The Birth of a Mum Review by Mel – June 2018

A huge Thank you to Kaya, for sending me the very first Birth of a Mum box to review. When I spoke to her over email, I really felt this box would be ideal for me. I get very little time to myself, I haven’t had an extra pair of hands in 6 months as my partner has to work away. I run his business, BoXession, and run around daily after a 3 and 10 year old. Hectic is what I am used to.

The idea behind this box is to stop, and take that necessary time to yourself. Relax, unwind and recharge. My word I need that, so I jumped at the chance. I also saw a sneaky peek of how the items are individually wrapped beautifully in navy blue, with white and gold stickers. This has my interest peaked immediately.

Their first box theme is mindfulness. Chosen by Kaya specifically as she uses it as a tool in her own hectic life. Kaya also has a Blog on her Website, I often find this is my outlet and unwind time. I often wonder if other Bloggers feel the same?

If you missed my live unboxing, you can now watch it back on our YouTube Channel here…

So whats inside the box?

  1. HAY Glass Sand Timer – RRP £16
  2. VILLIERS London Tranquility Roll on – RRP £15
  3. Amaranthine Radiance Mask – RRP £3.50
  4. OMBAR Coconut & Vanilla Bar (35g) – RRP £1.99
  5. Sterling Silver Silhouette Lotus Flower Bracelet – RRP £15

Total RRP £51.49! This doesn’t include postage, as it is FREE! Or the beautifully made mindfulness cards.

How much will it cost?

  • Month to Month – £34.99
  • 3 Months prepay – £102

Shipping is included in both of the above prices.

HAY Glass Sand Timer

The first thing I want to mention is these beautiful cards that come with each item. Printed on high quality, rounded edges, and definite keepsakes that you could place on a pinboard or similar to ensure you have some much needed life motivation on your bad days, we all have them ladies!

Speaking of time, this stunning petrol coloured glass egg timer, with its sleek and sophisticated look, it is not only a great centrepiece for any room; but something useful.

I never set time aside for myself, I often joke that my partner and I haven’t been out together in years too. I joke but it is true, but I am grateful for the life we are lucky enough to have nonetheless.

So the steps on this card tell you to choose an activity. I chose to treat my youngest to some time alone with mummy. We went for a drive, went out for breakfast and just sat out together in the sunshine eating and drinking while he was chattering away to me about Peppa Pig. We then popped to the shop, bought some new pyjamas and a toy. I am always busy and I do feel bad for him, so it was a great thing for us to spend a few hours together.

The following day, feeling motivated, we also went for a walk outside in this beautiful weather and took his scooter.

The egg timer I actually used in the evening. I turned my MacBook off, put on my eye mask, popped the fan on and cooling mist in hand and turned the timer over. I was amazed how long 15 minutes feels when you actually stop everything.

My next plan with this is to see if I can get my 10 year old to use it to help him realise time. He has autism so I think this could be a good tool for him. I will let you know how I get on.

Sterling Silver Silhouette Lotus Flower Bracelet

I said in my live that I suspected this was silver, and it is. I love silver, I do not wear gold jewellery. This is a dainty and contemporary piece that I will cherish.

The quest on this card almost had me teary. It is so true that we do not appreciate the small things in life. The task to touch the bracelet and every time you do, to think of something you are grateful for.

The second step to wear a smile. A simple and often forgotten thing. Now I have done this, but some of the things I am most grateful for are personal to me so I won’t share.

Amaranthine Radiance Mask

Well everyone knows how much I love a face mask! This is a new brand for me too. As per the card, I set aside some time in the evening. Popped on some of the Tranquility roll on, slathered my face and lay on the bed with the light off, just the lamp, and the fan cooling me down. It has been so hot here, even in the evenings. To sit and relax and cool down after all day running around was just what the doctor ordered.

The VILLIERS roll on, is gorgeous. I have used this brand before and was not disappointed. I am a big fan of using these instead of perfume, especially in this heat!

VILLIERS London Tranquility Roll on

OMBAR Coconut & Vanilla Bar (35g)

Last but not least, I ate the yummy chocolate. This is a brand I have had previously and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The only problem with these is you always want more, ha!

My Verdict?

From the stunning white box, the embossed logo, and magnetic enclosure, to the individually wrapped and high quality items. This is an entire experience in a box.

It is definitely not the type of box where you just use the items and that’s it. It gives you tasks, a fresh mindset, and relaxation. It is planting a seed for you to continue to do these things in your life too, and this is something I neglect in my life very often.

I really enjoyed the whole concept of this box, and the excitement of opening all of the items not knowing what they were, it definitely added to the experience for me.

If you would like to sign up, the links are below. Thank you all for taking the time to read, and remember to take that time to care for yourselves…

Mel x

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