Fitty London Review by Hayley – June 2018

I was excited to receive the Fitty London box, as a keen gym goer, a netball player and a dancing coach, I find myself always looking for new food and drink to try that is specifically designed to release energy and provide me with the protein I need to maintain the level of energy needed to go a full day!

Fitty London have dedicated nutritionists who stringently study all the products coming in to them, therefore I know all the products in the box are suitable and safe to use.

How does it work?

Well Fitty London WAS a subscription service, June is their last box (for now). But fear not, they are geared up for change!… they will now be doing sport and diet specific boxes! If you check out the website here:, you can also get their boxes in the sale at the moment, down from £32 to £26!! You can use our 15% discount code and bag any one of these boxes for £22.10… BARGAIN!

P&P is included, and the boxes are despatched via Royal Mail 48 Hours service.

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch it back here on our YouTube Channel…

Whats inside the Willsden Box?


  • Hunter & Gather 100% Avocado Oil Mayonnaise
  • Motion Nutrition Nootropics (3 days worth)
  • One Earth Blends Coco Go Go superfood powder, with raw cacao, deep Madagascan vanilla, matcha, baobab and beetroot
  • Tenzing Natural Energy drink
  • BeBambu Limited Edition Collagen Sticks – Worth £15
  • The Vegain Bros vegan protein pancake mix
  • TRIBE energy bar and exclusive £1 pack offer
  • Urban Fruit Snack Pack

So, lets delve into this box! Firstly, I tried…

Urban Fruits Coconut chips

These were beautiful. A very unique flavour due to the small amount of sea salt on the flakes. Usually dried coconut is overly sweet so this made a nice change. Very satisfying and will be purchasing again.

Tribe Cherry and Buckwheat Blaze Trails bar

A lovely flavour and texture. I used the bar 45 minutes before a dance class and it gave me plenty of energy to last the full session!

Hunter and Gather Avocado Mayonnaise

Not usually the biggest fan of Avocado, but this is a rich creamy sauce with lots of flavour. Went perfectly with my salad! Lovely consistency too, not too runny so could be easily used on hot food without it melting everywhere. The jar is huge, it will last me ages kept in the fridge.

The Vegan Bros Protein Pancake Mix

I made protein pancakes topped with banana and a little honey for breakfast, everybody enjoyed them, and couldn’t tell they were made from vegan ingredients! Lovely!

Tenzing Natural Energy Drink

A lovely refreshing energy drink with a great taste and no sickly after taste. This did give me a natural boost and will definitely be trying to find these to buy.

One Earth Coco Gogo

I have fallen in love with Matcha latte after trying this out. Super refreshing even on a warm day and gave me a little spring in my step. Massive packet too and only a little is needed. Would love to discover more from these guys.

BeBomBu Collagen sticks

I have tried one of the collagen sticks made into a cup of tea and can already see a brightening of my skin. Collagen is a natural wonder!

Neuromotion Motion Nutrition Power up and Unplug

I’m on day 3 today of using my 3 day trial of each of these Nootropics, and can already feel a difference in my energy levels. The power up pills gave me an extra spring in my step, and the un-plug helped me to unwind in the evening. Will definitely be looking into getting more of these to trial over a longer period of time as after only 3 days the results are promising.

In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing Fitty London and would consider in the future a subscription for myself.

If you would like to buy this box, or any of the others on their website; we do in fact have an EXCLUSIVE discount code which is ‘BOXESSION’. This will get you 15% off your first box!

Below are the links to their Social Media handles, and their website…

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