BusterBox Review by Chloe & Sam (Doggo) – June 2018

BusterBox is a monthly box filled with dog goodies! I found BusterBox whilst searching for treats for my doggo Sam, I subscribe to multiple boxes a month and thought it would be nice for him to enjoy something too.

If you missed my live unboxing featuring my dog Sam you can watch it back here on our YouTube channel! It was great fun capturing his face whilst opening all the treats.

The box arrived via parcel connect fast couriers, the day after dispatch so super-fast shipping! The box is big in size, sturdy and recyclable. It has the BusterBox logo on the front so it is easier to see what it is.

When I first opened the box the first thing you see is the contents leaflet which tells you what products are included this month and how much they retail for. There is also an option to text with the product code to reorder a particular item, this is great if your doggo enjoys a certain item and you would like to re purchase.

So what’s inside?

The month to month boxes come bursting with some very special items. Fun toys, healthy all-natural treats & cool accessories that your dog is sure to ruv!

Inside this month’s box:

  • 100% Natural Beef Jerky – £2.49
  • Sassy Snake Toy – £8.99
  • PawBakes Doggy Baking Kit – £3.99
  • Atomic Rope & Ball – £2.99
  • BusterBox Naturals Chicken Sausages – £2.99
  • Rattle and reward natural treats and tin – £3.50

Total value of £24.95

Saving you £6.96 if you were to purchase the 12 month subscription.

When ordering your BusterBox you have the opportunity to add on a premium dog toy for an extra £6.99 which is guaranteed to be strong, durable and endless fun for your dog! I did receive this in my box, this months premium toy was the K9 connectables bouncy balls. This retails at £12.99 so you are making a great saving by adding this on to your BusterBox. I will go into more detail about each product later in my review!

How it works:

  1. Tell us about your dog

Tell us how big your dog is. From small & sweet to big & burly, we’ve got boxes to suit all sizes.

  1. Choose plan

We offer 1, 6 & 12 month plans. Discounts apply for longer subscriptions. Cancel anytime.

  1. Join our Pack

BusterBox is shipped on the 15th of each month. Get those tails wagging!

The website is easy to navigate so it makes purchasing stress free.

Price Plans:

  • 12 Month subscription


Free Shipping
Billed Monthly
Save over 24%

  • 6 Month subscription


Free Shipping
Billed Monthly
Save over 17%

  • 3 Month subscription

Free Shipping
Billed Upfront
Save over 10%

  • Month to month subscription


Free Shipping
Billed Monthly

As you can see from these price plans you will make a great saving for the long subs. All options include free shipping. Currently there is a promotion to buy your first box for £1 when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription! You can find this by viewing their website and follow the instructions in the pop up window; it is their dragons den special offer!

What did we think of this month’s goodies?

100% Natural beef jerky

Ok so this stuff stinks haha! BUT, and yes there is a but! Sam absolutely loved these treats, they are big in size and great for maintaining healthy teeth. Not only were they tasty there are natural and made with almost 90% protein. They contain ZERO additives or preservatives meaning they are the best treats for your dog!

The sassy snake

This has got to be the funniest toy Sam has had a chew on, I will explain why. It is made from double stitched fabric with a tough centre; it has a rubbery dotty texture. Although this says it is meant to be tough, Sam had ripped it apart within 10 minutes of having it! He certainly enjoyed tearing it apart and having a good chew, I will insert a picture here of when I discovered him hiding with the mess he had made! What made it funnier was the fact he ran off and hid to tear it apart, he looked so proud of himself like it was his mission to chew it apart!

PawBakes doggy baking kit

This is a treat for you and your dog to enjoy together! You can get the family together and bake some fresh dog treats for you and your furry friend. You only need three ingredients so it is easy and convenient, cupcake cases are included. Just wait and see their mouth water!

Atomic rope and ball

This toy combines a tennis ball, a squeaker and a rope. It is great for Tug O’War fun for you and your dog! The rope is strong an easy to grip whilst playing, Sam loves playing with this in the garden! It is bright red in colour so easy for him to spot if he leaves it somewhere and I often see him wandering around the house with this in his mouth, that’s when I know he wants to have fun and play.

BusterBox naturals chicken sausages

These are BusterBox’s most popular treats and I can see why, Sam is addicted! They are made in Ireland from 100% prime meat cuts, delicious and natural dog treats that will ensure your dog is happy and healthy. These treats are perfect for maintaining strong bones, clean teeth, healthy joints and are ideal for training and rewarding your doggo! Yummy!

K9 connectables the original

The Original K9 Connectable is a bouncy ball that connects together to trap treats inside. Your dog will love trying to break them apart to get their reward and has two connection levels of difficulty. The Original also fits in tennis ball launchers and floats on water. They are great for the beach or the park and are excellent safe toys for fetch and all round fun! Sam loves playing with these and got the hang of it quite quickly. It’s great to keep him occupied and watch him learn how to dislodge the treats! They are strong too and have lasted well, no tears or rips!

Rattle and reward natural treats and tin

These treats are delicious. Made from over fresh duck, chicken & turkey, they are grain-free and come packed inside an eco-refill pouch. You also receive a stylish & practical metal tin so you can take treats out with you on the go; this is perfect for storing them in your handbag or for taking on walkies! If/when you run out of the treats you can repurchase the refill pouches or use the tin to store you own selected doggo treats! \

Final thoughts

All in all I am extremely impressed with this month’s BusterBox. It includes a good variety of product; toys to play with, treats and activities. For the price you are getting your money’s worth and it is convenient to have monthly treats delivered to your door. Sam enjoyed this box and all of its contents and will continue to play with his goodies. I would recommend this to anyone with a pet dog no matter what size or breed as the boxes can be tailored. Jump on the £1 box deal on their website and subscribe!

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