Joah Box Review by Jasmine – June 2018

So the amazing Jane, who is the founder of Joah Box, kindly sent me this month’s edition (June 2018) to unbox and review. Joah Box is a high end Korean Beauty Subscription Box that I feel very thankful for having the chance to review. Joah box arrived with a plastic mailing bag wrapped around the box to protect it from any damage. Joah box is the perfect way to try some of the best Korean beauty products available. In the subscription box you will receive 5-7 authentic beauty products with occasional bonuses and the best part free worldwide shipping.

If you missed my live unboxing you can watch it here:

So let’s take a look at prices

USD $ was converted into UK £ in June 2018.

  • One Time Box (no subscription) $35.98 / £27.27
  • Monthly reoccurring plan $33.00 / £25.01
  • 3× month subscription $97.00 / £73.53
  • 6× month subscription $190.00 / £144.02
  • 12× month subscription $375.00 / £284.25

Joah Box have also started doing a sheet masking subscription box that has 5 passionately curated Korean masks.

Prices for the Sheet Mask Subscription are as follows:

  • Monthly $15.95 / £12.09
  • 3× month $47.25 / £35.82
  • 6× month $93.00 / £70.49
  • 12× month $180.00 / £136.44

Free worldwide shipping but you can pay $2.95 / £2.24 to add a tracking code.

Shall we have a closer look at what I received in this month’s edition of Joah Box…

  • 포니이펙트Pony Effect, Seoul, That Girl, Outfit Lipstick, £16.56
  • 어퓨A’pieu, Every Day Sun Gel, Tropical & Vitamin, Fruits Sun Care SPF50+ PA++++, £3.76
  • 칠하라7HARA Transformer, Gel Eye Liner Duo Pencil- Bronze/Brown, £13.17
  • PureForet, Cream, £11.29
  • Borntree, Puppy Puppy 3 step pore pack,£2.26

(Prices converted from either ₩ or $ to £ on the 6thof July 2018)

The content RRP add up to a whopping £47.04 / $62.51 that means if you have the monthly recurring subscription plan at £25.01 a month you would save £22.03 / $29.27 at least as ordering the products individually would also incur shipping tax and possibly customs charges where as Joah Box gives its subscribers free worldwide shipping.

Now lets take an even closer more in depth look at these products I received…

Meme Box- Pony Effect, Seoul, That Girl, Outfit Lipstick, £16.56

Everything from the black matte sleeve, holographic box and umbrae magnetic lipstick container is visually appealing. This lipstick has 3 colours that are holiday special editions. The pigmentation and coverage of this lipstick is out of this world with a beautiful satin finish this is the perfect Summer Shade. The lipstick makes my lips look plumper thanks to the micro pearls and my lips felt softer thanks to the babassu butter, Vitamin E and candela wax that ensures my lips stay Hydrated and soft. Hye-Min Park better known as Pony is one of South Korea’s most famous makeup artist’s (seriously you need to check her out) she has over 2,800,00 subscriber’s and is a Korean Beauty experts as well as a trend setter.

A’pieu, Every Day Sun Gel, Tropical & Vitamin, Fruits Sun Care SPF50+ PA++++,  £3.76

Not only is this product from one of my absolute favourite Korean brands but it’s also my perfect spf as unfortunately I was born with such pale skin even the milk in the milk bottles are jealous – sorry I’m not great at making jokes anyway this product is perfect for me and my 2 year-old daughter Ariana-Joy. I have fallen in love with sweet summer scent and lightweight feel. This Sun Gel contains tropical fruit guava extract with strong vitality, 10 kinds of fresh vitamin fruit juice that helps to protect your skin from hot UV rays. Apply as your last morning skincare routine by lightly tapping the product onto your skin so it absorbs.

7HARA Transformer, Gel Eye Liner Duo Pencil- Bronze/Brown, £13.17

I absolutely adore everything about this and it’s a good at staying in place if you allow drying for 10-15 seconds. The colours are absolutely perfect and the pigment is just amazing. I love this cute product so much. The colours will help create that perfect uzzling cute look.

PureForet, Cream,  £11.29

PureForet products are made with natural ingredients like jojoba seed oil and green tea along with many others. I love the cute rabbit on the packaging, the product looks thick and heavy but is actually light and is somewhat watery as you rub/tap it into your skin. This product has made my skin feel smoother and feel more hydrated in this heat we have been having here in bonnie Scotland, UK.

Borntree, Puppy Puppy 3 step pore pack,  £2.26

As you may notice from the pictures I may have gotten a little bit too excited and opened then tested the product before remembering I hadn’t taken any pictures so I’m sorry there isn’t any before packaging pictures. The packaging is super cute little doggies. Testing this product was fun as I haven’t used a mask like this for a while and I must say I instantly felt it working and I’m not kidding my nose felt and looked amazing (I need like a million more of these to hide in my big beauty box). My skin felt fresh and new by the end.

My Final Verdict

This box is definitely in my top 10 subscription box list, and it has a bit of everything. When you are signing up they ask your skin tone, skin type, birth month and what would you like to see more of skincare or makeup or both. I personally feel like Jane must have personally built this box after spying on my Instagram feed (obviously she didn’t as she is a business woman who will not have the time to do such things); but I feel like this box is perfect for me and I was hunting for a brown eyeliner now I have found one that may replace my others. The Joah Box design is gorgeous with the silver logo on the black box it is so sleek and elegant looking. I have eyed up Joah Box a few times as I have mentioned before I’m a massive Korea Obsessed woman who fell in love with Korea as a child now everything from cuisine, hanbok (traditional clothes), beauty, kpop and kdrama make me swoon and some of the Korean Idols (Actor’s/Actresses and singers) are just too hot and cute. I definitely think this subscription box is worth the price tag especially if you are a Korean Beauty fan.

Thank you for reading,

Jasmine – 재스민

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