Absolute Collagen His & Hers Review by Sam & Paul – June 2018

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Darcey from Absolute Collagen for sending us these boxes to review.

Welcome to the future of beauty from within!

Want plumper, fuller, looking skin? Shiny hair and strong bones? Then Absolute Collagen is the subscription for you. Absolute Collagen is as far as I am aware the only drinkable marine grade Collagen supplement subscription. It brings high grade, award winning, drinkable Collagen to your doorstep allowing you to achieve beauty from within.

There is a men’s and woman’s option both contain the same dose but the packaging on the men’s stud box gives a rugged manly appeal and the bright packaging on the woman box screams fresh & alive. Both boxes come with an instruction leaflet full with interesting information.

Inside the letter friendly box is either a 14 or 28 individual sachets. Each sachet impressively boasts to contain 8g of high grade collagen, is high in protein and infused with vitamin C. It is also free from artificial flavours, colours or added sugar, lactose, dairy, gluten, pork derivatives, alcohol and has 100% natural ingredients, making it almost suitable for anyone. The durability and size of the individual sachets makes it easy to travel with, just pop in your hand bag or even pocket and go.

The benefits in this little tube are astounding as it promotes:

  • Healthier, younger looking skin
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Plumper skin
  • More radiant skin
  • Stronger nails
  • Healthier hair
  • Support for your joints from the inside out

Quite keen to start we ripped open the packets live! If you missed our live unboxing you can watch it here…..

Paul loved the flavour, I however was not as keen on it, it had a strong lemony medical taste to it almost like cough medicine. Day 2 it seemed worse so on day 3 I started mixing it in to a fruit tea or a hot lemon water it helped it go down a lot better.

As promised in my live here are our before photos:

The results

Bearing in mind this is something that should be taken regularly for a long time I was impressed.

After 1 week

My hair was softer and looked shiny, I found brushing it easier and less frizz, sounds silly but when you have hair that could rival Rapunzel it’s a huge thing! I posted a photo of myself to the BoXession Facebook group make up free! And the response was my skin was looking fabulous, close to flawless even. I felt it was plumper and more hydrated.

I noticed Paul’s hair had a shine to it and his skin didn’t look so dull.

Week 2

Paul seemed to need to shave more, so it clearly helps promote hair growth. His skin had a healthy glow to it and seamed Plumper.

I was able to go makeup free most days and when I did wear make up it applied a lot easier. My skin had a Plumper, healthier look I even notice a reduction in my pigmentation and less skin texture! Even the skin on my arms looked better!

Overall we are both impressed I’m sure if we were taking it longer some of the long term benefits would be more apparent, but for just 2 weeks and us noticing a change proves this is working. This is the highest grade / dose Collagen supplement on the market per serving and works out at half the price of most other brands at just 24p per gram (£1.92 per day) it could be time to ditch the expensive lotions and potions and work on beauty from within.

How can you get flawless skin from within?

the price options here are the same for men and women

  • One off 14 day box £29.99 free UK delivery
  • 14 day subscription £26.99 – billed and sent every 2 weeks free UK delivery
  • 28 day subscription £53.98 – billed and sent every 28 days free UK delivery

You can also use our exclusive code:Box10 to get 10% off a one of purchase

The website is easy to use and has loads of cool information on their blog check it out and get you skin savior here:

BEAUTY BOX – Daily Collagen Supplements

You can also find them on:

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