Freedom Japanese Market Review by Sam – June 2018

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Kenneth and Family for being kind enough to send me this box of joy to review.

I am fascinated with travel, different foods, cultures and Japan is top on my list but with my daughter being unable to endure the long plane trip plus the cost, I’m sad to say my dream trip is on hold for a while. So no new authentic tastes for me, or so i thought until I discovered Freedom Japanese Market.

If you haven’t heard about Freedom Japanese Market before every month they ship you a selection of exclusive snacks and treats straight from japan to your door. These snacks have never seen the inside of a container ship and many of them are limited edition treats and its really reasonably priced starting from just          with free shipping!

How exciting! you can see me tasting some live in my unboxing here…..

I’m scared to show you what was inside in case you try to pinch it haha\

This months original pack edition had:

Contents list

Itemised list with photos and contents so handy because lets face it few of us can read Japanese and its always good to know what you are eating.

The origami of the month

This months was a super cute fun samurai doll, its to help bring the spirit of children’s day (celebrated on the 5th of may) to us as they are a commonly associated image. This now sits on my makeup station to remind me to have fun and bring out my inner child daily.


Japanese style BBQ sauce flavored corn puffs.

Wow if your ever in Japan grab a bag or 100 of these, they had an immense flavoring on them and were so crunchy, extremely moreish and pleasing. The whole family loved them, yes I did share but only a little and somehow we all said they put the British equivalent to shame.


This is said to be a crunchy cheese snack filled with extra creamy cheese. It is so hard to describe its sweet and savory, cheesy and fluffy with a slight chocolatey taste to it, the unique flavor keeps you coming back for more.

Mikan Gummy

The Mikan orange flavored soft gummy candies were swiftly stolen by my little girl (well the whole box was i had to bribe her with these to get it back lol) she loved them and was at first extremely skeptical about trying Japanese sweets, these had her wanting more! The sweet orange flavor was mouthwatering, and the gummies were so chewy as well making them stand out from the crowd.

Chicken Curry UImaibo

I was so intrigued by this crunchy tube of puffed corn and i was not let down. the corn was perfectly flavored like chicken curry and it crunched and turned into a light fluffy texture like a cloud in your mouth.


Puffed rice in a fun carrot shaped wrapper- this is being saved for our next family movie night.

Shimi-choco corn

Crunchy puffed corn coated in chocolate. This had more bite and crunch to it than the Umaibo and reminded me of a giant chocolatey wheeto stick.

Teriyaki Umaibo

This reminded me of a giant crisp once again like a light fluffy cloud had burst into my mouth this time with the most amazing Teriyaki sauce flavor to it if your ever in Japan this is the savory snack dreams are made of.

Kongari Rusk

A mini sized rusk – sweetened double baked bread that was stolen from my grasp by my son nooooo haha. He adored it!

Caramel Corn

crunchy curls of sweetened puffed corn. OMG talk about happiness in a bag these honestly taste like a caramlised, sweet, creamy peanut butter snack! The bag is easily big enough to share on a family movie night as well, could it get any better!

Minivita C

Mini ramune candies with an extra punch of vitamin c and oh boy did these punch for something so small! Each mini candy was like a burst of orange goodness.

Rilakkuma Gum

Delicious gum in a cute Rilakkuma wrapper this was pinched by my teenage son and I’m sure he made some female friends round school from how cute this wrapper was lol


puffed corn that tastes like corn pottage. If this light fluffy snack is anything to go by i need to try me some corn pottage haha, its sweet and savory at the same time in the most amazing way truly heaven in a bite.

Puchi White Marshmellows

Corn kernel sized marshmallows perfect for little katies to snack joyously on. She nabbed the super cute yummy packet from me faster than i could say awww.

Original pack bonus snack Doraemon Gum

After this i am insanely jealous our gum tastes no where near as flavorful as this, the cola flavor is like a sharp samurai cutting though your mouth, we were totally caught off guard 100% not expecting that from those little balls.

So What did we think?

WOW what an awesome box for all the family, the young and the old are sure to love trying all the treats and it makes for a great conversation piece. Every single person in my house was excited about this box and really enjoyed, it really is heaven in a box and a great way to experience the world from your home. I think the price is reasonable when you take into consideration the shipping from Japan and the fact that the Japanese currency is pretty much on par with the GBP for the amount received. There was a good mix of sweet and savory snacks and pleased even the fussiest of eaters, you can tell the creators only put in things they like and would be happy to receive themselves. You can also see the love, care and attention that goes into creating the box, with the collectable origami being the perfect authentic touch. We are all completely won over by Freedom Japanese Market and are looking to subscribe, it really is joy in a box for us! The whole family would 100% recommend this fun, extremely yummy experience box and i urge you to try it out yourself, as no words are good enough to describe some of the amazing flavors and textures we have tried.

How do i get it?

A few options here but first things first if you mention BoXession in the where did you hear about us section you get a free extra snack in your box!

Puchi Pack 5- 8 Full & Sample Sized Treats

  •  Monthly rolling $14.99
  • Quarterly billed $42.96 works out at $14.32 a month
  • 6 monthly $81.90 works out at $13.65
  • annually $115.88 works out at $12.99 a month

Original (the box featured in this review) 12-16 Full & Sample Sized Treats

  •  Monthly rolling $24.99
  • Quarterly billed $71.97 works out at $23.99 a month
  • 6 monthly $139.94 works out at $23.16
  • annually $274.89 works out at $22.90 a month

Family Premium 24-32 Full & Sample Sized Treats

  •  Monthly rolling $45.99
  • Quarterly billed $133.97 works out at $44.66 a month
  • 6 monthly $260.94 works out at $43.49
  • annually $505.92 works out at $42.16 a month

you can also order one of boxes for gifts, or gift subscriptions and as world wide shipping is free it would making it ideal to send out to business associates and for work incentives as well as sending another to me of course haha

Shipping is free world wide! yep you read that right!

Your first box if ordered before the 15th will ship out on the 15th, if ordered after it will ship within 48 hours, then each box after that will be shipped on the 15th.

The website is fresh and simple making it easy to navigate, check it out and order yours here:

you can also find them on:

Facebook   Twitter

I honestly cant tell you how much fun reviewing this box has been its a must try experience for all, so once again a huge thank you to Kenneth and the family and thank you for reading.

Happy snacking

Sam & Family XOXO