Sensory Play Box Review by Mel, Joel & Archie – July 2018

If any of you can recall, back in February the lovely Chloe from Sensory Play Box sent my son Archie one of her boxes to review. Much to my surprise, my eldest son, Joel absolutely loved the box! I was made up that for once he stepped away from his gaming and really got involved in testing the items from the box.

So when Chloe asked if I would like to review for her again, of course I said yes! I know Joel has kept a few of the items from the box, and is always asking me about that crazy soap!

So this time, I asked Joel rather than Archie to get involved in the unboxing. Joel has Autism so he is very blunt, which I find rather hilarious. If you would like to watch us back you can do so here…

So whats in the Box?

  • Hourglass Keyring – £1.99
  • UFO Spinning Top – £5.99
  • Puffy Slime – £2
  • Spider Balls – £4.64 (approx)
  • Chair Fidget Band – £3.25
  • Sands Alive – £2
  • Water Wow – £4.99
  • Super Safe Coloured Mirror – £1.59 (approx)
  • Blindfold – £1.99

Total = £28.44. This does not include the cost of shipping these items individually, as they are not all available from the same shops, some are from the USA.


How much will it cost?

Just £25, including postage! I firmly believe that with the personalised box, the quality of the products, and the enjoyment you get from this box that it is worth EVERY penny!

So what did we think?

Sands Alive

This is absolutely brilliant, my favourite item in this box. It just feels amazing, it all clumps together and you can mould any shape you want. You can even use the edge of the tub to roll shapes into it. This is suitable for all ages, adults included!

As you can see below, Archie was having lots of fun with this…

Chair Fidget Band

I had to laugh, we have never seen one of these and we live in an area where there are very few shops. Well, Mum here told Joel that it must be a blindfold, and he put it on his head. Straight away realising that it wasn’t, we both could not stop laughing! The joy of live unboxing videos is that these things do happen, but honestly Joel said he likes it as a blindfold.

In all seriousness, this is used to help children who struggle sitting without fidgeting. This is Joel to a T, he really is a wriggle bum. I asked him to try it out sitting at the table to eat tea, he did with reluctance, but is still convinced that it’s a blindfold.

I think this is something I will try to use with Archie when we go out for dinner. We have issues with him, he won’t sit in a high chair but runs around restaurants for fun. Much to our exhaustion, so if this works we will be very happy parents.


Since Joel already has a blindfold (Chair fidget band), he says this is for Archie. He thinks it is hilarious to keep blindfolding his little brother, much to Archie’s disapproval. He has even tried putting it over his mouth to stop him being noisy, not entirely sure it worked, he seemed to just get louder haha!

UFO Spinning Top

This is really fun, it just keeps on spinning! It has lights on the top and is just fascinating to watch. Archie has had hours of fun with this already, he just sits there watching it and laughing.

Puffy Slime

We were in two minds about this. When you put your hands in it feels amazing, so squishy and cool. But you need a play mat for this as we discovered. It is a little on the messy side. With a mat you can just let them loose with it, and not have to worry about cleaning it up. It does remove easily from your hands by washing, top tip, don’t sit like I did peeling it all off, just head straight to the sink!

Spider Balls


These are Joel’s favourite. You only need a few balls to put in water, so do not put loads in. I am so glad that Chloe pre warned me about this as I absolutely would have put more than that in and we would have had them flowing all over the kitchen, ha!

As you can see by the photos, they are mesmerising, and dipping your hands in a big bowl of these is surprisingly relaxing. They are really bouncy so be careful and use a big bowl or else you will have escaping spider balls! This is one item we both said we would buy again.

This is what using 7 balls in water created…

Super Safe Coloured Mirror

Joel loved peeling the plastic film off this, I can totally understand that as I too enjoy peeling things. When we moved into our house the kitchen was brand new, we asked them to leave all of the protective film on the units so that we had the pleasure of peeling them all off. It was a team effort!

This is more suited to younger children, Joel is a little old for this, but perfect for Archie who enjoys looking at himself in the mirror.

Hourglass Keyring

I have popped this onto Joel’s School bag, I know he has a tendency to go really distant in School, of course this is just how he is. I told him to fiddle with it when he gets a bit stressed out in class.

Water Wow

I was really happy to see this in the box, Archie drives me potty with pens and crayons. I have to follow him around to ensure no wall drawing takes place, and that boy is fast! You use the pen on the board book and it changes to a full colour picture. Archie said this is magic and was pretty stunned with it. You can get different ones of these on Amazon, if he continues to play with it I will buy him another. Anything to save my cream walls from one of those oops moments!

PECS (Picture Exchange Cards)

These are specially designed for children who are non verbal, or who have limited understanding. They are a FREE extra! They can be added to your initial subscription, or added to any further boxes by popping them an email. They have little velcro backs so they can be stuck onto picture boards. Archie enjoyed using them to tell me what everything was in the box, and asking me ‘What is this?’.

Our Verdict?

I mentioned it in the live unboxing, this is a box you could buy for not only children who are on the spectrum, but of any age or learning level. Honestly, both my boys have enjoyed this yet again. You could buy this if you had 2 or more Children and you are getting real value for money, as they can share and play together. I know adults who subscribe to this box purely as they enjoy all of the items.

I know that Chloe who owns Sensory Play Box is growing month by month, and I can really see why. This box is a unique concept that attracts such a wide audience. For anyone with autistic children, I can vouch for how impressed Joel was, and he is 10. Get them away from the electronic devices by subscribing to this box, you won’t regret it!

Thank you all for reading,

Mel, Joel & Archie xx

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