Varietea Review by Jasmine – July 2018

Varietea is a tea subscription box that allows you to try various different types as well as flavoured teas, the box is crisp and clean but also bright and vibrant catching your eye instantly. The box arrived in a plastic bag thankfully as the box was overflowing with various different individually wrapped teas.

Inside the box is beautiful pink tissue and a sticker with the orange logo printed on it, making for a visually appealing presentation. All 30 of the teas had beautiful bright packaging but the first ones to jump out at me where Sakura Spring Tea By Basilur , Dragonfly tea that is posted all over Instagram at the moment  and the Ringtons Lemon Ginger and Ginseng Tea.

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So lets talk about prices –

  • One Off Varietea Gift Subscription Box – £9.95
  • Swan ZTea Subscription Box– £7.95
  • Tea Subscription– £7.95


You can follow this link here making your first box only £2.

Shipping costs

£1.45 For One Off Box’s

Free if you take on a monthly recurring subscription

To buy individually wrapped tea bags it normally costs about 50p each minimum so 30 × 50p = £15.00 at minimum not including delivery fees. I think this is perfect for tea lovers and or tea newbies to help find their perfect cuppa tea and I must say I have found a few new firm favourites to add to my list myself thanks to Varietea.

Clipper – Organic Decaf Tea

Full bodied naturally decaffeinated Assam tea is refreshing.

Dragonfly Tea – Organic Spiced Rooibos – Cape Malay Chai

The rooibos in this tea are cured the good old traditional way that requires great skill to harvest properly and one way to know the roobos are ripe is the wild honey bees will swarm the bush. This is following cape towns 300 year culinary traditions.

Dragonfly Tea –  Organic Green Tea – Moroccan Mint

I love a nice mint tea as it is a lovely fresh , crisp clean flavour and the refreshing green tea makes it the perfect cuppa to have with meals like dinner.

Bellevue Tea London – Naturally Caffeine Free– Ginger & Lemon

This tea is zesty but aromatic at the same time, I haven’t really touched ginger tea since I was pregnant with my daughter Ariana-Joy as I had awful morning sickness but ginger tea was my saviour thankfully the lemon gives the tea a nice tang of zest.

Bellevue Tea London – Naturally Caffeine Free– Berry Infusion

This is the perfect summer iced tea and even nicer if you garnish with a fresh  mint leave.

Basilur – Pure Ceylon – Green Tea – Four Seasons – Spring Tea Sakura

Spring in a cup is the only way I can describe this tea as it was floral, sweet and so clean/ refreshing so I absolutely love this one.

Basilur – Pure Ceylon – Black Tea – Oriental collection – Oriental Delight

This makes for a nice warming cuppa that is also refreshing and quenching your thirst so I enjoyed this after a nice long soak in the bath.

Edinburgh- Tea & Coffee Company – Heather Tea

Nice depth while being not to flowery making a nice full flavoured cuppa.

Edinburgh – Tea & Coffee Company LTD – Thistle

Was expecting it to be more thistle than black tea but even though it was mainly black tea leaves it was still a nice cuppa and can be enjoyed hot or iced.

The London Tea Company – Rasberry Inferno

All the ingredients work well together from the hibiscus, raspberries to the dash of chilli all work well together creating a flavour explosion that is so refreshing.

Pure Leaf – English Breakfast

Sometimes you just want a plain cuppa especially in the morning so this English breakfast is perfect for just that.

Ahmad Tea London – Fruit & Herb – Rooibos & cinnamon

This tea is rich in antioxidants to aid a healthier lifestyle & state of well-being  will have you so relaxed you may melt into your sofa.

Ahmad Tea London – Fruit & Herb  – Winter Charm

This reminds me of the large Christmas market in Glasgow during Christmas, sweet and refreshing a great way to warm yourself up.

Lipton – Delicate Mint

This particular mint tea has a light refreshing aroma making it a lovely relaxing cuppa and as I said I love a nice mint cuppa tea.

Lipton – Delicate Mint

This particular mint tea has a light refreshing aroma making it a lovely relaxing cuppa and as I said I love a nice mint cuppa tea.

London- Fruit & Herb Company- Peach Paradise

I’m in love with this fruitful peach tea I would say it’s better as Iced tea and more of a spring tea but I loved it all the same.

London- Fruit & Herb Company – Blueberry Bliss

Fruity and sweet not particularly my favourite but can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Ronnefeldt – Silver Lime Blossom

A light delicate floral/herbal taste a nice brew for early summer mornings watching the sun rise.

Hoogly – Green Tea – Apple Strudel

Everything about this tea intrigued me and it didn’t disappoint so if you want to try something completely different then this may be for you.

Jenier – World Of Teas – Luxury Green Tea – Japan Sencha

Rich full flavour traditionally used at Japanese tea ceremonies was delightful and one I was excited to try.

Jenier – Apple Spiced Fruit Tea

Think this would be perfect on a cold winter’s night as it is warming and tastes of fresh juicy sweet red apples.

Ringtons –  A Family Buisness Since 1907 – Caffeine Free Herbal Infusion – Peppermint

This may well be one of the best peppermint teas I have tasted I love how fresh it tastes.

Ringtons –  A Family Buisness Since 1907 – Caffeine Free Herbal Infusion – Lemon Ginger & Ginseng

This was one I was stoaked to taste as it has ginger & ginseng two big herbs in Korea and as we all know I’m obsessed with Korea.

Royal Herbs – Tilia – With Guava Leaves – 100% Natural

Known as lime tree it is a traditional medicine to sooth nerves, anxiety and treat problems related to indentation. Tilia is most commonly used in cold & cough medicine. This tea is said to relieve irritations of the respiratory tract (perfect for me as my asthma is always playing up) I loved the full-bodied flavour.

Cafèdirect – Hand Picked Tea

Rosy colour with its very own distinctive taste is lovely and I could happily drink this all day.

Your Tea – Chari Tea

This is a detox tea and is ment to be drank for at least 28 days to see any benefits, the tea has multiple ingredients from oolong tea, foetid cassia seeds to lotus leaf. This detox tea acts like a laXative and can help with weight management, skin ailments like acne and food intolerances. I personally don’t know if all this is true but this is what the company claimed and to be honest it wasn’t really my cuppa tea unfortunately.

Zesttea – enlightened energy – Green Tea – Pomegranate Mojito

This was a wild card cuppa, that claimed to have as much caffeine as a cuppa coffee and packed with amino acids that tastes absolutely delicious and I need to buy myself some more.

Adagio Teas – White Tea – Silver Needle

This delicate white tea is produced in China’s Fujian Provenance is sweet and clean taste as well as aroma.

English Tea Shop – Organic – Revive Me

Tasted like a normal cuppa but a little plain for my liking so I won’t be trying this one again.

Edinburgh – Tea Coffee Company LTD – Heather

I enjoyed this Heather tea as it was floral but not too floral, whilst also being crisp and fresh.

My Final Verdict

So out of 30 teas I loved maybe 5 to buy straight away again, 22 that tasted nice but wasn’t that great and 3 that most definitely weren’t my cuppa tea.. this box can save you a small fortune as well as saving you from wasting tea as this way you can try 30 different teas without having to buy big dear multiple packs.

I think I would gift this to a few people I know who are Tea Jenny’s (love a cuppa tea basically always has a cuppa tea in their hand)

I hope you enjoyed my full review  and thank you for taking the time to read it.

Jasmine . X

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