will be purchasing more of these as it really does add the air of luxury to my skincare routine whilst noticeably tightening my face.

SHINE K-II – Moisturize To Shine Mask ~ RRP £3.50

I do love a good multi-step mask, it saves time and takes away the hassle, being a busy mum that is incredibly important on those days you struggle to steal a few moments for yourself. Filled with ceramides and plant extracts the essence helps to control moisture and aid in anti-aging preparing your skin for the sheet mask. The mask itself is made up of ceramides, trehalose and squalene which helps to calm skin whilst moisturising deep into the layers of the skin. The cream is formulated with shea butter and other beneficial ingredients to help lock in all that goodness! These types of masks are perfect to pack in an overnight bag for light luggage and this one delivers exactly what it says on the packet it not only calmed my skin but also helped to sooth my soul and mind after a rather long day, possibly saving my sanity as well as my over sun exposed skin.


  1. After cleansing and toning the face, apply the Moisture Purifying Essence all over the face.
  2. Apply sheet mask and leave on for 10-20 minutes.
  3. Lock in all that goodness with Moisture Purifying Cream!

77 Days – Intensive Moisture Gloss Mask ~ RRP £9.99

What’s better than a three step mask? A four step mask of course! This 4-step mask has been voted for by the BoXession babes as my next live testing and I can’t wait as its said to address all your skincare needs, the White Jade Crystal Lumious Ampoule protects skin from dehydration whilst brightening it at the same time. The Intensive Moisture Gloss Mask is full of essential vitamins to nourish lack luster skin whilst the Deep Aqua Nourishing Cream is a non greasy moisturiser made with peptides to firm and improve overall tone. And to top it off the Anti-wrinkle Power Spot Eye Cream uses peptides to fill in fine lines and wrinkles helping skin to maintain it’s elasticity! I’m super excited to try it out live and with its bold claims I can see why it is MaskTimes favourite mask this month and an Editor’s pick!

URBAN DOLLKISS – Urban City Carbonated Bubble Gold Clay Mask ~ RRP £14.99

Masktimes focus this month (skin deep cleanse) was a much needed after all the weather and we have been spoiled rotten with this months BONUS skincare item. This bubble mask is the latest edition to the ever growing MaskTime shop and it contains real Gold extract to firm and nourish skin, the deep cleansing effect draws dirt deep from within the pores whilst absorbing excess sebum! It stimulates the renewal of skin cells, smooths the texture of the skin and improves skin tone also minimising pores, yay! It also does not contain any nasties such as parabens, artificial dyes, mineral oil and benzophenone-5. This mask is not harsh at all in fact its so gentle it was tested live on BoXession by my 11 year old girl who nabbed the gold one (I have taught her well haha). It left her skin truly glowing everyone was amazed by it and all she could say all day was how clean her face felt. Not only is this mask kind enough for almost all the family it’s great fun as well and a super ticklishly delight making it the perfect mask for a family pamper night or girls night in.


  1.      1) Using a liberal amount apply evenly over entire face avoiding eye and lip areas. Leave on for 3-5 minutes until you see the bubbling effect.
  2.      2) Massage for 1 minute then wash off and continue normal skincare routine.

This special edition 6 month anniversary box has a amazing RRP of £64.97 saving you an epic £43.73 and making each mask just £2.15 when you use the code SAM15. The selection is outstanding really giving you the best of the masking world and some higher end masks  you wont find in the glow starter.

Then the glow starter

This is like an introductory box to Korean sheet masks and comes with 4-5 amazing masks and K beauty products, Its the perfect way to become a face mask addict. This box is only £9.95 or just £8.46 when you use our exclusive discount code SAM15. Inside the small but mighty glow starter box I found.

A Thank You Card

Its always nice to be appreciated and little touches like this really do make you feel it.

Product Information Sheet

Lets face it very few of us are fluent in Korean, so this handy sheet gives us the need to know about how to use our new products and a few tips as well.

ESFOLIO – Volcanic Ash Essence Mask ~ RRP £3.00

I love the artwork on this clarifying sheet mask its bursting with Volcanic Ash so It digs out dirt and dead skin cells, purifying pores and cleaning skin from deep within! This allows skin to drink up nutrients from the other natural ingredients like Ginseng and Portulaca Oleracea. It’s free from Mineral Oil, Silicones, Sulfates, TEA, Alcohol, Triclosan, PEG, MIT, Talc, Formaldehyde-releasers, Dye, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Formaldehyde and Coal Tar meaning safe for sensitive skin types! It left my skin so smooth and soft it honestly looked like I had been given a whole new glowing face.

ROYAL SKIN – Real Mud Mask ~ RRP £3.00

Iv not got round to using this one yet but I do love a good mud mask and have not tried this brand before! Its made from 100% real Boryeong mud known for its purifying, cleansing and anti-aging effects! Collagen essence helps to tighten and firm skin whilst the Boryeong mud rich in minerals also soothes stressed out skin leaving your face feeling smooth and soft!

PONYBROWN PLUS – Skin Hue Clearing Black Mask ~ RRP £3.50

This Skin Hue Clearing Black Face Mask from Ponybrown Plus is just to cute to use, I mean look at that packet design. But the lure of it boasting to moisturise, soothe, brighten and  purify as well as providing anti-oxidant, anti-aging and anti-irritation protection for your skin may just prove to much for me to resist. It’s formulated with a powerful complex blend of 7 natural roots, leaves and flowers. The anti-irritation effects of this mask has been clinically tested by the Korea Semyang University allowing those who suffer from sensitive to use worry free! Ok who am I kidding, I can’t resist putting this to the test even if the packaging is super cute straight out of a fairytale style.

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL – Egg Cream Mask Pore Tightening ~ RRP £4.80

This mask if perfect to sort out you pores and unwanted face visitors, I used it in the morning before my make up and it made such a difference to the staying power of my foundation in this heat. If you suffer with oily skin this is your skin and summer foundation savior! The ultra-soft microfiber sheet is infused with albumen (egg white extract), which diminishes the look of pores, while vinegar extract clarifies in as little as 20 minutes. The skin-fitting microfiber adheres comfortably to all facial contours for effective delivery of the concentrated serum and is paraben free!

URBAN DOLLKISS – Urban City Carbonated Bubble Charcoal Mask ~ RRP £14.99

Wow though this is this months BONUS skincare item and it costs more than the box itself! This is the newest line to be added to the Masktime shop and what a stunner it is! The charcoal’s powerful absorption abilities cleans the skin whilst the micro bubbles gets dirt out from deep within the pores. Plant extracts calm and moisturise skin leaving you fresh faced ready for your summer glow! It also does not contain any nasties such as parabens, artificial dyes, mineral oil and benzophenone-5. Who says masks have to be boring and pampering a serious affair this was the fist mask I tried and was anything but boring! I may have put a little to much on my nose and up looking like something from a kids cartoon. Honestly I had so much fun doing this mask my 11 year old daughter wanted in on the action and joined me in a live testing obviously nabbing the gold version. My skin was left so soft and smooth and squeaky clean, I dont think its felt that clean in a long time and great fun was had by all including a very shocked manshape when I jumped out on him with my big bubble nose pulling a funny face. I highly recommend this mask in fact grab yourself the one off July box while you still can its 100% worth it for this mask alone.


  1. Using a liberal amount apply evenly over entire face avoiding eye and lip areas. Leave on for 3-5 minutes until you see the bubbling effect.
  2. pull a funny face and have a giggle.
  3. Massage for 1 minute then wash off and continue normal skincare routine.

This special edition 6 month anniversary box has a amazing RRP of £29.29 giving you an epic saving of £20.83 making each mask just £1.70 when you use the code SAM15.

As this is a battle of the boxes style here is my conclusion…

Get both! I’m deadly serious its so hard to choose! each one has its own unique aspect, perfect curation and unbeatable prices!

On one hand the Glowstarter box is a great introduction and worked out the cheapest per item! So if its a small mask fix at minimal price you are after this is the box for you.

But on the other the Glowsetter has by far a better range of masks and some higher end ones as well and each item only worked out 42p more expensive per item, so if you are keen on trying a wide range of cool and fancy masks whilst getting in some serious masking time this is the box for you!

Both boxes can be brought in the masktime shop as one off’s but with this being the special 6th month anniversary edition, featuring the lasted line to be added to the masktime shop and such amazing value I don’t see the being about for much longer, so quick hurry before FOMO sets in! P.S. OUR EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE SAM15 WORKS ON THE ONE OFF BOXES!!!!

How do I get it?

  • Glow starter Monthly rolling £9.95 you can also use code: SAM15making it just £8.46, with free uk shipping.
  • Glow setter Monthly rolling £24.99 or £21.24 if you use code: SAM15 with free UK shipping!
  • You can also get a range of one off boxes and limited edition boxes ranging in price, so if you missed one you loved the look of you can purchase it if there is any left, hurry though they sell out fast!

Last day to order for that month is the last day of the month ironically and boxes ship out on the 2nd, So if you order in August you will get the August box shipped out on the 2nd of September. Subscriptions are easy to cancel and have no hidden Fees, making it a great gift or the perfect pamper treat for you.

The subscription and box options are constantly growing. Honestly this box is one to watch! With an exciting new launch coming soon! so watch this space!!!! It even offers its own loyalty points program!! Yes girls points make prizes!!

You can also buy some really awesome masks from brands such as Tony Moly, Etude House and the latest new edition the super cool bubble mask that was featured in this review from the online shop and have them sent out with your subscription to avoid any extra postage fees!

The website is well laid out, cute and easy to navigate! It’s also well worth checking out the blog section on there as well it gives you hints and tips in a masking 101.

You can check it out and grab yours before they all sell out here:

You can also find them on:
Facebook   Instagram

Yet again a huge thank you to Estee for letting me review this amazing collaboration and an even bigger thank you to you for reading!



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