Empress Mimi Lingerie Review by Chloe – June 2018

Let me start by saying this review is aimed at over 18’s! So if you are younger close your eyes haha. Empress Mimi London is a custom designed box filled with delectable lingerie and luxurious sleep wear that is delivered to you every month. Items change on a monthly basis to keep things exciting so every delivery is a special surprise. There are different choices in box that vary in price which I will talk you through later.

But first, if you would like to see my reaction to this month’s items then check out my live unboxing here on our YouTube channel:

About the Box

The idea came from a non-traditional design background; Empress Mimi London has re-imagined the lingerie experience from the point of view of an empowered modern woman.

First up is comfort: working long hour’s demands lingerie that is not so constricting that you feel the need to take it off the moment you step through your front door. This is why they have eliminated those hard and painful wires and decided to use high performance materials and decadent silks for support and comfort instead. Knowing that a woman’s size fluctuates throughout the year, they created designs that maintain a perfect fit and can be adjusted according to need.

Next up is convenience: tired of constantly out-dated underwear drawers and lacking the time to try on dozens of bras on the regular, Empress Mimi created a subscription service that would replenish your worn out undies with the latest styles on a monthly basis so that you always have something fabulous to wear underneath.

Finally, even for a highly paid professional, most quality lingerie is too expensive to buy regularly and the risk of one wrong washing cycle at those price points is just too great to bear. So they decided to save on those prestigious flagship stores, and to forego hiring Gigi and Kendall, passing the savings on to customers so that you don’t have to worry about breaking it when things get too frisky.  

Empress Mimi is run by modern women themselves, so they know that commitment is not necessarily something they are looking for. That’s why you can cancel your subscription at any time and plans start from just one month.

Size guide

When you visit Empress Mimi London’s website you will find a tab which takes you to their size guide chart. This means you can order without having to worry that your products won’t fit and you can change sizing from month to month.

Price plans

  • House of Frillies – Priced at £14.95 this box includes one pair of surprise undies that are fashionable but still comfortable. This is great for those who want to spice up their undie draw at little cost! (Discounted price – £11.96)
  • The Queen – Priced at £39.95 this box includes a set of matching lingerie combining sexy designs with the perfect fit and comfort. Example items are bodysuits, negligees and matching lingerie. (Discounted price – £31.96)
  • The Empress – This is the most expensive box priced at £119.95. This is the ultimate lingerie subscription, made for the woman who wants it all. This box arrives with a matching set of lingerie, accompanied by accessories including high-end jewellery, kimonos, silk sleeping masks and the occasional addition of tassels and whips. (Discounted price – £95.96)

All box options include free shipping to the UK! We also have an exclusive discount that gives you 20% off! Quote ‘BOXESSION20’ at check out to redeem.

What I received in my ‘The Queen’ box:

  • A handwritten note from Galyna the CEO of Empress Mimi London. This really adds a personal touch to the box!
  • The media kit which is useful for me so I can inform you all of what Empress Mimi is all about!
  • Underneath tissue paper printed with their logo, carefully closed with a sticker were the matching lingerie items. The first item this month was a sleek thong with a bright peacock design on the front. It has adjustable straps on the side so you can squeeze your booty into them with ease and adjust as needed! I love the way the bright blues and gold of the peacock design contract with the black background, it makes it stand out without being over the top. I would purchase this myself if I saw them in a shop; they are stylish and sexy all in one. As this matches the second item I would estimate the RRP of this thong between £8 – £15.
  • The matching item was a black lacy baby doll/chemise. This is made from the same material as the thong which means it is extremely comfy and not too hot. It has a lace insert along the neckline and lace cut outs at the bottom, it comes up to my thighs to give you a length guide. It’s fitted which enhances your natural figure but also has decent coverage so is great for anyone that would like to feel sexy but is body conscious. This also has adjustable straps so fitting your bust in is easy and convenient, without having to do any extreme yoga moves to get it on! I have to say both items are excellent for making you feel a hundred dollars without having too much on display! These will both be staple items for my lingerie draw. I cannot give you the exact RRP for this item however I have been searching the web and something of the same quality and style would cost you between £25 – £30.

Is this box worth your coin?

If you are looking to spice up your lingerie draw and receiving a sexy surprise every month then this is the box for you! You can cancel your subscription at any time and it includes free delivery, meaning there are no strings attached. You can purchase any of the box options to treat yourself or someone you know, not only do these give you something to look forward to they also make great gifts, especially if you have an anniversary coming up, if you would like to surprise a partner or even birthdays/Christmas! The items themselves have been well thought out combining comfort and sex appeal giving you the best of both worlds. Each item having adjustability means it will fit you all year round even after those Christmas tums! I feel as though you are definitely getting your money’s worth with this box and even more so if you were to use our exclusive discount code. It saves you the hassle of facing lingerie shopping which can end up in a sweaty mess trying to find suitable products etc. I know I would much prefer to have something sweet and sultry delivered to my door every month that can be returned if not liked or kept and added to your collection! All in all this is a fabulous box which was exciting to unbox and review, thank you Galyna and the Empress Mimi team!

Thank you for reading,

Chloe x


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