Korean Snack Box Review by Jasmine – July 2018


Well hello everyone, I am super-duper excited to review this box and as some of you may already know I am absolutely obsessed with Korea and I don’t really know why but I just love everything from the history, language , Dramas, cuisine and so on. I have previously tried some Korean snacks and food like kimchi ( fermented & salted vegetables with lot’s of seasoning from chilli powder to ginger) and instant ramen noodles.

So my box arrived in perfect condition even though the box is only there as a safe guard I was so happy so anyway I opened it up and right in front of my eyes was my very own Bokjumeoni (you can buy these for as little as $8.95 / £ individually but you will get one free with each box *insert fan girl sequels here* they have 12 colours to collect and I got to get them all now ) as you can tell I was so excited to get the Bokjumoni and I got the lilac/white one that was over flowing with goodies (12 to be exact and I loved them all but my 2 year old daughter Ariana-Joy claimed one).


If you missed my live unboxing you can watch it here:

Ok lets take a look at prices…

Subscription choices

Subscription plans include free worldwide shipping & it only costs $2 if you want to add tracking!!!

Medium – 7 – 10 products

  • Pay Monthly recurring payment-$16.95 / £12.91
  • 3× Month Prepayment- $47.85 / £36.44
  • 12× Month Prepayment-$179.40 / £136.62

Large – 15 -20 products

  • Pay Monthly recurring payment- $25.95/ £19.78
  • 3× Month Prepayment- $74.85 / £57.04
  • 12× Month Prepayment-$287.40 / £219.03

One Off Box’s Choices

Limited offer Free Airmail Worldwide or pay $6.95 / £ for registered/tracked

Cherry Blossom Box

  • Medium – 9 Products –$15.95 / £12.15
  • Large – 15 Products – $25.95 / £19.76

Chips (Crisps)  Box

  • Medium – 4 Products – $16.95 / £12.92
  • Large – 8 Products – $28.95 / £22.06

Just Pepero Box

  • Medium – 3 Products – $12.95 / £9.85
  • Large – 8 Products – $24.95 / £19.01

Candy Jelly Box

  • Medium – 11 Products – $15.95 / £12.15
  • Large – 19 Products – $24.95 / £19.01

Choco Box

  • Medium – 9 Products – $16.95 / £12.92
  • Large – 19 Products – $28.95 / £22.06

Buying one of these one-off box will save you a minimum of $7 / £5.33 and maximum of $29+ / £22+



This discount code will take $3 / £2.28 off any subscription box or any of the one-off box’s.

Right lets have a look at the yummy and very addictive sweet treats I received-


Yakgwa is traditionally eaten at festivals or weddings and made from flour, sesame oil, honey, rice wine, ginger juice and looks like a flower once it has been deep fried. The Yakgwa is a Korean style cookie/waffle/cake that tastes like a mixture of glazed doughnuts and fortune cookies but has the texture of Scottish tablet. As a massive fan of everything Korean I have been dreaming of getting my hands on one of these and I must say I wasn’t disappointed, it was everything I have been dreaming of over the years.

Lotte- jellyciour green grape gummy candy

These super cute jellied sweeties taste exactly like fresh juicy green grapes that I really enjoyed and my toddler was intrigued by them too.

Lotte- milk caramel – Caramel

This cute little box of caramel sweets was divine and sweet as can be making for a nice treat.

Lotte- Malang cow chewing candy – Strawberry

I love the packaging as it’s so cute and the sweet itself surprised me as it was like a strawberry milk marshmallow chewable candy and I wish I had more than one.

Lotte – Cola lollipop

I barely got a taste of this as my toddler Ariana-Joy seen it and claimed it for herself and devoured it and I really can’t blame her especially since she doesn’t get many sweet treats as thankfully she prefers fruit mainly Apple’s or watermelon and this was her first taste of cola. The few tiny tastes I had was lovely as it really did taste like a glass of cola.

Il kwang – assorted jellies  ( Peach)

I loved this little individual jelly it tasted exactly like a peach and was so sweet.

Il kwang – assorted jellies  ( grape )

I love these grape flavoured jellies as it’s so sweet yet refreshing.

Crown- my chew – Peach Candy

Seriously though how cute is that peach on the packaging? , these where lovely and I kept them well hidden so I could just grab one when I felt the need to  eat something sweet. I love how full of flavour and chewable they are.

Speshow  jelly straw- Pineapple

I absolutely love pineapple and this tasted like a refreshing cold glass of fresh pineapple juice but it was jelly. I wish I had more as it’s the perfect summer sweet treat.

Speshow jelly straw- Strawberry

Just like the pineapple one, the strawberry did taste of strawberries as well as being refreshingly cool.

Cinnamon flavoured Jelly candy – brand unknown

I was surprised by the cinnamon flavour but it was absolutely lovely and had a nice jelly/ soft chewing candy texture.

Strawberry/Peach flavoured chewing candy

This was lovely just a shame I only had one as I could have eaten 20 easily so probably best I only got one.

My Final overall verdict

I want to start off by saying a massive thank you to MinHo for sending me this amazing selection of Korean sweet treats to snack on, as you probably seen in my live I was acting like a massive fan girl all excited! I don’t know what I loved more the Bokjumoni or the Yakgwa, I was so happy to have the chance to review this box and I am so happy to say it has to be one of my favourite box’s and here is a little list why

  • Free Bokjumoni!!!
  • Affordable prices but still getting well over what you paid for!!!
  • You may be lucky to try amazing traditional Korean sweets like Yakgwa!!
  • Amazing quality as well as quantity!!!
  • All the packaging is super cute!!!
  • Fast delivery especially considering it’s coming all the way from Korea!!!

Remember we also have an exclusive discount code to get $3/  £2.28 off any subscription and/or one-off box!!!

I will be ordering a box or two especially the cherry blossom box it has been whispering sweet nothings in my ear since I first looked on the Korean snack box webpage. Anyway I can’t believe anyone has made it this far down my review as surely you are already drooling thinking about these scrumptious sweet.

Thank you to the Korean Snack Box founder MinHo and thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my review.


Jasmine.x ^.^

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