The Introducing Box Review by Jasmine – June 2018

I love this box so much as it is completely different to anything available on the market and as a fellow artist I am so excited to see how this box grows and also what future artists will be included. When buying this box, you need to remember you aren’t just buying a box you are helping undiscovered artists.

So, let’s get started…


You can watch my live unboxing here ->

Products & Artists

  • CD Album: Amy Walters – £7.48
  • Art Print: Baconivore – £15.00
  • Poems Book: Melissa Lee-Houghton – £7.33
  • 30 Mandalas Delyth Angharad – $15 (£11.45)
  • 3× Fineliner: Zenacolor – £1.47 (set of 60 RRP £29.90)

The box content RRP is £42.73 so if you got this months box and used our exclusive discount code you would save an amazing £19.79!

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  • Recurring monthly subscription £26.99 or £22.94 with discount code
  • Upfront 3 × monthly subscription £72.88 or £61.94 with discount code

Shipping  Costs:

  • UK £0.00 FREE
  • EUROPE £4.35
  • AUSTRALIA £5.55
  • NEW ZEALAND £5.55
  • USA £6.05
  • CANADA £6.05
  • CHINA £7.35

Questions You Will Be Asking When Signing Up:

  • Do you have any food or drink allergies?
  • Are there any genre of books or music you hate?
  • Would you prefer CD or Download Code for music?

You may not always be able to get a download code, but The Introducing Box will try to get you your preferred choice.

Now you lovely lot have all the basic information let’s have a look at the individual products featured within this box.

Amy Walters 10 Track Album – INSIDE My HEAD

I advise you open up chrome via one of the links below and buy/listen to this album, I am not kidding I love this album and especially track 3 (Pretty Funny) is quite funny and relatable. Amy Walters singing voice is so youthful but also soulful at the exact same time and this made my partner & I imagine a young maybe 20 something year old so we were pleasantly surprised when we found out the young woman singing was in fact one of The Introducing Box founders. The music really grabs your attention and sucks you in, Ryan my partner who has studied music and is a musician himself was wowed by her voice and was like I would love to produce for her and started going in-depth music talk (lots of big words and some small I haven’t a Scooby – clue as to what he was saying). Basically, this CD was perfect for the both of us unfortunately we couldn’t get the CD to work as we don’t have a DVD or CD player and the PlayStation 4 decided it was not playing the cd so we had to use the links below. The Album cover artwork is breathtakingly beautiful I am considering framing it.

Amy Walters Music Links:

iTunes  Spotify Soundcloud Amazon Music

Baconivore Gardener Bot Takes a Moment Art Print

I actually fell in love with this instantly, from the style to the colour choices everything is beautiful and made me feel inquisitive as well as sorrow for the little robot. This image can be bought via the link below and can even be bought as a phone case as well as many other products.

Link to buy Baconivore Gardener Bot Takes a Moment Art Print here

Melisa Lee-Houghton Sunshine Poem’s Paperback book

Inside the little booklet full of information regarding the various artists within The Introducing Box. Melisa says you should try reading a poem or two in a northern England accent as it supposedly didn’t sound right. I completely agree as I got Ryan to do some of the poems in various accents and other than being hilarious sounding it just didn’t sit right. I have read a few poem’s myself and even though I am not a massive fan of this myself I know a few who will so I think I will pass this along to a friend. I love the cover artwork though.

“The poems in Sunshine, written after two and a half years in psychiatric hospitals, out-Plath Sylvia” – THE GUARDIAN

Link to buy Sunshine by Melisa Lee-Houghton:

Deleyth Angharad Mandalas with quotes 30 days

These are absolutely stunning and must have taken so much time to create. 30 individual square sheets of mandalas to colour in with inspirational quotes and no two are the same came in a beautiful little black box. I have coloured in a few but a few mistakes were made as I would get distracted.

Link to buy: here

Zenacolor fine liners 0.04mm x3 in colours pink, purple & green

These fine liners are perfect for using with the Mandalas and other artistic processes from colouring in to outlining. After using them I am tempted to buy the 60-set pack from online. The colour pigment of the pens is brilliant only thing is the purple is a bit dark but that isn’t anything wrong, I’m just warning others as if like me you may have been wowing at the vibrancy of the pink and green expecting the purple to be bright too. Lovely pens and perfect addition to this edition of The Introducing Box.

Link to buy the Zenacolor Fineliner 0.04mm Pens here

My Verdict on The Introducing Box

Perfect for just about everyone, the best way to find new & old artists who are yet to be discovered as well as getting your own creative thoughts flowing. The box is so well thought out and the concept is brilliant. I loved unboxing this first edition of The Introducing Box and it has been my pleasure to look, listen and feel the various art works as art comes in many different styles from beauty, photography, paint, writing, film, food and so much more. I am so excited to see what The Introducing Box has in store for us with their future editions.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review,

Jasmine xx

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