Thriva Baseline Test Review By Sam – May 2018

Thriva is a different kind of box, but one that I was eager to try! So firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Derek From Thriva for sending me this box to review and more importantly for a helping hand towards being healthy.

The concept is brilliant in my opinion!

If you are like me you will do anything possible to avoid the doctors (like I seriously hate every aspect of visiting the doctors) so there is no way i’m popping in to find out if my B12 level is ok! Meaning you have no clue what your body needs and what heath concerns to work on. Cue Thriva! Thriva is an at home test the helps you monitor your health, there is no needles, no time of work needed and no long waits in waiting rooms. Every 3 months they send you the test to carry out so you can track and monitor your health and even set your own goals in your personal online dash board.  The test is so simple even the girl that drops the camera can do it (though I still blame my lack of coffee haha) don’t believe me check out my live unboxing and test here……

The box itsself came in an inconspicuous eye catching blue outta sleeve, removing that I found a box with 2 slide out sides…

one containing the instructions and a fun selfie station for your finger.

The other side a box with 3 compartments

Compartment 1

This contained a cleansing wipe, an alcohol swab and 2 funky plasters.

Compartment 2

Contained 3 lancets, a blood vile tube and in between the 2 was a little stand to place the tube in whilst taking the test.

Compartment 3

Contained a return form, an information label for the tube, a safe container to send it in and of course a bright yellow free post hazard bag.

The Prep

The test needs to be carried out on a weekday and after 8 hours of fasting so it’s recommended to do first thing in the morning, I chose a Wednesday (mainly because the Monday was bank holiday and the Tuesday I forgot about the fasting doh, any way I digress..)

I registered my test online using the unique code and filled out my details like height, weight, gender, age and some medical questions such as if I smoke and a bit about my family history.

Then I was geared up and armed with every tip I could find to help my blood flow. A little nervous I began, I drank a glass of water, stood up and held my hand in a bowl of warm water all are meant to help blood flow and make the test easier to complete (they have a video on how to carry out the test on there blog).

The Test

I wiped my little finger with the alcohol swab and twisted the cap of the lancet, surprisingly there was no needle in site making this test perfect for those with a dislike of needles. I pressed the firmly against the outside of my finger near the tip and to be frankly honest the anticipation was worse than the tiny click and a fast slight pinch sensation the lancet gave me. I then wiped the fist drop of blood on the towel I had to hand as advised and started to massage the blood from the bottom of my finger to the tip. I was glad there were 3 lancets as i had to use them all, but the last one I did slightly lower down and next time i would start from that place as apposed to the tip as it flowed a lot better.

Once my tube was full to the line (I had the yellow cap so needed to fill to the top line), I cleaned my finger and applied the funky plaster. I sealed the tube and slowly inverted it 10 times as instructed before putting the label on with all my details and packing it the clear protective case. Then I put the case and my form into the bright yellow hazard bag with the 3 lancets, sealed it shut and popped it in the post box.

Told you it was simple! Oh and of course my finger got it’s very own Thriva selfie haha

The next day I received a text to say they had received my sample, results usually take 48 hours and are analysed by accredited labs and reviewed by a UK qualified doctor. Saturday night I had another message telling me I could now view my results in my online dash board.

The Results

The dash board is straight forward and simple to use with a friendly interface. The results were not great but lets face it being perfect is boring, all jokes aside as I get older im trying to make a conscious effort to look after my body better because well lets face it we only get one. I have given up smoking 6 weeks today and am watching what I put in my body so it’s great to know what I need more of, less of or just tips on how to bring things to where they are meant to be. And the fact that I can track it monitor it over time and set goals for myself in my dash board is brilliant.

My test was the Base line test it’s a mid range test that looks at


Liver function

Ferritin (Iron)

Vitamin D

Vitamin B12

As you can see I need some work but as i mentioned before at least I know what to work on and i may even be pushed to book a doctors appointment with these results handy to explore further.

How can you be more heath conscious and aware the easy way?

Thriva offer three different tier of tests

  • Essential £24.00 This checks your Cholesterol and Liver function
  • Baseline £49.00 This is the one i had and checks and tracks your Cholesterol, Liver function, Ferritin (Iron), Vitamin D and Vitamin B12
  • Advanced £69.00
    The most comprehensive test they offer tests and tracks your Cholesterol, Liver function, Ferritin (Iron), Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Diabetes (HbA1c) and Vitamin B9 (folate)

All tests are sent every 3 months and your dashboard tells you when the next test is due, postage is free to the UK as tests can only be ordered in the UK and are strictly over 18’s only.

You can also get £25 off your first baseline test using code: 25OFF

You can subscribe here….

And find out more here….

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Thank you for reading and here is to a happy healthy future Sam XOXO