TOPPBOX Review by Sam & Paul – July 2018

Firstly we would like to say a huge thank you to Alham from TOPPBOX for sending BoXession this box to review, and for the exclusive discount code BX20 Giving you 20% off your first box!

TOPPBOX send you 4-5 premium tailored treats a month to keep you/ your man looking and feeling your best at all times! They are well known in the industry being featured in the likes of The Independent and Gentlemen’s journal. Quite rightly so too as the level of customer care is outstanding and the box value is always amazing.

This is our 7th month of reviewing TOPPBOX and it still has not disappointed once! There is not a single product received that hasn’t been loved and used, That just goes to show how well they tailor the box. When you first sign up they ask you your preferences and get this (ladies you will know what I mean) they actually listen!

It’s always so much fun unboxing ToppBox together, if you missed it you can check out our live unboxing here…..

It came via Royal Mail in a padded envelope with tissue paper surrounding it giving the box extra padding and inside we found…….

Product Information Card

Detailing all his goodies and some exclusive discount codes as well.

Evolve Liquid Crystal 2-in-1 Micellic Cleanser 100ML RRP £18.00

Formulated to cater for all skin types this ingenious 2 in 1 lotion effortlessly cleanses and tones. Micellar encapsulated micro molecules lift and remove dirt whilst hyaluronic acid locks water into the skin and organic pomegranate softens and protects. Delicately fragranced with organic rosewater, skin is left sparkingly clean, clear and glowing. This is brilliant for those who have a busy life or are like paul and cant be bothered to tone, so it means he can just wash and go.I know a few of the BoXession girls were raving about how good it is, Paul also loves it and he can see why they do, it leaves his skin clean, soft and ready for the day.

Pits & Bits Rinse Free Shampoo 200ML RRP £4.45

This box is very well thought out, with the holiday and festival season on us this is a must in any man’s or woman’s bag. It’s the perfect way to wash your lushious locks away from home, whether you have been exercising, camping or just short of time. Just section the hair, apply the liquid directly and generously to the scalp, massage to lift dirt and towel dry to remove. Leaves hair beautifully soft and clean wherever you are! I have personally tried this and though I’m not a fan of dry shampoo I absolutely love this! It’s super easy to use and doesn’t leave hair greasy or any residue.

Manscaped Crop Reviver 59ML RRP £14.00

Not quite what you think when you read the name lol. This is for your gentleman’s well gentlemen to put it politely. It’s carefully designed formula with Aloe & witch hazel extracts is made to soothe, cool and stop chafing in the most sensitive areas known to man kind as well as helping to balance PH levels. (yes I mean his sausage and meatballs region) Being a woman I can understand the nightmare summer can bring with chafing, apparently men do to and it has been reported to me that this is the mutts nuts must have for any man in this heat.

Ruth Mastenbroek Oxford Eau de Parfum 2ML RRP £5.00

This smells truly divine, the top notes of Jasmine and cashmere lure you in closer, the middle notes of oudh and amber soothes your senses and the bottom notes of vanilla and velvet playfully dance around the others making it a truly intoxicating scent that surely no woman could resist.

Rouge Teeth Whitening Application Pen 10ML RRP £22.00

Paul adores this, he loves anything that will whiten and brighten his smile. I have noticed a difference over the last week, it really has helped take away some of the damage caused by years of smoking and I can tell its helped his confidence.

B-Line Deodorising Foot Spray 50ML RRP £7.50

I am so glad they included this, when you are on your feet all day in the heat you need a refresh and revive. The plant based formula uses tea tree & lavender to fight fungal infections as well as the unwanted stinky summer feet. Its perfect to pop in your kit or flight bag and is sure to revive your tired feet no matter where you are.

This months box is worth a whopping £70.95!!!!!

Giving you a saving of £61.95!!! And that’s without using our exclusive 20% off code BX20 which would give you a saving of £65.75! Making it worth over 3x your money even at full price!

A truly outstanding bargain! We are both huge fans of TOPPBOX! Every month its outstanding value for money and this months has blown away all the other boxes value wise! (I must admit I’m a little bit jealous). Not a single item gets wasted thanks to the tailoring. I thought this months was very versatile, a lot of the products are unisex meaning I may be able to pinch a thing or two, I know some of the BoXession babes were saying the face wash is amazing. The company has outstanding customer service and it makes gifting easy for me now; I literally never knew what to get the men, now I get them a TOPPBOX, they are great to get and pop away for Christmas/events ( yes I dropped the C bomb hahaha) meaning you can curate an amazing gift hamper on a small budget or gift a subscription. Iv also found the man shape moans less about all the goodies I order, so it’s a winner all round.

How do I get it?

2 options here:

  • Monthly rolling £19 a month plus £3.95 p&p
  • 2 monthly £19 every 2 months plus £3.95 shipping

It’s posted out via Royal mail on the 15th of every month and renews on the 25th. You can suspend, restart or cancel before the 25th.

You can also get 20% off your first box using code BX20

You can get your hands on it here:
And you can follow them for the latest updates on: Facebook Twitter Instagram

Once again Thank you for reading xoxo

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