Masktime X SokoBeauty Review By Sam May 2018

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Estee from Mask Time for sending me this awesome box to review.

As you all know I’m a lover of a good face mask, …ok…. I have a huge mask addiction and should probably attend a Mask rehab! so this box is right up my street.

Mask Time send you 8 -10 masks and Korean beauty treats in a carefully curated box tailored to the season, so your skin gets what it needs all year long. Estee a busy mum, has hit the nail on the head creating this box! Korean skincare is far superior, they are miles ahead. But that makes it expensive to import so by the time the masks hit our local shops they carry a hefty price tag and they can be mine boggling unless you are fluent in Korean. This is a brilliant way to try out new things and find what suits your skin without a huge outlay and hassle of shopping around or learning a new language.

I am super excited this month as this is the Masktime  X SokoBeauty collaboration Box. Elisa Lee from Soko has been working with Estee from Masktime to share all her must have favourite skincare with us, so we can be summer selfie ready even if the beach body failed haha.

It came delivered via Royal Mail carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and a cute baby pink Jiffy bag.

I patiently waited to open it until my live video; if you missed it you can check out here (and give me a cheeky like)…

This box is always jam packed and amazing value so let’s dive in.

Inside the cute Masktime print tissue paper I found….

The product information book, a thank you card and a card detailing about the collaboration with Elisa Lee from SOKOBEAUTY

Holika Holika Dualizum T Zone V Zone Mask RRP £7

This is definitely one for all the busy mum’s! I love a good 2 part not only do they stay put better and allow more movement. (other mum’s will understand the struggle here I swear no sooner have I put on a mask my kids need me to explain the meaning of life to them haha). This one also targets the 2 areas differently! The T Zone mask gets to work on clarifying pores and removing excess sebum and debris whilst Brightening uneven skin. While the U Zone section lifts and contours  and as the U zone section has ear loops you can even wash up or get some light housework done while your skin is getting a pamper.

Holika Holika Skin Rescuer Collagen Mask RRP £4

Wow! This mask is super lightweight but packed full of serum and picks a punch. This mask left my skin super soft (like a baby’s bum would be jealous) and noticeably firmer.

NOTS Lavender Relax Daily Mask RRP £5

Warning: do not use in bath haha. This is the perfect pre bed mask, the calming lavender scent and the soothing feel of the mask caused me to drift off in the bath. When I woke my skin felt so refreshed my face friend that kindly visited my chin was reduced and I even noticed less puffiness under my eyes. It was like sleep for my skin! And I could still see results the next day. Definitely a repurchase for me and a must try for anyone.

Beyond Jeju Therapy Mask Moisturising RRP £3.50

I decided to make use of the good weather and enjoyed this while relaxing in the garden. After using the mask I did the school run completely foundation free! My skin felt re-hydrated, firmer and I noticed my skin had a youthful glow. I am 100% sure this is down to this masks fabulous ingredients such as green barley, jeju beni madonna, jeju canola honey and jeju green kernel black bean grown on the jeju island in Korea.

SAFERENCE Skin R-X Mask Facial Firming RRP £3.50

I used this as part of my am routine and I’m glad I did, I had several compliments on how my skin had a glow and I was asked for I.D. To be honest I was rather flattered so this mask is totally a repurchase for me. Plus it helps me reinforce how good red wine is for me as this mask is loaded with it along with pomegranate and hydrolysed collagen to bright, firm, and even out dull ageing skin! Of you think that sounds good this mask gets better it’s completely free from parabens, synthetic dyes, benzophenone, mineral oil, and any animal derived ingredients making it one of the friendliest most versatile masks I’ve come across.

Polatam Water Gel Extra Force Brightening Mask RRP £5.50

I do love a good Brightening mask though I’ve not tried this yet, I am looking forward to it! I’ve never tried 100% Korean oak tree sap before, so to say I am intrigued is an understatement. It’s said to nourish and clarify the skin without irritation and feel like silk on your skin.

Innisfree Skin Reset Peeling Mask Oily Skin RRP £4

Another I’m keenly waiting to try out. The concept of a 2 step peeling mask is brilliant and it’s packed full of ingredients like BHA, Centella, and hyaluronic acid. I have a feeling it will become a staple in my skincare routine and fit in perfectly with my 10 step routine. The first glove step exfoliates the skin breaking down diet and grime from your pores whilst the 2nd sheet mask step soothes and moisturises without leaving a greasy residue.

Innisfree Skin Reset Peeling Mask Dry Skin RRP £4

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again masktime really does cater to everyone and I’m guessing this mask is just so amazing Elisa and Estee felt everyone needs to try it. Again it is a peeling 2 step mask but this time formulated for dry skin. The first section is a peeling glove that uses AHA to penetrate deep into your skin. The second step is a sheet mask is infused with centella and ceramide proving deep nourishment and moisture.


Wow how pretty and cool is this 3 step mask, I do love a good 3 step and they are the best to travel with! This one is formulated using the ferment complex meaning it’s packed full of natural ingredients such as blueberries, orange and tomato. This natural mask is said to plump out fine lines and wrinkles whilst softening and smoothing the skins texture by maintaining the skin’s moisture levels, leaving you the envy of babies everywhere.

Step 1 is a mesoserum booster.
Step 2 is a calming sheet mask
Step 3 is mesogel soothing elixir

I can’t wait for my next get away to try this out.

A ByBom Ultra Cool Leaf Mask RRP £4.50

I’ve never ever come across a mask like this! (Sorry if you got all saints stuck in your head then, I did as well haha), and that’s saying something as I have tried thousands of masks. Let’s face it the change in weather and pollen levels stresses everyone’s skin! This 2 step mask allows you to target the areas that need the most help with the cool leaf patches, they are infused with lemon balm, mint and apple extracts relieving stressed areas and helping to rid us of those pesky wrinkles. Then the second step cools and moisturises using a combination of botanical plants and some aloe of course revitalising and renewing you. Sounds perfect on a hot summer’s day!

Laneige Moisture Trial Kit RRP £9.99

This was an extra item in honour of the SOKOBEAUTY collaboration and I honestly think I was most excited about trying this out! As I mentioned in my live, I try to follow the Korean method (10 step) but using western products so I was super stoked to finally be able to incorporate some Korean products into the routine.
The box contained 4 items:

Power essential skin refiner moisture 25ml

This is basically a toner it feels revitalising and uses royal jelly and sugar cane extract to refine rough dry Skin whilst removing and dirt and debris from the skin.

Balancing emulsion moisture  25ml

I was shocked as this was like a thick cream but it felt good on my skin it’s said to promote cell regeneration using ingredients like jojoba oil, royal jelly and bio disali.

Water bank essence 10ml

This was super silky smooth and felt a treat to use and is slightly thicker than my western branded essence. That could be because it boasts that it provides 24 hour moisture and forms a natural barrier to prevent dryness.

Water bank moisture cream 10ml

I instantly felt a difference using this, it felt cool and nourishing on my skin. It’s formulated with grape seed and mango seed oil to intensely re-hydrate and energise skin with no sticky feel.

Needless to say I’m impressed. All the products smell so fresh and I instantly felt a difference using them. The items are a good size for what they are, giving me a good chance to test out whether it’s worth investing in the full size. Also allowing me to try a Korean skincare brand without the huge outlay or the headache of shopping about for it with the mind boggling huge array of brands on offer.

So this month was completely jam packed and I received 11 items in total!

Worth a massive £56.99!
and if you used code SAM15 it makes each item only £1.93! and gives you a total saving of £35.71 way over double your money!

Wow this box just keeps getting better!

Who would love it?

Mask addicts around the world rejoice! I know loads of people – men, women and children that love to relax with a face mask! Some even have family mask nights and it’s a must for any pamper session or sleepover. Some of the masks included are for sensitive skin as well so it really caters for everyone, It would make the perfect pressie.

How do I get it?

  • Glow starter Monthly rolling £9.95 you can also use code: SAM15 making it just £8.46, with free uk shipping.
  • Glow setter Monthly rolling £24.99 or £21.24 if you use code: SAM15 with free UK shipping!
  • You can also get a range of one off boxes and limited edition boxes ranging in price, so if you missed one you loved the look of you can purchase it if there is any left, hurry though they sell out fast!

Last day to order for that month is the last day of the month ironically and boxes ship out on the 2nd. Subscriptions are easy to cancel and have no hidden Fees, making it a great gift hint hint lol

The subscription and box options are constantly growing. Honestly this box is one to watch! it even offers its own loyalty points program!! Yes girls points make prizes!!
You can also get 15% off your first box when you use code: SAM15 making it just £21.28!

You can also buy some really cool masks from brands such as Tony Moly (Pokémon) sheet masks and the star wars ones to Etude House and less well known Korean brands from the online shop and have them sent out with your subscription.

The website is well laid out, cute and easy to navigate! It’s also well worth checking out the blog section on there as well it gives you hints and tips in a masking 101.

You can check it out at:

You can also find them on:
Facebook   Instagram

Yet again a huge thank you to Estee for letting me review this amazing collaboration and an even bigger thank you to you for reading,

Love Sam XOXO

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