Space Journey Review by Sam & Katie – July 2018

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Fiona & Christine for sending us this fabulous box to review and bringing so much joy to Katie.

Get ready to jet of to space with your little ones because their pals Atlas & Geo are back with a whole new adventure. This time they will be blasting off into outer space to explore where no owl and dog have gone before.

This is a subscription box like no other, aimed at ages 4-10 to help teach them in a completely new and awesome way all about our solar system. It has even won the gold made for mums award and you are about to see why.

The Main stars are our pals Geo the owl & Atlas the dog who are blasting of to outta space and taking us along with them, in an exciting fun filled 10 part journey. They will be traveling to places like hot mercury, meeting martians and floating around in zero gravity. Each step of the way they will be writing to their friends back on earth, sending souvenirs, breath taking photos and mission reports, inspiring them to reach for the stars and learn.

Atlas and Geo really do capture the heart and minds of children all over the world, don’t believe me check out our live unboxing and see the joy on my little Katie’s face when reading the letter from her pals…….

So to prepare us on our journey to where no little Katie had gone before was:

Space Journey Case

Every explorer needs a case this one is truly made to withstand the asteroids and pressures of leaving the atmosphere, it’s even Katie proof! This allows not only to keep our mission log books and adventures safe & tidy, but also allows imaginative play to flow. I’m honestly impressed with the quality and durability of it and the super cool design.

Space Passport

This cool little book allows your child to personalise it with their photo, info and collect stamps from all the different places they blast of to with Atlas & Geo. The pages are printed with a map of the solar system including constellations. Lets face it kids love ID cards it makes them feel grown up and allows for some serous imaginative play.

Personalized Letter From Our Best Pals

OMG you have never seen a child so happy to read a letter, Katie was thrilled to be hearing from her pals again. The super cute duo are sure to capture the hearts and minds of the young and the old. It’s really well written and thought out, bringing excitement and adventure to your child with every sentence. It encourages them to read as they want to know how Atlas & Geo are getting on and find out what exciting adventure their pen pals have been on this month. Honestly they don’t even realise they are learning and it helps give them confidence to raise their hand in class with the answer they learnt from Atlas & Geo. The way they personalize it is spot on drawing your child in and making them feel like they truly have pen pals writing to them.

Mission Log Book

An essential item for a journey into the unknown! This 44 page book helps your child log all the adventures and things they have learnt from Earth to Pluto. This is where you can stick your stickers & photos in, as well as make your own notes and drawings. This helps give freedom to all ages and ability’s so everyone can be included in the journey. It also acts as reference guide and is durable with a wipeable cover meaning if they are every studying the topic in school they can pop it in their bag.

Boarding Card To The Beyond

This cool little card is your child’s ticket to the stars. It includes a handy launch pad check list on the back and is sure to help your little ones imagination blast of to infinity and beyond.

Sticker Sheet

Full of colorful pictures and cool facts to help you fill in your mission log book and your mothers face if you are Katie haha. But in all seriousness Katie loves this part, in honesty so do I it keeps her quite and engrossed for a moment and she loves showing me the finished result. Its little touches like this that helps give kids independence and immerse themselves in the activity regardless of ability, and encourages them to learn more! For example Katie was fascinated to learn about the Leo consolation as its her star sign and went on to look up as many facts about it as she possibly could.


Breathtakingly stunning photos from outer space for your little space monkey to stick in the log book or display around their bedroom help to show them space in-depth.

Space Souvenir

Every month the little astronauts get a souvenir from there buddy’s in outer space. This months was the astronaut in training wrist band that Katie wears with pride. Future months include everything ranging from space food to super cool space sunglasses.

Mission Report

A fun activity pack that includes spot the difference, a quiz , a find the trail, and a word search all based on the current location of their best buddies. This is perfect to take on long trips and journeys and is one of Katie’s favorite parts and mine as it allows a bit of peace for a moment.

Map Of The Solar System

An absolutely huge map of the solar system full with interesting facts and more in-depth constellations. It makes the perfect addition to any budding astronauts bedroom or play room wall. You get numbered flag stickers on the sticker sheet you can add to the planets as your outta this world exploration unfolds.

Katie’s thoughts

I was so excited to hear from Atlas and Geo again, I can’t believe they are going into space, that’s so cool! I really want to follow them and find out whats next I would totally recommend bugging your parents for it because its super fun. I love getting letters from my new friends and would happily stop getting my Lego magazines for this!  I really enjoyed learning more about Leo and learnt loads of new stuff about earth. It’s so hard to choose my favorite bit as I just love it all so much. I hear they meet an alien later on.

Mum’s Thoughts

The cute friendly characters really do come to life, Katie was so happy to hear from her pals Atlas & Geo again, you can see her face light up with pure delight in our live, anything that makes her that happy and gets her away from electronics and inspires her to learn is a massive winner in my books. Shes had so much fun and was uber thrilled to learn Leo was her star sign, straight away she was trying to find out as much information and as many facts as she could, it really does show how inspiring this subscription is. All the different aspects of education from encouraging your child to read, allowing them to be independent, giving them confidence and new knowledge is put together in a fun creative way I can totally see why this has won awards. Katie is still begging for me to subscribe to the Geo journey , then this straight after. It’s also allowed us to have some quality time together it really is an all round winner.

How does it work?

When you sign up you will receive the astronaut kit we have reviewed here worth £35! Then each month after you will get a new planet pack from your pals, at the end of the 10 month adventure you receive a completion certificate.

There are a few ways you can get blast off:

  • Monthly rolling £12 per month with free shipping to U.K mainland, you will receive the astronaut kit we have reviewed here worth £35! Then each month after you will get a new planet pack from your pals.
  • 6 month plan £85 with free U.K mainland shipping
  • Annual £120 with free U.K mainland shipping

You can also buy on off modules as well so you will never miss part of your new pals trip. You can add a personalized gift message and at the end of the 10 month adventure you receive a completion certificate .

The first payment is taken when you sign up and your first kit will be with you in 2-3 days, then future payments are taken on the 15th and kits ship around the 15th.

They also do a Geo Journey where our pals Geo and Atlas travel around the world, you can check out our review for that here: Geo Journey Review

you can subscribe here:

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and find them on:

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Once again a huge thank you to Fiona & Christine for inspiring Katie and helping her learn without her realising its educational haha and a huge thank you to you for reading

Love Sam & Katie XOXO