The Dram Team Review by Jasmine – June 2018

The Dram Team is a high-quality whisky subscription box… yes you did hear me correctly, I said Whisky subscription box. We are talking 5 × 25ml miniature tasters that are from full bottles with an RRP of £25 – £85 then the sixth bottle called the “Sixth Dram” has an RRP of £125-£300. In your subscription box you will also find a tasting note cards, telling you about the smell, taste and finishing notes. The Dram Team is currently only available in the UK.

Behind the scenes at The Dram Team we have Chris who, in his own words says he is the CEO of whatever needs doing. Then there is Greg who, runs his own blog Great Dram as well as being a whisky expert. Then finally we have James (Jay) who is friends with both Chris and Greg, also he is the techno whiz IT help guy for The Dram Team.

If you missed my live unboxing where I did the live tasting just click play here to see my reaction:

Ok let’s talk prices

Recurring Subscription

  • Monthly £27.50
  • Quarterly £27.50

One-Off Box’s

  • Starter Box & Book £42.00
  • Single Box – sibling sippers – three scotch parings £32.50

Gift Subscription

  • 3 x month subscription £89.00
  • 6 × month subscription £175.00
  • 12 × month subscription £345.00

Tax & Delivery Included

The Dram Team is delivered via DPD, so you will receive regular text updates allowing you to track your delivery and if needed change the delivery address.


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Now Let’s have a look at the whiskies I received:

  • Douglas Laing, Old Particular, Strathclyde 20 £57.95
  • Douglas Laing, Old Particular, Strathclyde 26 £79.95
  • Speyburn, Aged 10 Years £30.83
  • Speyburn, Aged 15 Years £58.84
  • Springbank, Aged 10 Years £39.95
  • SixthDram, Springbank, Aged 18 years £145.00

The prices are the minimum RRP for each full size bottle as a few of the whiskies in this edition are from rare/limited edition bottles, so even if you are lucky enough to find all these bottles of whiskies you would need to fork out a massive £397.42 to own them all. The RRP shows us this subscription is all about the quality and being able to sample some of the best whiskies in the world. Subscribe today so you don’t miss the chance to try some of the most exquisite and exclusive high end whiskies around.

Douglas Laing, Old Particular, Strathclyde 20 £57.95

The Douglas Laing old particular that is 20 years old is just 1 of 187 bottles from the cask and this whisky is a well-aged grain spirit that makes it a more affordable than equivalently aged malt whiskey. Douglas Laing’s first distillery pair clocks in at 20 & 26 years old respectively (and with hefty ABVs to boot!) So, keep your eyes peeled for oodles of sweet grain character in both.

  • Nose: sweet & fragrant – toffee apples with creamy fudge and candy floss.
  • Palate: mouth-coating syrup with a milky cereal, coconut and warming spicy character.
  • Finish: fresh honey initially developing to brown sugar, pear drops and candied orange.
  • Bottling strength: 50.6%

Douglas Laing, Old Particular, Strathclyde 26 £79.95

Strathclyde is a Glasgow distillery that was built to supply neutral grain spirit for gin and has been running since 1927. The distillery had a brief spell of malt distilling but soon returned to being exclusively grain. This is the second dram from one of just 174 bottles.

  • Nose: rich with a spicy toffee character plus banoffee pie and caramelized nuts.
  • Palate: mouth-coating sweet with praline style and a spiced butterscotch quality.
  • Finish: still sweetly spiced caramel bonbons-very moreish and medium-long.
  • Bottling strength: 55.5%

Speyburn , Aged 10 Years £30.83

Speyburn is somewhat of an under-the-radar Scotch brand in the UK but across the ocean in USA it is the 6thbiggest selling malt, and our American cousins are onto something here. This 10-year-old single malt whiskey is Speyside distilleries’ cornerstone expression. The casks that this whisky matured in where actually ex-sherry and ex-bourbon casks. This dram is easy drinking and well balanced.

  • Nose: a hint of lemon, clean & fresh smell.
  • Palate: hints of toffee, medium bodied and butterscotch.
  • Finish: a long, sweet finish.
  • Bottling strength: 40%

Speyburn, Aged 15 Years £58.84

Surprisingly this 15-year-old single malt scotch whisky was born many years after its younger Speyburn sibling, released just last year in Autumn. It’s had an additional 5 years gestation, spent maturing in American oak & Spanish oak casks.

  • Nose: zesty citrus fruits, hints of rich dark chocolate with spicy notes raisins and vanilla.
  • Palate: notes of toffee, orange, leather with vanilla, all wrapped together with a gentle spice.
  • Finish: the long-lasting finish is creamy yet spicy and sweet.
  • Bottling strength: 46%

Springbank, Aged 10 Years £39.95

Springbank distillery in Campeltown is famous for doing every aspect of production, from maltings (preparation of the barley for distilling) to bottle packaging, in situ locally. They frequently sell out due to their strong reputation and the classic 10-year-old has a remarkably rich character belying its youth so it’s notoriously excellent.

  • Nose: a hint of peat with orchid fruit (pear), malt and vanilla.
  • Palate: vanilla essence, nutmeg, oak, cinnamon, malt and spice.
  • Finish: lingering salty tingle and also sweet.
  • Bottling strength: 46%

SixthDram, Springbank, Aged 18 years £145.00

This 18-year-old release is sold by allocation only, making it extremely hard to get a hold of. Luckily the Dram Team sneakily secured a case, so you can enjoy a drop of this special stuff. Sláinte!

  • Nose: creamy yet rich, developing into a vanilla scent, ripe fruits, marzipan followed by hints of sherbet, strawberries and almonds.
  • Palate: Thick and oily, mellow and fruity; gives way to a sweet and aniseed flavour as it opens up.
  • Finish: Sweet and chocolatey with some coconut, the finish is ling and consistent with a pleasant smoky tingle.
  • Bottling strength: 46%

What did I personally think?

I will list the whiskies in order of my favourite:

  1. Speyburn, Aged 15 Years
  2. Douglas Laing, Old Particula, Strathclyde 26
  3. SixthDram, Springbank, Aged 18 years
  4. Douglas Laing, Old Particular, Strathclyde 20
  5. Speyburn, Aged 10 Years
  6. Springbank, Aged 10 Years

Deciding on a favourite is hard work, as I have changed the top 4 in my list so many times so let’s just say I loved nearly all of them. To see my reaction to each one, you can watch my live unboxing above.

My love for whisky started at a young age as it was something my great great uncle Sam (Samuel) had a passion for. On the weekends when I stayed over he would have a little half out of one of his whisky bottles like Glen Moray in his crystal whisky glass. Then once it was done and only a droplet was left he would tip his glass and let it drop on my head and I would go in a huff, but this was just his way of saying he loved me as he would torment the life out of me and now he is no longer here; I truly miss it and these whiskies brought back so many memories.

This subscription box is an absolute steal, the packaging is absolutely perfect and very elegant/high end looking. I especially like the labels on the glass bottles as they have that old style feel to them. I think it is definitely worth the money as some of these bonnie whiskies are so hard to obtain I would probably never be able to get my hands on some of them especially the sixth dram. This is a quality subscription box that would make the perfect gift for any whisky lover.

I want to say a massive thank you to The Dram Team (Chris, James (Jay) and Greg) for sending this perfectly curated whiskey subscription box for me to review.

Also, a massive thank you to everyone who reads my review & orders,

Jasmine x

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