My Dappa Box Review by Hayley & Nick – July 2018

First of all we want to say a massive thank you to James and James at My Dappa box for letting us unbox this box! We couldn’t believe when we were asked to reveal, over a month early, August’s MYDAPPABOX! Super exclusive!

MYDAPPABOX started in a garden shed in Kent by the guys and has grown and grown over the past few months, by packing their boxes full of quality products.

There’s not many men’s boxes on the market, I often find Nick being very envious of the post and boxes I receive so this is a good one for boyfriends, friends, dads, uncles or any other special man in your life.

My Dappa Box’s mission is “To provide the ultimate subscription box packed with ethically sourced products from intriguing brands”.

Each month My Dappa Box works hard with small local and global independent brands to provide one of the best mens subscription boxes on the market today, with 4 – 5 incredible products from different names each with an epic story to tell.

If you missed our live unboxing, you can now watch it back on the BoXession YouTube Channel here…

Each month’s box holds a value of between £50 and £70 so it is excellent value for money.

  • Monthly subscription £19
  • 3-monthly £55
  • One off box £35

‘STAYDAPPA10’ gives £10 off the first box

My Dappa Box

Dispatched 25thBy Royal Mail and billed on the day the subscription was started.

The Products;

  • Tumble and Hide Tan Leather Card holder RRP £18
  • Solid Cologne UK Felix Cologne RRP £16
  • Friendly Soap Charcoal Detox Bar RRP £8
  • Pure Skincare London Black Mask and Brush RRP £7
  • Dear Barber Shaving Cream RRP £5
  • Total contents RRP £54

Saving £44 using the promo code

£34 without the discount

Tumble and Hide Leather Card Holder

I have used the card holder every day since I received it, not only is it a perfect size to fit in your back pocket I find the RFID security feature (where your cards are safe from people scanning your contactless card as they walk by to steal your money) makes me confident knowing my bank details are safe.

It looks great and fits everything I need in it so my back pocket is not bulging with all the junk we keep in our wallets nowadays. I highly recommend this product.

Solid Cologne UK Felix Cologne

This is a great idea for airports etc. (as you can only take limited liquid) I found the fragrance a nice aroma, quite subtle, and left the area where I applied feeling soft and not greasy as is common with fragrance balms of this type.

Friendly Soap Detox Bar

I really like this soap, not only does it smell great it lathers great also, and knowing this is good for the environment is even better. The mix of ingredients work perfect together giving a fresh clean smell and leaving your skin feeling great and refreshed.  Great Soap, Great Smell Great Product.

Pure Skincare London – Black Mask and Brush

My sons and I used this mask, easily applied with the brush you only need a small amount as it spreads really well, it didn’t take long to dry and then the fun starts as you peel it off, it was a bit painful for a hairy man like me but did as exactly as it says on the tube, pulled the black heads out resulting in fresher skin. I would recommend this product but maybe not for bearded men as quite tuff to peel, but saying that there are not many peel mask I have come across for the bearded man but this to be honest is one of the best I have tried.

Dear Barber – Shaping Cream

I absolutely love this product, works really well on your beard keep its hold and is still soft to touch, the smell is amazing too, I can’t recommend this product highly enough, perfect for hair and beard no man should be without this.


Overall this is a great box and a big thanks to James and James for giving me the chance to review this box.

I can only see this box growing in popularity and considering two friends started the box in a shed it speaks volumes.


Rating: 5/5

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