Bubble Monthly by Chulo-Natural Review by Jasmine – July 2018

Bubble Monthly Subscription Box is full of bath time goodies from massive bath bombs weighing 370g to bars of soap at 1540g. The products are cruelty free but due to the products containing fragrance oils it is not Vegan/Vigan Friendly, products are made in the UK. Chulo – Naturals started in 2009 with a simple soap bar that was made within grandma’s copper jam tin to be sold at craft fairs and farmers markets. The company is based in Kent and has now grown into an award-winning company that supplies white label/branded products to Spa’s, boutiques, mobile therapists and retail outlets since 2011.


I was so excited for this box to arrive and I was definitely not disappointed but when the box arrived I had to take it out onto my balcony to open as it was  putting bath bomb dust everywhere so after opening the pink and white polka dot plastic bag that had been sealed around the box to protect it from the elements and any possible damage during transit ; I gave it a good shake then took a sneak peek at the products just to make sure they hadn’t been destroyed during delivery but thankfully everything looked fine just one product seemed to be delicate and so small particles fell off. Bubble Monthly Subscription Box will include 3× bath bombs of different fragrances, a slice of soap along with a secret insert and discount voucher.

This Months Theme is Fruit Explosion perfect theme considering the beautiful warm summer days we have had as of late here in the UK.

If you missed my live unboxing you can watch it here on the BoXession YouTube channel…

So now let’s take a look at prices

Bubble Monthly Subscription Box is £10.00 per month

Delivery is 2.95 and is added on by PayPal when ordering

So the box & shipping come to £12.95

Boxes are dispatched on the 16thof the month

You can cancel via email info@chulo-naturals.


Bath bombs and especially of this size/weight usually have a minimum RRP of £4.50 in leading high street store’s, the bath creamers usually have a RRP of round about the £2.00 mark and the Chulo-Natural Banana scented Heart soap slice has a RRP of £5.00 making the RRP of this box at about £18.00 mark meaning you are saving  just over £5.00.

Pure Banana Soap in Heart Shape

When I first unboxed this product I couldn’t really smell the Banana but soon as the soap touched water and it lathered up I was in Banana haven I smelt so sweet I could have eaten myself as the scent reminds me of those Banana Marshmallow type sweets you would receive in a Pick n Mix from your local shop. I like how the soap lathers up nicely and felt smooth against my skin.

Berry Butter Cup bath fizzer/creamer

This adorable purple bath creamer not only smelt like an explosion of various berries but it also had a little silver ball and white butterfly so it was extremely pleasant to smell and look at. The creamer fizzled away leaving my bath creamy and berry sweet smelling.

Mango Sparkle Medallion fizzer/creamer

I was excited for this creamer as it was mango scented and ever since I had my daughter Ariana-Joy I absolutely love mango. This creamer was an off white colour with little hard copper coloured particles on top. I love feeling creamers dissolve/melt in my hand as I get to feel the different texture of the products core.

Peach Pomander Bath Bomb

I loved this product as its design and scent reminds me of when I was a little girl at my aunts she had one of those dolls that hides your loo roll and the pot pourri used to engulf the bathroom with the sweet peach scent . This was the bath bomb that was slowly falling apart in the box.

Pina Colada Bath Bomb


I loved watching this one bubble and fizz away as it released the gorgeous Pina colada scent of fruit explosion into my tiny bathroom creating a lovely relaxing felling.

My overall impression/Verdict

I absolutely loved unboxing Bubble Monthly and really enjoyed testing all the bath products.

I do feel compared to others available on the market this box may not be as well know but Bubble Monthly Subscription Box is new and has plenty of room for growth and the possibility/room to change. I think maybe wrapped the tissue around each product as there was almost enough sheets of the tissue paper to wrap each product twice. The price is absolutely amazing especially for the amount of products in the box as if I was in the leading high street brand I would only be able to maybe buy 2 bath bombs and have a few pound left over but then I would have to fork out travel expenses to the store and personally for myself with severe asthma the thought of entering one of the high street bath product stores is scary as all the over powering scent would probably set me off. The theme for this month is amazing and the products smelt absolutely divine as I literally wanted to eat them. The products themselves took a good few minutes to completely dissolve/fizz away and I still have my bar of soap that my toddler keeps trying to steal as she loves bananas.

-Sneak Peak-

Next Months Theme is: Herbs & Spices

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my full review and I hope you are on your way to order a box.

Jasmine x

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